Top 10 Best Wrestling Shoes 2020


Top 10 Best Wrestling Shoes for The Maximum of Comfort

The victory of wrestlers is not only dependent on their skills and practices, but also a good pair of wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes creates great power for gripping and they shouldn’t be ignored at all. 

However, is choosing good wrestling shoes simple? The answer is “No” because there is an abundant source of wrestling shoes on the market. 

The article below introduces the top 10 best wrestling shoes you should wear to have the best performance. They are our top picks due to materials, flexibility, design, weight, traction and more. 

#10. Otomix Men's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting Wrestling Shoes

With the great combination between mesh and suede, this wrestling shoe is very durable under different weather conditions. It is difficult for the shoe to deform. One of the most incredible features of Otomix Men wrestling shoe is ultralight barefoot sole. It allows you to move quickly, especially lightweight wrestlers.

#9. Adidas Wrestling Men's Combat Speed 4-M

Here is one of the brilliant shoes you can see on the market. It comes with a mesh upper to increases the breathability. Besides, the overlay is made from leather to keep the form of this shoe. 

By wearing this wrestling shoe, you can get the best ankle support through a convenient velcro strap. It creates a comfortable feeling of wearing socks, as its nickname “sock-like”. You should choose the bigger size for extending its comfort because of its tight form. 

#8. ASICS Mens JB Elite III Wrestling Shoe

If the value is the first consideration when you buy wrestling shoes, you should put ASICS Mens JB Elite III in your recommendation. 

This type of shoe is highly recommended by great support and comfort. You could participate in the wrestling competition in a long time thanks to a mesh upper. It reduces heat effectively. 

For heavyweight wrestlers, they could express their personality through a split sole, which enhances better grip. Another plus of the shoe is lace closure that supports your ankle well. 

#7. ASICS Aggressor 4 Men's Wrestling Shoes

Become a strong wrestler with this good-looking shoe. The shoe has a good grip thanks to the design of both outsole and insole. 

When you spend much time on the wrestling court, it is no matter with the front suede and a mesh upper. Moreover, there is a lace closure to increase the flexibility of this model. 

#6. Otomix Women's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Wrestling Shoes

Women wrestlers will satisfy with the good-looking design of this shoe in many aspects. It has a lovely pink color to attract most of the women for the first time of looking. 

It is easy to wear this shoe. All you need to do is putting your feet in shoes, which is similar to wearing normal slippers. With the design of high ankle, your feet will get enough support to help you have the best wrestling performance. 

Besides, a thin sole is the big plus of the shoe. It creates a powerful grip to help you come closely to the winner.

#5. Adidas Men's Combat Speed.5

One of the most awesome features of this shoe is the surprisingly lightweight design. It is snug and tight enough to fit most of the feet. When wearing this shoe, you could practice wrestling all day without being afraid of sweat. 

Get amazing comfort through an Integral Support Strap and EVA midsole. Moreover, suede sole and overlays combine with each other in increasing the traction, support, and comfort of the wrestling shoe. 

#4. Adidas Men's Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes

Another option of Adidas guarantees to support you well during long hours of wrestling is Men's Pretereo III Wrestling Shoes. It has a package of gorgeous features to make you happy such as an effective rubber outsole, anti-slipping function, ankle zone, and layer mesh upper. 

Moreover, gold and grey color of the shoes make them appropriate for young wrestlers. If you want to own durable wrestling shoes for different members of your family, this model is an ideal option. 

#3. Adidas Men's mat Wizard.3-M

What can you get benefit from this model from Adidas? The shoe comes with a variety of outstanding features such as good traction, great flexibility, durability, strength, and lightweight design. 

Firstly, the 3D mesh upper plays an important role in improving the breathability and keeping your feet dry. Besides, strong underlays form the shoe and support your ankle and foot effectively. 

Wrestlers could have the best speed of movement through high fitness and lightweight design. Feel confident to grip every time you want, get support from rubber sole and outsole. 

#2. ASICS Women's Mens Aggressor 3 Wrestling Shoe

Here is another outstanding option from ASICS. This model optimizes your performance by offering effective outsole and rubber sole. In addition, the overlay is made from suede for extending the months of use. Stitching is durable, which improves the longevity of this shoe efficiently. 

There is a lace closure for supporting your ankle. It is great for training tension. 

#1. ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

As a well-known brand in the industry of outfit, ASICS guarantees to offer high-quality products to customers. 

Most of the wrestlers fall in love in the split sole of this shoe. This feature helps enhance the ability of gripping. The shoe has high tightness with lace and great ankle closure, which maximizes its support. Feel extremely comfortable with synthetic and mesh material on the upper of this shoe. It is breathable and helps you feel comfortable all day. 

Factors to consider when buying the best wrestling shoes

Similar to selecting other types of shoes, you should think carefully about important factors such as fit, materials, ankle support, soles, and traction patterns. 


First and foremost, you must ensure that the wrestling shoe fits you well. Unfit shoes prevent you from running fast and feeling comfortable. For instance, snug or tight wrestling shoes reduce your traction and your result. Therefore, you should remember to select a smaller size of wrestling shoes than other athletic shoes. 

Over time, your shoes may stretch, but its tightness must be acceptable. 


The second vital element to think about is material. No matter you defend or attack, your shoes should offer a stable grip without the sweat. Two main types of materials for making wrestling shoes are mesh and leather. 

If you like breathability and want to remove sweat and slippery feeling, you could try wearing mesh wrestling shoe. Some uppers of wrestling shoes come with mesh, which reduces heat and discomfort. 

Besides, wrestling shoes made from leather are often premium. Leather is durable and protects your shoes from deformation.

Ankle support

When it comes to wrestling on a mat, you will need the support on feet and legs. This is the reason why a powerful stance is necessary in this case. Normally, wrestling shoes often have the extension over the ankle to provide the best support. Fit lacing is another important factor to consider. 


Two main types of soles include split soles and insoles. Each type of soles is suitable for different weights of wrestlers. For example, lightweight wrestlers are suitable for split soles, whereas, heavyweight wrestlers need insoles. 


Depending on your weight, you could choose an appropriate choice of traction. Wrestlers with lightweight refer circular traction for getting quick movement. Heavy wrestlers need wrestling shoes equipping a sole with different ridges. 


Q: What are the differences in the size of wrestling shoes and other types of shoes?

A: Wrestling shoes are often smaller (one half or one size) than other shoes. This helps ensure the wrestling shoes are suitable for your feet. 

Q: Should I choose tight or large wrestling shoes?

A: Tight wrestling shoes are important to decide the performance of wrestlers. Make sure that there is no squeezing or pinching the skin of wrestlers. 

Q: Is it hard to put on wrestling shoes?

A: Although it is simple for putting on wrestling shoes, you should use them on the wrestling court only. The reason is that wrestling shoes provide less support for your arch.

Q: Are wrestling shoes washable?

A: Like other types of shoes, you could wash your wrestling shoes by using dishwashing detergent. All you need to do is adding some warm water to a cloth. Then, use dish soap and warm water to clean the shoes toward circle motions. 

Q: Should I combine wearing wrestling shoes with socks?

A: The answer is “Yes”. However, you should remember some elements when combining these factors such as cotton socks, size, quality, colors, and warranty of the socks. They help ensure that socks are safe for your feet. 

In a word, it is advisable for you to prepare some wrestling shoes for their next competition. The best wrestling shoes must be breathable, comfortable, and high-quality. Hope that our suggestions of top 10 best wrestling shoes will help you have wisdom buying decisions.