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New Balance walking shoes for men
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Ever since the introduction of New Balance more than 1000 years ago to the public, its mantra has been to help everyone achieve their dreams through its product. It started as an aid to athletes for excellence. Through this, they helped professional players triumphed over athletic competitions, hence, set historical records by providing them the most innovative shoes of all.

New Balance is not just for athletes who have to brace their 5k goal though. This is also not just limited for those who only need a companion for active activities such as sports and running. Since this product is a combination of fashion and function, it can also be your partner in a regular and daily basis. You can just walk comfortably with it without compromising your sense of style.

For over the years, New Balance has made a reputation United States. Today, it continues to move over the world through product excellence.

Top 5 Best New Balance walking shoes for Men




Name Product


Rating & Reviews

New Balance Men's M990V4 Running Shoe

4.7 out of 5 stars

New Balance Men's MW928 Walking Shoe

4.4 out of 5 stars

New Balance Men's MX608V4 Training Shoe

4.4 out of 5 stars

New Balance Men's MW577 Walking Shoe

4.3 out of 5 stars

New Balance Men's MW411V2 Walking Shoe

4.4 out of 5 stars

1. New Balance Men’s M990V4 Running Shoe

  • Lace-up running shoe with breathable mesh and supportive leather overlays
  •  Dual-density collar foam
  •  ENCAP PU ring with EVA core in heel
  • Made of leather/fabric imported from the US
  • Has a rubber sole for comfort

New Balance is one of the most popular running shoes of all time, with men using them for training or running purposes. These are THE shoes for fitness, enabling athletes to achieve their goals and become the people they aspire to become. They even have removable insoles for those who suffer from specific foot conditions or would like to have their shoes properly cleaned. Just like what New Balance promises, they make sure to make your feet comfortable, ensuring the best no matter who wears them. With a good arch support, you will be able to wear these with comfort, whether you have a foot condition or you’re just starting out with running.

2. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

Girded with Classic New Balance Leather Walking Shoe

  • Comprised of sole-rubber
  • Secured with thick cushioned collar
  • Used ROLLBAR technology

New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoes is the pair of fit and comfort. This is the ideal embodiment of excellence because it offers various widths for the different needs of buyers. MW928 is perfectly designed for men who have wide toes. Do not get this wrong though because even if that is the case, MW928 will not make your feet look huge at all. It is stylish like that.

MW928 is made of leather. Its sole is comprise of rubber. This leather walking shoe that promotes high level of security because the thick cushioned collar makes it a good protection for wearer. The lace-up vamp added to the said effect too. This particular model is honed from ROLLBAR technology coupled with Phantom Liner.

3. New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoe

  • 1.5-inch heels
  • Training shoe with suede upper featuring dual-density collar and padded mesh tongue
  • Lace up closure with pull tab at heel for easy wearing
  • IMEVA midsole and non-marking rubber outsole to ensure your shoes are clean and comfortable inside and out
  • Textile lining and EVA footbed for padded comfort and breathability

Whether you’re a beginner or a cross-trainer, these shoes are the ones for you. With the quality material (made from USA with all materials 100% imported), you will ensure comfortability and breathability as you walk or train around the field. BUT, the only downfall would be the fact that they won’t be able to last forever, with the shoes being durable but only for a time, depending on how long and hard you go. Either way, this is still a great training shoe to consider.

4. New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe

Embroidered with logos on the sides

  • Cushioned with ABZORB midsole
  • Packed with keenly-crafted toe box
  • Available in mono-color

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe is a mono-colored walking shoe that efficiently features perforated overlays coupled with logos which are embroidered on the sides of the shoes. Its tongue and collar are both padded in its body. Its foot bed on the other hand speaks of comfort because of ABZORB midsole cushioning. This makes it the best pair for any walking-specific activity.

MW577 is an outstanding product for it can handle sustained walks. It may also be utilized on a daily basis because of its optimum endurance.  This pair will also make walking even way easier. The whole experience is also enhanced with the fact that the main manufacturer of MW577 is from Boston. This can also manage any weight. It would not be a problem at all.

5.New Balance Men’s MW411V2 Walking Shoe

  •  Made of imported materials with a rubber sole
  • Lace-up walking shoe with perforated upper and New Balance applique at quarterpanel
  • Lightweight and good fit, making it snug and comfortable on the feet

For those suffering from plantar fascitiis and still trying to recuperate, then these are the walking shoes for you. You will get to exercise your feet as you walk around with ease, feeling minimal pain because of the good arch support and padded soles. But while they are great for walking, it’s not the best for standing as you may feel some discomfort if in one position for too long. Even with long hours of continuous walking, you will still be able to feel great and without any discomfort or pain around the feet. Simply designed and coming in various dark shades, these are a nice pair of walking shoes for men.

Why pick New Balance?

Walking shoes should feature the unique needs of walkers regardless of whether they are walking for physical fitness or pleasure. As many definitely knows, walking shoes are not in any way intended for other purposes including soccer, golf, tennis and football. They are specifically designed for a cause. This has been the mantra of New Balance.

New Balance has a full understanding of the diverse demands of shoe wearers. Of course, they do not only promise brand reliability. This is a given already. They also come with a credible brand history that will boost the confidence of purchasers.

The mentioned manufacturer budded as a small company in Boston. It started to build a name for itself in the twentieth century. Since then, New Balance became committed in developing a global presence. This is obviously witnessed today. Generations have placed their full trust on New Balance most especially in their walking shoes.

The advantages and disadvantages of choosing New Balance


  • Comfortable for walking.
  • Fitted enough for convenience.
  • Perfect for use even for a long period of time.


  • May give people with wide toe a hard time.
  • Only available in limited colors.

Walkers and athletes have to somehow set a companion for themselves. This is what New Balance is really known for. For any featured walking New Balance shoe, one thing is for sure – it speaks comfort. This is not surprising for its console assists in supporting the foot. It also provides shock absorption. There is a guarantee of endurance because the EVA sole is made a part of New Balance. This is flexible enough and, the pair can still be used even for a long period of time.

How and where to buy best New Balance walking shoes

Best New Balance walking shoes is available in retailers all over the world. Orders can be placed Amazon. Shipping fee depends upon the buyer’s location. Online stores may also make buying more convenient with reviews on the web.  This can be put into account.

To sum it up

Walking will never be more fun and comfortable with best new balance walking shoes. Aside from the colors, sizes and features it lays before the buyers, the shoes are also the best for all seasons. New Balance still has something up its sleeves!

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