Top 10 Best Weightlifting Shoes 2019

best weightlifting shoes
best weightlifting shoes

If you have already prepared the outfits for lifting, then you could not forget to choose the lifting pair of shoes on your list. Finding the best weightlifting shoes will become a daunting task as they have various exercises that require your preparation to prevent the injury. So, now that we have pointed out a few of the key things you need to know beforehand. Keep on reading as below.

1. Adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlifting Shoes

Adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlifting shoes are designed for heavy weightlifting workouts and other hefty loads that you will practice in the upcoming time.

The pair of shoes has a leather (PU-coated leather) upper with one mesh tongue and a flexible collar for the comfort fits. On the one hand, they also have the power thongs (hook – and – loop straps) across the laces to hold on your foot instantly and clearly.

With full of great features, Adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlifting shoes are one of the best weightlifting shoes which you could check out.


· The shoes stabilize your feet significantly once you have them on.

· They will help you focus on the pull and overloads with sturdy feet.

· They have a solid supporting system for squads and dead workouts.

· The pair of shoes is cozy to practice the weightlifting workouts.


· The front bottom soles could break off in a short period of time.

· You might get hurt if you wear thin socks only because your feet feel difficult to start.

They are a narrow platform, so wide feet ought to feel uncomfortable for the first time.

2. SABO Deadlift Shoes - best weightlifting shoes 2018

SABO Deadlift shoes are created for squats, deadlifting and other weightlifting workouts that you may come across. We could not be surprised that SABO Deadlift is the best weightlifting shoes in recent years.

The inside soles are thin and flat to minimize the pulling distance to lift your body could smoothly move.

The shoes have the thin soles which help your feet raise, but you still feel enjoyable because of the barbell is higher from the floor.

What’s more, the platform of the footwear might prevent the potential accidents, reduce the pulling distance, and protect your feet once you deal with the heavy lifting workouts.


· The shoes could keep your feet away from slippery surfaces due to the pattern and the side support.

· They protect your ankles thanks to the solid soles.

· The customer service of the SABO is good and friendly.

· You might feel that you never want to leave the floors.

· The ideal footwear for squads and pulls sumo, etc.


· The shoelaces are quite short of tying.

· Some users get stuff to lace up.

· Users sometimes feel uncomfortable around the ankle areas.

3. Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr – Cross Trainer Shoe

Reebok Men’s Lifter shoes have a high – quality structure to stabilize and protect your feet while practicing the lifting exercises.

A heat foot wrap which is automatically activated (u – form technology) inside the shoes to get you an appropriate fit without having a break time.

On the flip side, the footwear has two straps that will hold on your heel smoothly, and the heel clips clasp your feet in one place.

Once you begin the lifting motions, your feet do not have to get the outside shock as the pair of shoes has the anti-friction lining.

Your toes will also feel enjoyable and reduce the friction from your whole body because the pair of lifters has the leather in the toe boxes.

Reebok Men’s Lifter shoes are the best weightlifting shoes that strongmen need to have in their boxes.


· The pair of shoes has a well – constructed.

· They have a solid structure for all of your standing lifts (overhead press, squats, etc.)

· They are also perfect for gym workouts.

· They are cozy.

· They enhance your feet in the lifting practice.


· You probably get a half size smaller because the platform is quite large.

· The upper is not flexible at all.

The insoles are not removable.

4. Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Training Shoe - best weightlifting shoes

Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Training shoes are cross – training made for enormous workouts from weightlifting, climbs to pliability work and bursts of speed. They are made from the synthetic material with the rubber soles and the mesh.

With the Flywire, which is a mid – foot technology, offers stay your feet into one place, and it prevents your feet while pulling.

Furthermore, the dual-density foam in the midsoles has the cushioning as well as the lasting support.


· The shoes have different colors for choosing your favorite ones.

· They have a solid fit with the well - built heel.

· They keep the cool on your feet.

· The ideal footwear for CrossFit training and most of the metcon types training.


· The pair of shoes has a little tight in the toe areas.

· The front began falling apart after a few months.

You probably get a smaller size.

5. New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoes

New Balance Men’s MX608V4 have the dual – density collar which is the soft density foam to improve the cushioning support and one firmer density foam for general assisting.

EVA footbed is soft combines the IMEVA midsoles to expand the flexible cushion supporting so that you will feel much more enjoyable under the circumstances and practice the lifting workouts quite well.


· The shoes have neutral colors to be suited for your outfits.

· The pair of shoes is versatile for those who have wide feet.

· They have the balance value between the quality and the price.

· They are supportive devices for trainers.


· The shoes do not have the stiff support in the back.

· For those who have small feet, you will feel the shoes have too large room.

· They refer classic version, so some millennial generation might not like the footwear.

6. Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift 2 Weightlifting Trainer Shoes

Adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift sneakers have a combination between the synthetic leather in the upper for lifting workouts and imperishability.

