Top 10 Best Yoga Shoes in 2020


Reviews and guides for choosing the top 10 best Yoga shoes of 2020.

Most of the Yoga instructor recommend yoga we do not need to wear Yoga shoes or Yoga socks while practicing. Nonetheless, you do not allow to get your love footwear out of the mats. Both yogis and not – yogis are recognizing that they should wear the shoes in their Yoga mats. Therefore, you can take the best Yoga shoes on, and you will feel like that your feet are moving in your mats without much hassle.

Our recommendation of the best Yoga shoes in the market.

10. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop

Why do you know most of the women love Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop so much? Because these boho shoes are glittering style and comfortable. The product is made from recycled materials of Yoga mats so your feet can breathe. Furthermore, you enjoyable all the time when wearing.

The shoes have the fabric places on the top of your feet which is soft and cozy. This fabric is made from comfortable knit fabric to boost your feeling smoothly in the Yoga mats.

As the fabric is chosen from many great prints and colors, it could be suited your style. You can combine it with your sundress, cut – offs, skinny jeans, etc. in your wardrobe and the weather concession. With those amazing features, this product is rated one of the best yoga shoes in the current market.


  • They are state – of – the – art models to choose your style in the Yoga studios and on the streets.
  • They are comfortable due to appropriate materials.
  • Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop is not only yoga shoes, but also they are suitable sandals as casual footwear.
  • You can choose the colors you love through tons of models in this item.


  • Some buyers point out that you should check the size carefully before buying.
  • For those who have some knees or ankles issues, you should not wear this shoes all the time.
  • Physicians recommend that if you have flat feet, you must not wear the product daily.

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9. Sanuk Women’s Bianca Flat - Best yoga shoes 2020

When choosing Sanuk Women’s Bianca Flat, you can wear it in the place you should not wear flip flops. You will remember the time you attend the dancing classes or other dance classes thanks to wearing this shoes. You can wear it out of yoga classes as casual footwear.

On the flip side, you are much more comfortable to take them on all the time due to the soft suede oxford lace-up, microfiber – covered with Yoga mat heel. The product also has arch – support system to improve your feet smoothly.

You also can have a combination of the footwear with tailored slacks, shorts or leggings. For those who have the feet’s sweat, you get out of concerns about feet odors because of the antimicrobial preservative like baking soda.


  • You can wear these best Yoga shoes not only in the yoga classes, but also you take them on casual ones.
  • The models are stylish with three colors – charcoal, indigo, and tobacco.
  • The shoes are also comfortable thanks to casual stitch-and-turn construction.
  • The shoes have waterproof, and it also prevents other dirty things like dust.


  • Some buyers said that there was not any toe box in the shoes that makes your toes feel a little cramped.
  • For those who have some arch issues, you should not wear this shoes all the time.
  • They are too floppy to tight your feet as well as your ankles when you walk on the slippery surfaces.

8. Vibram Women’s VI – S Fitness And Yoga Shoes

Vibram Women’s VI – S Fitness is a chic model with the VI – S - is one of the greatest sandals form in the fashion industry. These Yoga shoes resemble the opening sandal. The soles are made from the rubber (high – traction materials) to make your feet conveniently whenever you take them on.

Moreover, the lace fabric goes over on the top of the shoes to make a comfortable touching on your feet. These best Yoga shoes also have closure systems with changeable sides so you can move them easily. The outsoles have the serrated blade to prevent slippery surfaces as well as other bad hazards while you leave the yoga mats.


  • The models are beautiful and stylish.
  • You can wash and dry it in the washing machine whenever you want to do.
  • The shoes tight the yoga mats perfectly thanks to the serrated blade on the outsoles.
  • You can wear it as casual sandals when leaving the Yoga classes.
  • Some buyers said that the shoes helped their bunion, torn hip labrum and building disk pain when they take them on.


  • The shoes are not available for those who have troubles on their feet and ankles.
  • The shoes have many sizes, but you should check the size before ordering the product.
  • If you have wide or flat feet, you could not buy this shoes because it does not have any protection under the arch of your feet.

