Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Men


    In this article we will discuss top 10 best walking shoes for men and provide buying tips and advice that we hope will help you finding to perfect shoes for your feet.

    People throw on just about anything to go walking. They get the jogging clothes from good brands and simply slip into casual sports shoes that often do not fit or give out after a few months. Best walking shoes for men are a genre in their own right and you need to buy the right ones to get you out the door and walking vigorously for the next hour or more. This means enhanced comfort and a good fit are key traits to look out for in the shoes you choose.

    Not all shoes are the right ones for walking. Grip and material can make the experience leagues easier and discourage early cramping and other pains. Once you return home and an hour or so passes, you start to feel the stress of that early morning walk paying you a visit. This is one more reason why you need to shop for the best walking shoes for men. They grant good traction, are lightweight, and come with cushioning features that add to the worth of your exercise.

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    Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Men 2020

    #10. Urban Fox Mens Parker Wool Sneakers/Walking/Running Shoes for Men

    If you are looking for a pair of shoes that comes with a fashionable design, this Urban Fox shoe is an ideal option. You could combine wearing this type of shoe with other outfits. It is designed in a smart way of maintaining comfort in a long time thanks to a padded insole, a padded collar, and adjustable laces. Fewer seams mean the shoe can fit your foot well. 

    Besides, flexibility is another awesome feature of this model. The cozy polyester fabric helps you walk confidently on different surfaces. Therefore, no matter you want to use this sneaker for daily use or you are athletes, you could wear this shoe now.

    #9. Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe

    For those who are keen on searching a good pair of shoe for traveling, this product is an excellent recommendation. It has a stylish design to be suitable for both formal and casual occasions. With leather material, it guarantees to bring surprising durability for years. 

    #8. Ezywear Men Walking Sneakers Comfortable Running Shoes

    This multipurpose shoe should be the first priority for walking, indoor and outdoor activities, or other casual occasions. It features all you need for incredible comfort, easy to pack and quick dryness. 

    Thanks to the soft mesh pattern, it creates the feel of massaging at your feet’s bottom. Other characteristics of the shoe include shock-absorbing, EVA outsole, and knit upper. They combine with each other in creating the best walking performance you have ever known. Are you ready to put on this shoe and start your adventure? 

    #7. XUNMU Men's Walking Shoes Mesh Casual Athletic Shoes Running Shoes

    Feel confident to wear this casual walking shoe for jogging, traveling, training, walking or going the gym. With the elegant look, it creates a new impression for the first time of wearing. Feel free to select your best ones among abundant sizes and colors. 

    There is an air mesh for increasing ventilation, especially in summer. By wearing this type of shoe, you could say goodbye with bad odor. It has an anti-bacterial sole for keeping your feet dry. Moreover, you could do a variety of exercises with a better grip of the groove design. 

    #6.Spesoul Mens Walking Shoes Fashion Knit

    This is one of the most lightweight walking shoes in the current market. It allows you to do many activities without being afraid of slipping. These activities could be listed here, including traveling, running, walking, doing exercises, etc. 

    Feel free to enjoy the most comfortable feeling through mesh fabric, non-slip sole, cushion effect sole. They combine with each other in improving the quality of this shoe.

    #5. VOEN Mens Casual Walking Shoes Blade Outdoor Sport Sneakers

    Smart design is the most noticeable feature of this shoe. It is a perfect option for participating in a variety of activities such as jogging, running, training, walking and more.

    Typical features of the model include a new design of blade sole, flexibility, water resistance, and breathable mesh. Therefore, you could enjoy the best feeling of wearing this sneaker. 

    #4. Rockport Men's M7100 Pro Walker Walking Shoe

    This shoe is suitable for those who love classical design. It has a smart platform for walking in a long time. 

    Moreover, this shoe is highly recommended by the padded tongue, collars, and midsoles. Although you wear this item all day, it is dry and comfortable with the ability of wicking moisture and impact absorption. With various sizes, you could select the best ones for your needs and demands. 

    #3. CAMEL CROWN Men's Work Shoes Casual Leather Low-Cut Work Boots

    The special premium leather material of this item makes it suitable for different types of shirts, jackets, or pants. 

