Top 5 Best Waterproof Walking Shoes 2018

    Best Waterproof Walking Shoes
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    Is the rainy season putting a crimp in your walking schedule? Do you have the rest of the gear to ensure waterproofing but not the right shoes? Best waterproof walking shoes are made to not just keep water and damp out but your feet warm and comfortable as well; in addition to all the other usual walking-shoe must-haves.

    ​This is a tall order indeed, and will sometimes cost you a pretty penny, but the shoes are totally worth it. Imagine being able to walk even in misty weather or out in wet terrain. Even if the weather isn’t prone to rain, you still need waterproofed shoes for different reasons.

    1. Salomon Men's X Ultra Mid 2 Gore-Tex, Black - Best waterproof walking shoes 2018

    Sturdy look, reliable features, and some of the best design elements among walking shoes, this one is a keeper in more ways than one.

    • Material: Leather and fabric with rubberized sole
    • ​No debris enters shoe space thanks to gusseted tongue design
    • ​Lace-up design makes for quick slip-in
    • ​Rubber toe cap; protective
    • ​Mesh panels for enhanced breathability
    • ​Good in warm as well as cold weather
    • ​Fully waterproof
    • ​Sold in 4 different color codes

    Pros: Waterproof, aesthetic, protective, durable, good ventilation, great fit

    ​Cons: [Rare customer experience] Leakage or water ingress observed

    2. Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot - Waterproof walking shoes reviews

    • Made of imported leather with a rubber sole
    • Shaft is 4.75 inches away from the arch for good support
    • Oiled leather finish is great for design, though may make a few scuffs around the shoe, which is natural.

    The ultimate working boots made especially for the man with a physical job around the waters or rough terrains. These boots are greatly designed for style and comfort, with it being very durable and made to last. It's made of quality leather that can withstand weather conditions and grounds, may they be wet or sandy.

    They keep your feet dry no matter where you are, and they are perfect for those who work around the waters or love hiking around nature and rainforests. Though it's made of waterproof material, it still feels comfortable with breathability, as well as support when going up tough ground

    3. Columbia Men's Peakfreak Venture Waterproof Trail Shoe - Good waterproof walking shoes

    • Imported, made of Leather/Synthetic material
    • Has a rubber sole, removable insole, and techlite midsole.
    • Waterproof and seam-sealed hiker featuring front and back pull straps with a reinforced toe cap

    Looking for a pair of shoes that are perfect for hiking? Then the Columbia Men's Peakfreak trail shoes are for you. With waterproof features, you'll be assured that with their quality material, your feet will be kept dry no matter where you are going. May you be going by shallow waters or hiking up a mountain, you will be rest assured that you are going to have a great time with your feet feeling comfortable no matter. Many men have raved about its manly design and the comfort they feel as they hike or run through tough trails. They can even be used for work or casual wear. These shoes are durable and definitely made to last!

    4. Columbia Men's North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe - Comfortable waterproof walking shoes

    • Breathable and waterproof hiker featuring contrast overlays and striped webbing ghillie lacing
    • Techlite midsole and non-marking outsole
    • Heat insulation for extra breathability whatever the weather condition.

    Columbia is known for their various models of sports shoes made for trekking or water, and this one is no exception. This is made for the trail or track, and wherever you use it, you will be assured good comfort and stability with its quality material and great design. 

    Not only that, but it comes in a sleek designed that will have other hikers impressed! It comes in natural colors that make it perfect for the hike with Mother Nature, or a few laps around the field. As for its waterproof ability, it may be a disappointment, depending on how deep and strong the currents are. It's best to use these types of shoes when treading in light waters.

    5. Timberland Men's Flume Waterproof Boot

    Some of the features on this shoe are downright game-changing.

    • Material: All synthetic
    • ​Durable Water Repellent Finish (DWR); non-woven, all along uppers, ensures waterproofing
    • ​Can withstand harsh terrain
    • ​Separated interior lining for highly adaptive fit
    • ​Stretch nylon mono-mesh; moisture-repellant
    • No tongue, meaning less pressure and heat build-up after hours of walking
    • ​Abrasion-resistant TPU lining for breathability and airflow
    • ​Sold in 9 different color codes

    Pros: Appealing look, good fit, amazing waterproofing, cushioning, good ventilation

    Cons: Frame for the laces sometimes bends; faulty model reasons. Men with wide feet, check twice before buying​

    Why Waterproof Shoes Are Better For Walking

    The best waterproof walking shoes come designed for the obvious. They should also have essential walking-oriented features to inspire users. Challenges are a real factor while exercising over months, and these shoes should deliver.

    • ​All-terrain shoes are great because they let you walk or run in different locales without you having to worry if your footwear will suffer for it.
    • This also includes weather. From wet areas to rain and damp, you need to stay exercising and continue walking. This, more than anything, is why users demand waterproof walking shoes.
    • From being lightweight and cushioned to having breathable material sand excellent protective designs, walking shoes for men need to bring their A-game or users are just going to say no after a few months into their exercises.

    When it comes to buying Best waterproof walking shoes you also need to confirm that they fit and are lightweight.

    Where To Shop For Best Waterproof Walking Shoes

    You are not just looking for practical features but mainly waterproofing; this guide is all about that. In addition to this, you need more features that will help balance out the shoe and ensure long-term comfort. This includes breathable materials, protective layers, lightweight designs, and only after such practical features comes aesthetics.

    ​Some models have leakage complaints but these are very rare; one in a thousand, say. You can return them and get a better piece of the same type. Here are some online sites where you can get these and other waterproof shoes (choose region/location):

    • ​Amazon
    • Online


    Waterproof shoes are great for walking. They let you access several different terrain types, most especially muddy or slushy zones. Waterproofing also makes shoes in this category easy to clean and maintain. They also dry fast. However, not all models bring these specific advantages, so be sure to find out before buying.

    ​The next thing to bear in mind when shopping for waterproof shoes is to see if they fit, especially for men with wide feet. You can’t stay dry while your feet are held in a vice grip or the cushioning and shock-absorbing features are weak enough to stress your muscles in less than half an hour. Shop smart and get Best waterproof walking shoes that you know will work for you during those wet months.

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