Top 5 Best Walking Shoes For Wide Feet


    In this article we will discuss Best walking shoes for wide feet men 2017 reviews.

    A recurring problem in the shoe-world for men is lack of proper accommodation for men with wide feet. Such shoes can get quite stifling, and fast. The best walking shoes for wide feet must take breathability, comfort, arch support, and interior space into account. To promote walking potential not to mention long-term exercise value, your choice of walking shoes has to be flawless.

    With wide feet, good support systems are paramount or you will end up feeling cramps and pains. Roomy material is just as important, especially over long hours of walking at which point feet have a tendency to swell slightly; you already have width to worry about.

    1. Dr. Comfort Douglas Mens Casual Shoe

    Here are some of the main features on the Dr. Comfort Douglas.

    • Make: Lycra and leather
    • Padded and seamless lining on uppers; stretch-fabric Lycra
    • Velcro strap cinch; single strap
    • Gel insole for added comfort and long-term support
    • Designed to be therapeutic; orthopedic design elements
    • Up to 4E width options available; wide indeed
    • Other widths include: B/D, E/2E, 3E/4E
    • Sold in 2 different color-codes

    2. New Balance Men’s Mw928v2 Walking Shoe

    Here are some of the main features on the New Balance Men’s Mw928v2 walking shoes.

    • Make: full-grain leather with rubberized sole
    • Walking strike path design for improved stability
    • Rollbar innovation for extra fluidity
    • EVA midsole with compression molding; one of the best walking shoes for wide feet
    • Midsole is also shock absorbent in addition to providing cushioning
    • Pu insert for added comfort; dual density
    • Quality full-grain leather; cleanable and aesthetic
    • Sold in 4 different color-codes

    3. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

    Here are some of the main features on the Rockport Men’s Eureka.

    • Make: leather with synthetic sole
    • Moisture-wicking mesh lining; cuts odor and promotes long-term comfort
    • Latex foam footbed (removable) for improved stability and comfort
    • Padded tongue and collar for good fit and comfort; one of the most comfortable shoes out there
    • Lace-up design at vamp regions
    • Thick interior padding
    • Good heel stability
    • Mesh lining; breathable
    • Strobel construction for forefoot flexibility; this feature makes this one of the best walking shoes for flat feet
    • Sold in 5 different color-codes

    4. Vionic Men’s Endurance Walking Sneaker

    Here are some of the main features on the Vionic Men’s Endurance.

    • Make: leather with synthetic sole
    • EVA midsole for enhanced comfort
    • Rubberized outsole for ideal traction
    • Biomechanical orthotic insole; podiatrist approved; wide-footed men will appreciate this feature
    • Vionic’s Orthaheel Supportive technology for better grip and mobility
    • Mesh and synthetic panels with breathable leather uppers
    • Sold in 6 different color-codes

    5. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

    Here are some of the main features on the New Balance Men’s MW877 walking shoes.

    • Make: synthetic materials with similar sole
    • Great midsole support; C-CAP
    • Improved midfoot support; Stability Web
    • Cushioning as well as shock-absorbing; Abzorb
    • Lace-up design makes for a quick cinch and fit
    • Contrast-striped lace loop
    • Toe overlay with protective design element
    • High breathability
    • Great width for those with wide feet
    • Sold in 2 different color-codes

    Advantages of Using The Best Walking Shoes For Wide Feet

    Most manufacturers do not bother to make shoes with width in mind. They opt for sleek and tight when ‘real’ men out there need comfort, room, and practicality.

    • The best walking shoes for men with wide feet need to be just that. You cannot pick the first ones you see and hope they fit.
    • Your shoes should be breathable; mesh material and a few other design elements will ensure this.
    • They should bring marked arch support and heel stability, otherwise your wide feet are going to skew the angle of your walk, put strain on your ankles and lead to all sorts of foot trouble.
    • The sole needs to have good traction and the interiors need to possess ideal cushioning features. You have more ‘feet’ than normal, if you known what we mean.
    • Chafing and tightness are two words you do not want to experience when it comes to shoes. You are going to walk in them for hours or even stand in them for prolonged time periods.
    • Wide feet tend to get wider the longer you are upright. This further entrenches the need for shoes to make space for the natural requirements of wide-footed men.

    The best walking shoes for men with flat feet come equipped with all the right designs and aesthetic appeal to get you your money’s worth.

    best walking shoes wide feet


    Men with wide feet find shopping difficult. Most shoes seem like they fit when in reality, the best walking shoes for men are not compatible for those with wide feet. This is why we found and shortlisted the ones that are.

    While other reviews will contain varied models for your selection pleasure, our five products above will be found in most lists for men with wide feet who are actively seeking the right pair of shoes to help with their lifestyle, exercise, health, and well-being.

    Using our buying guides and suggestions, you can buy the ideal pair of shoes; maybe even three pairs for alternating use. Either way, your core goal is to have shoes that fit the width of your feet. Other features will find their way into the balance.

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