    In addition, wearing this shoe keeps your feet dry and clean all day. Feel free to contact the manufacturer if you have any problem with your product. 

    #2. Mens Casual Walking Sneakers Slip On Blade Outdoor Sport Shoes

    With this shoe, you look energetic thanks to the sporty design. It has a harmony combination between TPU Rubber and suede. 

    You will fall in love with bounce-back through the thick cushion. Besides, the interior is stretching to offer the maximum of flexibility. Now, wear this model and start camping, hiking, jogging, walking, and more. 

    #1. Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

    It’s evident that this model offers the most comfortable thick-sole. This type of shoe is considered better for running than wearing running shoes. 

    Although this shoe has a simple design, it works effectively thanks to 100% portion of the leather. This material is not only lightweight but also durable. Especially, if you are suffering from low arches, look at different features of the shoe such as mesh lining, laces, removable insole, etc. 

    Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Men 2019

    1. Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Charge Walking Shoe

    This Skechers walking shoe is the best walking shoes for men you can find in the market. It is not only easy to wear but also comfortable as well.

    There is no lace on the shoe and it takes you short time to slip on the shoe. For busy men, this is a big advantage. The model appears with the textile-mesh outer for maximizing its breathability. Feel comfortable to make natural steps with this lightweight shoe. Other typical characteristics of the shoe include a rubber sole, 2 piece midsole, and the goga mat. They help create enough resistance for walking on the street. Enjoy memorable moments with this elegant model.

    2. Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Reaction Walking Shoe

    Main Features:

    • The shoe is manufactured with textile and synthetic material
    • The shoe has a rubber sole that provides better grip
    • The fact that shoe is manufactured with textile and synthetic it is quite light in weight and facilitates faster movement
    • The shoe has two piece midsole made up of resalyte, it promotes faster movement without compromising on comfort
    • Goga mat improves cushioning and makes running easier
    • Soft fabric linings ensure passage of air to keep the odor at bay


    The fact that shoe is made up of textile and synthetic material, it provides user with the requisite comfort while moving, running or jumping. The soft fabric lining and goga mat ensures odor free and cushioned experiences respectively. One can use this shoe for varied purposes; the stylish shoe is good to go with office and is suitable for morning walks too.

    Who can use it?

    Available in five different colors, this shoe is designed to use by men of all age. From college going kids to retired personnel everyone can use these stylish shoes for varied purposes. The Goga mat and soft fabric lining come together to produce an unbelievable walking experience.

    3. Skechers Men's Equalizer 2.0 

    If you are a big fan of Skechers, you must be familiar with this model. The shoe is reputed basing on its quality and the affordable price. They are the reasons explaining why it belongs to the best walking shoes for men on our list.

    There are dozens of colors for you to choose, including black, navy, gray, yellow, etc…Depending on your preference, you could select the most suitable pairs of shoes. This Skechers shoe will make men look cool with the stylish design. It has the perfect combination of 75% mesh and 25% leather. With the solid rubber shoe sole, the model allows you to walk everywhere you want without slipping. Feel free to wear this shoe in all weather conditions, especially in the winter. The model comes with air cool memory foam for offering high breathability. It helps reduce the odor for use in a long time. Hope you have wonderful walking experience with this nice shoe.

    4. Rockport Men's We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

    Main Features:

    • Made up of leather
    • Has rubber sole
    • Heel measures 1.25”
    • The footbed is made up of latex
    • Upper side of the shoe is made up of Suede and Synthetic
    • The shoe is imported

    Benefits: Like all great shoes rockport men’s we are rockin chranson walking shoe is made up of leather and has rubber sole, which makes it durable and highly gripping. The heel measures around 1.25”, which provides body with the perfect posture, whereas the latex foot bed keeps running a fun affair.

    The upper side of shoe is made up of Suede and Synthetic, which makes it stylish and highly durable. This is an all weather shoe that can be used for office as well as trekking.

    Rockport men’s we are rockin chranson walking shoes are available in 2 different colors, which makes it easier for people to choose their swag.