7. Sketchers Cali Women’s

Skechers is one of the most successful brands in the world. They aim to modern men, women and dynamic children to provide the greatest products in the fashion industry. The enterprise always has stylish and dynamic designs with high – quality control in the materials. However, their prices are affordable for most of the average – income classes. Therefore, they can meet various lifestyle needs of the customers. Today, Skechers has five unique product lines for both men and women as well as seven main Skechers brands.

Sketchers Cali Women’s is designed the flip-flop platforms, and it has the wraparound fabric straps with the padded toe. The soles are made from synthetic that is sturdy enough to slip on the yoga mats without much hassle.

LikeSanuk Women’s Yoga product line, it has several models with stylish ones so you can wear it as casual footwear.


  • They are super enjoyable and lightweight.
  • These best Yoga shoes have many colors with dynamic designs so you can put your yoga leggings as well as other clothes together.
  • The prices are affordable for most of the patrons.
  • You can wear it while walking in your vacations.


  • The shoes are a touch narrow that make your feet hang off while wearing in the long hours.
  • Some buyers said that they shoes did not have enough elastic level.
  • The soles are too soft on the bottom side so you can fold them back and catch accidents suddenly while walking.

6. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Duet Sandal

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Duet Sandal is made 65% cotton and 35% polyester. It is lightweight with two parts of knit fabric, so you are enjoyable during your practicing. The shoes also have Yoga Sling feature to smooth the exercises in the yoga mats. This pair of shoes has the knit straps to avoid the blisters and other rub situations.

Furthermore, the product has rubber soles to prevent slippery and wet hazards. You do not only wear it in the yoga classes but also you can fit Sanuk Women’s Yoga Duet Sandal on your casual clothes and your business dresses.


  • The product is super comfortable while taking them on.
  • The shoes are lightweight, so you feel it like walking in the clouds.
  • It is also accommodated for those who have wide feet.
  • You can wear it as your indoor shoes.


  • The shoes have only three colors – black, charcoal, and olive ones.
  • Some buyers said that the fabrics on the shoes hold their ankles tightly and it does not stay on their toes at all. They are not enjoyable with this problem.
  • The product does not have any arch – supporting systems, so they are not suitable for flat feet problem.

5. CIOR barefoot - Best shoes for yoga 2019

CIOR barefoot is made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex materials. With these best Yoga shoes, you do not only wear it in the yoga classes but also take them in other outdoor activities like boating, driving, walking, etc. Therefore, you have flexible options with your plans.

Furthermore, you are enjoyable and getting out of suddenly accidents due to the rubber soles and thick foam arch – supporting under your feet. Even though you are walking in the harsh conditions like the stones and the rocks, your feet freely protect.

For those who have bad sweat on foot, your skin feet can breathe all the time thanks to the smooth fabrics and fine stretch on uppers. If you want to go swimming, you will completely wear them out because CIOR Barefoot has seven holes in the bottom and anti-slip rubber outsoles to eliminate water and staying dry.


  • The shoes are multiple choice for everyone.
  • When wearing them, you look much more different and fashionable with your character.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They have dynamic designs.
  • They could be water shoes with anti-slip rubber outsoles.


  • Patrons need to check the size because they are smaller than other shoes.
  • The shoes do not have lots of traction.
  • They can get smaller when you wash them many times.

4. Vibram Women’s Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe

If you are looking for a barefoot product with high traction, Vibram Women’s Alitza Loop could be your choice. It does not only fit in the Yoga studios but also take them on fitness classes, studio sessions, etc.

The shoes are lightweight and breathable, so you freely slip them on your moving exercises. Moreover, you can wear them as casual shoes or run around your town. They are also flexible.

The soles are made from the rubber, polyester mesh upper with PU printing (high – traction materials) to make your feet conveniently whenever you take them on.


  • You can wash and dry the shoes in the washing machine.
  • You take them on easily to save your time when you are hurried.
  • The shoes also have XS Trek outsoles to tight the surfaces strongly.
  • Yogis can wear them as casual or sporty items.


  • You should not wash them many times.
  • You need to check the size before buying.
  • Some buyers said that they had gotten stuff with their toes on separate pockets of the shoes.