With an air mesh lining, it will stay cool, breathability and dry while an intensity strap over the shoelaces could control the fit.

The combination of the synthetic and the leather upper also boost the lightweight strength for your feet to feel convenient when wearing.


· The shoes have the soft and flexible collar.

· They are endurable with the tip - top condition in general.

· They are versatile footwear for powerlifting workouts.

· They stabilize your gesture and posture to practice the squads and other lifting exercises.


· The soles could flap off.

· The bottom of the shoes might come apart after a few months.

The heel rise is not high.

7. Inov – 8 Men’s F – Lite 235 – M

Inov – 8 Men’s F – Lite 235 is a new version of the F – Lite in the Inov line product which is made to destroy all of the hard surfaces.

The pair of shoes has the cushion supporting increase the stretchability through the multi – directional technology.

The sticker rubber soles could cling all the areas to prevent the slipper and the rope-Tec shoelaces to increase the quality of the shoes.


· The shoes have more rooms in the toe box.

· They are ideal for weightlifting and gym workouts.

· They are lightweight enough.

· You will feel comfortable to wear them during a training day.


· The shoes are not suitable for fairly wide feet.

· Some buyers complain that the shoes pull apart after the first time of the workout.

The soles could break out.

8. Weightlifting Shoes Ideal For Cross Fit & Gym by Nordic

Nordic Lifting Shoes are the ideal footwear to improve the lifting performance with an appropriate model.

The insoles have the cushion system to increase the comfort for your heels and the protection while training the hard workouts.

Under heavy loads, Nordic Lifting Shoes might keep your feet from harm, and you will not worry about the potential accidents.


· The shoes have one – year lifetime guaranty.

· They have the balanced heel supporting to prevent all of the possible accidents.

· They are perfect for heavy squats, cardio, deadlifting, etc.

· They are cozy.


· The shoes do not have many colors for selecting your style.

· Millennial generation could not like the model due to a classic version.

They do not have the arch supporting.

9. Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA

Otomix Stingray Escape shoes are lightweight enough to help you get the experience about the training workouts and other activities such as martial arts, wrestling, weightlifting, MMA and grappling, bodybuilding.

The pair of shoes is made from the suede, leather and synthetic materials at the same time, so they are not heavy on your feet during a training day.

What’s more, they have the extra ankle supporting to prevent the accident and boost the power to your heel from the ankle.


· The soles are thin, but they still hold your feet smoothly.

· Men and women could pick the appropriate sizes as they are available for both of them.

· They are lightweight.

· They have various workout using from weightlifting to the martial arts.


· The shoes are not perfect for boxing footwear.

· They have a little bulky.

· The soles could not slip smoothly.

10. Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 7.0 LMT

Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 7.0 are made from the fabric and the leather materials at the same time, and the rubber soles could cling the hard surfaces quite well.

The pair of sneakers covers the overlay at the collar and the lace – up with the fabric mesh outside the shoes to raise the comfort and breathability.


· The shoes are tremendous for many training workouts.

· They are comfortable thanks to the memory foam.

· You might wear them in the camping.

· The arch supporting and cushioning are also amazing.


· The soles are not suitable for running.

· The laces are not cozy, and you could change another.

· The toe box is a little bit narrow.

The reasons to choose the best weightlifting shoes

Lifting pair of shoes is created to boost a lifter strength, support versatility and intensify the response structure.

The lifters include several features which have the squats, deadlifting, leg press and other training activities to develop the muscle group. These characteristics make the different platforms of the pair of shoes

To keep the relief as well as the injury away from your muscles and other body parts like your heels and knees, you need to pick the right shoes for lifting exercises.

Thus, weightlifting shoes are the key to stabilize your whole body, and your force does not get toady by squishy bottoms.

The pair of shoes will transfer the strength to your legs and hips to create another power arms to balance your body.

Some points to look for choosing the weightlifting shoes

The height of heel

The height of heel will depend on the brand that you want to opt, but a small difference (about ¼ inches) between one brand and another impact on your feet instantly, especially when you change the brand immediately.

Additionally, you will spend a few weeks to feel comfortable with new ones in another brand as well.

The platform and the durability

Like other kinds of shoes, lifting sneakers also have different structures when they are built for multi – purpose of the lifting exercises.

Some brands are built for the barbells only such as Risto, VS, Adidas, etc. while others have the multi – purpose features like the semi – stiff soles or more flex in Inov-8 and Reebok, for example.

The style

Weightlifting is becoming one of the most popular training workouts around the world so that you will take the shoes easily with different styles and colors in the recent years. You just need to do some small research on the websites or go to a few stores and hook your favorite ones.


The daunting task – picking the best weightlifting shoes will not be a tricky game anymore once you do your homework and hook the right target from various goals in the current market. Do not miss out your budget to estimate before starting your main missions – purchasing and practicing the lifting exercises.


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