    Who can use?

    This shoe is designed with the modern youth in mind but men of all age can use it without any issues. It is stylish, durable and adds up to the comfort of running.

    5. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

    Main Features:

    • Made of imported leather
    • Synthetic sole
    • Mesh lining with moisture-wicking design
    • Comfortable footbed; latex foam
    • Lace-up vamp design
    • Padded tongue and collar
    • Comes in 5 distinct colors

    Benefits:- Tried and tested as best walking shoes, this pair may look elegant but are also tough.

    • The outsole is synthetic and provides ace traction
    • The lace-up design is a superb idea, using which you can get the right cinch or fit for your feet
    • The midsole is shock absorbent, and works remarkable comfort on your lower legs.

    Who Can Use It:- Anyone who wishes to reduce or rid themselves of pain during long walks will like these shoes. They are somber and time-tested not to forget elegant, which makes them a favorite among older men.

    How It Helps:- Bringing long-term comfort, these shoes are also designed to grant you a good fit.

    • The forefoot region is flexible and does not wrinkle thanks to Strobel Construction; an innovative new design
    • Nappa leather and full-grain leather enhance these shoes’ durability ratings
    • The outsole is quality rubber and crafted to give a good grip on most surfaces, even slippery ones
    • EVA cushioning is responsible for how these shoes conform to the shape of your feet
    • Leg and foot fatigue is greatly reduced
    • Latex on the footbed and full-grain leather uppers bring their own brand of comfort and appeal
    • Blisters and chafing are fully prevented thanks to a padded tongue and collar
    • Downsides: can get scuffed easily, leaving permanent marks.

    6. Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

    Main Features:

    • Made using imported material; synthetics and fabrics
    • Ventilated mesh panels
    • Rubber sole; good traction
    • Lightweight design
    • Removable insole
    • Padded collar and tongue
    • Comes in 2 distinct colors
    • Asymmetrical lacing design and reflective detail
    • Biomorphic Fit uppers

    Benefits:- One of the lightest shoes on the market, these mesh-beauties bring ideal air flow and ventilation while promoting remarkable sole and heel comfort.

    • An inner bunion window comes to most foot pain rescues
    • Beneath the ball of the foot is a soft-toe insert and Top Soft Duomax material that converts a walking-workout into a fun experience
    • Even the forefeet region has gel cushioning
    • The ASICS GEL Walker design lets you walk for longer distances.

    Who Can Use It:- Men will appreciate what this pair of walking shoes has in store. With some of the best comfort features on shoes of this range and type, the pair uses innovative technologies that get you ideal fit and feel.

    How It Helps:- The medial inner side (stiff midsole) of the show comprises firm material that grants great support and stability. Lightweight arch support adds to the multiple ways these shoes can help you remain comfortable through long hours of walking.

    • A narrow heel base and wide toe base make for an ingenious design that holds your feet without slippage and accommodates those with wider feet
    • With all the comfort features you have read about so far, add shock absorption quality as well; gel cushioning up front
    • This shoe is more than well-rounded, it seems near-perfect for walking. Great grip or traction, thanks to a quality rubber sole
    • These shoes are designed to save energy so you can spend it in exercise through walking and not lose it in undue stresses and strains
    • Downsides: the liner under the removable sole is not readily accessible; odor accumulation observed there.

    7. Asics Men's Gel-Quickwalk 2 Walking Shoe

    Main Features:

    • Rubber sole
    • Foam padded and with mesh lining for support, breathability, and comfort
    • Traditional lace-up for those who prefer "old school" style
    • Able to control shock from impact of walking.

    These are one of the simplest designs out there, which can either be a good or bad thing depending on the style you want. With a clean-cut design that matches all workout outfits, you will be able to reap the many features it has such as good cushioning and snug fits. 

    These aren't the best for running, but they are great for walking in all speeds, may it be slow or brisk. Some have even claimed that it is similar to walking on air because of the ultimate comfort they feel! These are great for those starting out on their fitness journey and looking for a good way to start exercising by walking.