3. NBERA by 2econdskin durable outsole barefoot water skin shoes

This is another multi - shoe for everyone. You can use them in Yoga studios, aerobic classes, and other sports activities because of sturdy materials. Moreover, you wear them in four seasons with multipurpose.

The shoes have changeable cushions insoles to help you take another insole when necessary. It also protects your feet from the seawater or something like that thanks to Liquid PU Foaming Molding method comes from the manufacturer’s idea.

NBERA by 2econdskin is much more comfortable because of the special silicon treatment, but your feet still keep former platforms. They come dry off more quickly than you may think.


  • They are comfortable whenever you take them on.
  • They fit like the gloves.
  • They help you prevent the proper lift and flex of your feet.
  • You may be surprised that the shoes dry themselves quickly.
  • The product could be good ones for traction in water.


  • If you order the correct size, the shoes fit your feet perfectly.
  • After 20 times of wearing, the shoes might reach out, so they are not available for regular water aerobics.
  • If you have troubles with your ankles and your feet, the shoes could not be the perfect one.

2. Ahnu Women's Yoga Flex

Ahnu Women's Yoga Flex is a perfect model for practicing the yoga movement in the Yoga. Air mesh upper for comfort and breathability. Designed for medium to high-impact hybrid workouts. Shortened lacing system for more comfortable flexing. Features an engineered forefoot flex zone and second density heel pod. Dual-density memory foam footbed for incredible comfort and support. This product is amazing to take them on when practicing in out side.


· The price is affordable.

· They are comfortable while practicing in the Yoga classes.

· They are classic models to be suited elderly ones.

1. Ahnu Women’s Karma Flat

Ahnu Women’s Karma Flat is made from soft and elastic leathers. Therefore, you are much more comfortable when practicing the yoga exercises. You pack your feet on the shoes easily thanks to the malleable material (micro – fiber suede) in the back heel. In fact, the size is bigger than other items, so you need to take a half one of one size.

The product also has NumentumTM Technology system to help your feet improve the natural biomechanics while wearing all the time. It also supports your feet to balance the steps.


  • The shoes are stylish and comfortable models.
  • The shoes are an excellent option for walking all day.
  • The price is affordable for everyone.
  • The product has arch - support systems to assist the flat feet.


  • Some buyers said that the product did not have enough arch support.
  • Customers complain that the leather of the soles could be broken down after 90 days although they do not wear it all the time.
  • Patrons need to check the size before buying the product.

The benefits of wearing Yoga shoes.

· Reduce the pain: for those who have feet problems, you need to wear the yoga shoes to decrease some injuries and other deformities on your feet while taking your movements in the yoga mats.Foot pain comes from uncomfortable footwear, small bunions, mild corns or overuse. Moreover, you can ask the doctors about the factors to choose Yoga shoes to suit your feet.

· Boost flexibility: Yoga shoes can keep your toes strongly when they need to spread and stretch to meet the requirements of the exercises. The shoes support all of the muscles and beneath the toes smoothly. Stimulating the feet muscles to make the toes much more flexible and convenient.

· True adjustment: Yoga footwear also improves the changeable of your feet. By boosting the muscles, Yoga footwear can balance the posture of your feet. The position of the toes will realign the misalignments from bad situations such as overuse, bunions, hammertoes, etc.

· Prevent the germs and bacteria in the Yoga mats: for those who share or rent one Yoga mat, you could be attacked from swapping bacteria. Therefore, you need to wear Yoga shoes while using sharing mats. Do not forget to clean the mats with hand sanitizer and wash your feet after using.

· Protect the sores on your feet: even if you have your Yoga mats, you should wear Yoga shoes to evade bad germs and bacteria in the public environment like Yoga classes. On the other hand, when you have the soreness on foot, you must take the shoes on. You need to ask your instructors about this problem before kicking off the lessons.


Although Yoga is a barefoot activity, you can wear Yoga footwear in the studios like other sports activities. However, you need to ask your instructor before starting the practice and your doctors to choose the best shoes for Yoga. Also, you should check the policies on shoes in the studios. Then, you select a pair of shoes that support you align your feet from head to toes.


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