    8. New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe

    Avid walkers will actually fall in love with this shoe from New Balance. It is considered as the best walking shoes for men for many good reasons. Discover all of its gorgeous features as the followings.

    The shoe makes impressive by the classic synthetic appearance. It means you can run or walk effectively with this New Balance shoe. Made in the US, the shoe promises to satisfy the demands of fastidious customers. For people have wide feet or high arches, it is an ideal option. Coming with the big box toe area, it fits different sizes of walkers well. The model is also lightweight and breathable for easy carrying. It provides the smooth air circulation for reducing the odor of the shoe. The rubber shoe sole is a big plus of the model, which enhances its stability in an efficient way. It offers the excellent comfort for walking in a long time.

    9. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe 

    Main Features:

    • Rubber sole with good grip
    • Vamp and heel cushioned with memory foam
    • Textile design on exterior; mesh design
    • Slip-on
    • Lightweight
    • Comes in 9 distinct colors

    Benefits:- Innovation takes the form of GoImpulse and GOga (it is made of yoga mat material for cushioning prowess) Pillar technologies that together grant you some of the best support systems for walking long hours.

    • They are painless as much as that state can be achieved
    • Added benefits include lightness and portability
    • You will barely feel their weight when you travel
    • Mesh design plays a dual role – the shoe is easy to clean and stays well-ventilated.

    Who Can Use It:- These shoes come designed to fight pain and stress, making them ideal for those who often experience this issue but still want to walk for exercise. If you travel and want slim light shoes that are just right for walking, this is the pair for you.

    How It Helps:- By ridding pain scenarios as much as possible, these walking shoes do one better than traditional varieties.

    • They are supremely lightweight; weighing a total of 1.9 pounds
    • Their lightness is due the memory foam and resalyte materials that comprise a large portion of these rather comfortable shoes
    • The mesh design promotes better airflow and ventilation, cuts odor and heat accumulation, and makes these shoes ideal for long walks
    • If it happens to rain outside, you can still wear these on a treadmill; they help you get the best workout there as well
    • Even if they get wet, the mesh design dries faster than other walking shoes in the same range
    • Since they are quite ‘flexible’, make allowances for this fact when you shop for the right size
    • Downsides: delicate, you need to take care of these shoes, heavy abuse and sudden snagging can lead to wear and tear.

    10. New Balance Men's MW840 Health Walking Shoe 

    Main Features:

    • Available in white and black colors
    • It is made up of synthetic material
    • The shoe has a sole made up of rubber
    • Causable walker featuring comfort design
    • Comes with breathable design
    • Has narrow heel and wider forefoot
    • Has sole that can absorb shocks

    Benefits:there are a lot of benefits that cannot be described in word and can only be experienced in real life. The fact that shoe is available in two different color allows people to make a better choice. One can enjoy shock absorbed running experience with this ME840 health walking shoe.

    The breathable design keeps the odor at bay whereas the sole made up of rubber provides with a fantastic grip. The outer part of the shoe is made up of synthetic, which makes it tough and durable. One needs to protect the shoe in rainy season.

    Who can use it?

    The shoe is designed for men of 30-70 ages but the stylish quotient makes it a perfect fit for college going boys. The rubber sole, synthetic outer body and shock absorb features make it a hit among young kids.

    Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Men 2018

    1.Skechers Sport Men's Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

    The next well-known model in our list is Sketchers Sport Men’s Equalizer Sneaker. This shoe attracts customers at the first glance with the perfect combination of design and feature. Discover what you can get the benefit when wearing this elegant shoe.

    It is very simple to slip on this walking shoe without the requirement of tightening lace. With the modern look, it is an ideal recommendation for going out at night or using in emergencies. The comfort of this shoe comes from 75% mesh and 25% manmade. The synthetic shoe sole and memory foam add more comfort to your Skechers shoes. People will find it wonderful to wear this lightweight shoe to everywhere they want. Another impressive feature of the model is its flexible shoe sole. It enhances the flexibility and the durability when wearing this shoe.

    2. New Balance Men's MW411V2 Walking Shoe

    With more than 100 years in the footwear industry, New Balance guarantees to bring the best products and services to users. Today, it continues to introduce one of the best walking shoes for men, New Balance Men’s MW411V2.

    This walking shoe offers the great comfort to wearers due to the smart design. It is made from synthetic for reaching the highest level of comfort. Combining well with the high-quality rubber sole, it helps you overcome different terrains without any soreness in your feet. No matter you walk around or go to work, the shoe will be a good companion. New Balance attempts to deliver the most comfortable pairs of shoes to users. This is the reason why MW411V2 equips perforated upper for reaching high breathability. Adjust the laces of the shoe to fit you well.

    3. Rockport Men's Northfield Oxford

    Here is a good choice for men who love the rugged exterior and cool design. The shoe is worth calling the best walking shoes for men currently. It provides the good-looking appearance and the great quality to users.

    Inheriting a great number of gorgeous features of previous Rockport models, Rockport Men’s Northfield Oxford is very awesome for the impressive durability and nice design. It takes advantage of Kinetic Air Circulation for removing odor and improving the breathability of the shoe. Wearing the shoe on rainy days is possible thanks to the waterproof leather protection. The distance of heel measurement is 1.5 inches, while the platforms are 0.75 inches. This is completely suitable for walking on different terrains. Tighten the lace to fit you the most. Rubber shoe sole is another big plus of the model, which allows you to walk naturally without any pressure of slipping.

    4. KEEN Men's Austin Shoe

    This shoe aims at providing the surprising comfort to wearers. There are two major color options for you to choose from, including the black and olive.

    As we have mentioned before, this Keen model gets the high attention of customers thanks to the maximum level of comfort. It not only has a stylish design but also comes with the high durability. The first impression when looking at this model is its unique stitched outer and durable leather material. It has US origin to meet the demands of most of the customers.

    Walking on this shoe is so comfortable thanks to a rubber shoe sole. This part plays an essential role in absorbing shocks and protecting you from slipping. With the fashionable design, the shoe matches perfectly with most of the outfits. Quickly order this product now!

    5. Skechers Sport Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker 

    Main Features:

    • Available in five different colors
    • Has an impressive style
    • Designed to impress and make people feel comfortable
    • Combination of leather and synthetic will make it last long
    • Rubber sole
    • Padded tongue and color for a comfortable walk around the park
    • Athletic shoe with lace-up vamp makes it gripping and comfortable
    • Supportive sole unit to make running fun and easier
    • Comfortable padding

    Benefits: Skechers sport men’s energy afterburn lace-up sneaker allows athletes to take a walk around the park without compromising on the comfort. The supportive sole unit and rubber sole come together to make running a lot easier. The combination of leather and synthetic makes it an all weather shoe.

    The padded tongue and lace-up vamp are added to help athletes feel comfortable and run with great ease. The fact that it is available in five different colors can help athletes and college going kids enjoy a high sense of fashion.

    Who can use?

    Every man from 18-70 in age can use these shoes for varied purposes. These shoes are stylish enough for college, office and comfortable enough for morning walk and tedious training schedule.

    6. KEEN Utility Men's PTC Oxford Work Shoe

    Another popular option comes from Keen, Keen Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work shoe. This model is worth value calling the best walking shoes for men in the current market. It promises to make men cool in any outfit.

    One of the best things about this Keen shoe is its leather material, which is stain-resistant and water-resistant. Therefore, it gains the remarkable durability for many years of use. Feel free to wear this shoe on different types of terrains due to its non-marking oil feature. It reaches the ASTM standard for protecting users from slipping. Combining well with the molded EVA midsole and memory foam, the shoe maximizes the level of comfort in an efficient way. You can find it easy to select the best models for your feet from available designs and colors.

    7. Rockport Men's Banni Mocc-Toe Rugged Oxford

    Main Features:

    • Available in 10 stylish colors
    • Made up of leather, which makes it rough and tough
    • It is an all weather shoe
    • Synthetic sole adds the requisite flexibility
    • Padded tongue and color
    • With EVA footbed and walking platform this is one of the best world tour classic walking shoe

    Benefits: Rockport men’s world tour classic walking shoe is for every men who wants to travel and explore the world. This one shoe is never going to ditch you in the woods because it is made up of leather, which makes it tough while the synthetic sole adds the much-needed agility. One can depend on the EVA foot bed for a comfortable walking experience.

    • The lace-up style allows user to tighten up the grip when heading towards a difficult terrain
    • Padded tongue and color comes together to provide an amazingly comfortable experience
    • The fact that this is an all weather shoes will help people save a lot of money

    Who can use it?

    The fact that Rockport Men shoe is available in a lot of sizes makes it suitable for everyone from a college going lad to a retired person spending his last days in Hawai. This one shoe is going to help people travel like never before. You need not to be worried about unprecedented rain or heavy snow, all you need to do is keep moving.

    8. Reebok Men’s DMX Max Select RS Walking Shoe 

    Main Features:

    • Rubberized sole
    • Synthetic materials and leather used in shoe design
    • Comes in 3 distinct colors
    • Molded sole for firmness and stability
    • Mainly for walking; not cross-training

    Benefits:- This is one of the most comfortable shoes out there that are also reasonably priced.

    • Provides amazing 2E and 4E fits; based on size selected
    • The cushion is ideal for those men who often experience aching heels
    • Orthotics (your own; not included in package) and internal cushioning work together to get you pronounced comfort.

    Who Can Use It:- While podiatrists do not really recommend this one, you can use your own orthotics inside the shoe and take it for a spin. This pair is quite affordable and brings a world’s worth of comfort and practical features. As long as you use them solely (no pun intended) for walking purposes, you are good to go.

    How It Helps:- The leather and mesh design for the uppers is easy to clean and maintain; they also look good and dry fast after cleaning.

    • EVA sock liners add to the long-term walking comfort; these liners are removable
    • Flex grooves on the forefoot regions enhance flexibility
    • Lace closures improve cinch and fit
    • The beveled heel works marvels on aches and pains in that area
    • Downsides: does not fit all foot types.

    9. Nike Men's Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoe

    If you are looking for a good pair of walking shoes that offers the excellent versatility and comfort, this Nike model is a smart choice. It is regarded as the best walking shoes for men in the modern life.

    Don’t let the classic style fool you. The shoe comes with multi-functional features to serve both casual occasions and training target. Leather overlays contribute remarkably in protecting the shoes from scratching. This wonderful feature results from the lightweight design and durable Phylon midsole. It is so simple to take on and off the shoe. All you need is pulling the tab and the shoe will fit you well. Combining well with the rubber outsole, it helps maximize the resistance of the shoe in an efficient way. There is no pressure of slipping. The model offers good grip on different types of surface. Other key characteristics of the shoe include perforations, mesh tongue, and flex grooves. These factors combine well with each other in maximizing the shoe comfort.

    10. Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

    Simplicity is the first impression when looking at this shoe. However, don’t make its appearance fool you. The model equips advanced features of a top high-end pair of walking shoes. Find out gorgeous characteristics of the shoe as below.

    The shoe is made from leather, in which the upper comes with full-grain. They are very active in protecting the shoe from damaging and discomfort. Men will find it great to wear the shoe to their office or attend outdoor activities. The reason is that this model is surprisingly comfortable thanks to the solid midsole and cushioned tongue. They combine well with each other in supporting your feet. Are you ready to slip on this practical shoe?

    Different Types Of Walking Shoes

    There are specialized varieties for walking shoes based on their genre and application. Here they are…

    Lightweight Hiking & Trail – Naturally rocky terrain generally used for hiking demand these types of shoes. The soles provide good traction and come designed with cushioned features for shock absorption, breathability, and comfort.

    Cushioned – Specifically aimed at providing comfort and shock absorption, these shoes are quite flexible and have a last that is curved or semi-curved. They also offer outstanding foot and ankle support.

    Lightweight Performance Training – Neutral feet will like what these shoes bring to the game. They are lightweight, flexible, and you can squeeze optimum performance out of them. However, they are not ideally cushioned, which means you cannot go for long vigorous walks in these. Heavy-set walkers can wear these out soon.

    Racing & Race Walker – Race walking used to be amusement for children until people realized its worth as an exercise. Lacking lugs or knobs on the outsole and bereft of a midsole, these shoes are great for race walking. Low heel, lightweight, flexibility, and minimal are some of the descriptions we like to use for racing flats, another type of walking-workout shoes.

    Stability – These are the ‘bridges’ of the shoe world. You get a little bit of everything in these but not the best of a few, if you know what we mean. They are durable and highly supportive (often have dual density midsoles). As long as you are of average weight and lack motion control issues, these shoes make a perfect fit.

    Advantages of Using Walking Shoes

    There is a huge difference between walking and running. Instead of getting into a shoe-worthy debate, we thought it best to explore the advantages that walking shoes bring to your life.

    • Wholesome walking is when your foot makes complete contact with the ground. As you walk, your heel should make first contact followed by the rest of your foot
    • Ideal cushioning in the midsole and forefoot absorb shock and keep you comfortable, so you can walk for longer
    • Ace support systems ensure you get no unnecessary pains and aches during or after a long vigorous walk
    • Mesh designs are best due to increased ventilation and breathability
    • Soles with good traction help you walk as if you are wearing boots
    • From the second you lift your foot to when you place it on the ground and lift again, sheer mechanical magic has to work on your entire body if your walking-workouts are to be amazing.

    Walking shoes come designed with the shape, flexibility, and durability to make this happen. They have grown incredibly innovative these past few years and are often superior to boots themselves.

    How To Buy The Best Walking Shoes For Men

    The first step is always the most difficult. In the walking shoe world, you are spoiled for choices. So how do you know which one is right for you.?

    Step 1: Make absolutely certain of your foot size. Whether it is American or Euro/UK measures, do not get this number wrong. It can save you a lot of time, money, and disappointment.

    Step 2: Check to see if the shoe of your choice has the features you need, physically. This means pain relief, high comfort, long hours of walking, and so on.

    Step 3: Only now do you look for aesthetic value, to see if your selection can go with the clothes in your closet. Or if they will match the jogging sets you bought the other day.

    Step 4: Price comes last. While maintaining a budget is a smart decision, it may lead you to miss out on a pair of walking shoes that are more useful than cheaper ones. And it may cost you only a few bucks extra.

    Step 5: Wear them when they arrive from your online purchase or don them immediately if you are in a store. Walk with them, about twenty or so paces, back and forth.

    Step 6: When you take them home, wear them for a few hours to break them in and give yourself a chance to get used to them before tomorrow when you will be using those shoes to inspire your walking-workouts for the next several months; which is the real challenge.


    ​1. How to repair defective shoes after a few months of use?

    You can rely on your warranty for this. Otherwise, take it to a dedicated store or outlet that specializes in shoe repairs. If the brand manufacturer has a store in your area, all the better.

    ​2. How to ensure shoe longevity?

    The best walking shoes for men come packing durability. After a few months of use, however, they will experience wear and tear. Use shoe products from day-one to ensure longevity.

    How To Use Best Walking Shoes For Men – Tips & Tricks

    Here are some proven suggestions on how to understand and use walking shoes.

    • Shock absorption is not a necessary element in your shoes. Walking is, after all, a low-impact activity
    • If you are only going to walk in these shoes, do not focus heavily on heel cushioning; that’s for runners
    • For the forefoot to bend properly, look for flex groove designs
    • Leather is sturdy but not as breathable as mesh
    • Always go for walking shoes that can accommodate wide feet
    • You need to replace walking shoes every six or seven months
    • There should always be a half-inch space between your longest toe and the inside front of the shoe.

    The Final Step

    Walking is the simplest and most desirable exercise. You can do it practically anywhere. There are different types of walking, based on speed and purpose, and you need the right shoes to go with those challenges. Use our buying guide to explore your options and land the perfect pair for your everyday needs.

    Whether you like to walk in the great outdoors or plan to hit the treadmill in a nice gym in town, the best walking shoes for men shoes will work magic on your exercises regimens. They will keep inspiring you to walk that extra mile, for heart and health.

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