Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

    Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

    Reviews and guides for Choosing the Best walking shoes for flat feet 2017.

    Why should you choose the best walking shoes for flat feet?

    ​In general, the people who have flat feet normally find difficulties in walking for a long time. The condition of low arches makes their feet touch easily to any surfaces. Particularly, on rough surfaces, it will cause terrible pains and injuries in your feet. Even when you are wearing a well-manufactured pair of shoes, you may find it difficult to walk around for a long period of time.

    ​As you know, the arch will develop when you are still a child. However, some people cannot normally develop their arch. Because the flat feet is unchanged, the best solution is to choose the best walking shoes for flat feet. How can a right walking shoe support your flat feet? First, let’s see their amazing benefits and supports.The most valuable thing of a right pair of walking shoes is its ability to provide arch protection. In fact, a normal shoe without arch and heel support cannot help to solve the flat feet problem. Even it can cause other problems of heels, knees and entire body. However, a high-quality one will offer enough cushioning to create convenience and comfort to the users.

    Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

    Furthermore, being comfortable in each movement has significant impacts on your speed, performance, and endurance as well. Nobody wants to go any times and distances when you have an uncomfortable feel with your feet. Therefore, suitable walking shoes also help to improve your endurance and performance with ease and comfort.​

    Walking shoes for men with flat feet should certainly, and obviously, take into consideration the space required to accommodate said feet. A tight shoe is not going to make for easy walking, especially where long-term exercise is involved let alone being on your feet all day. Shoes that come designed to make enough room while still providing a good fit and not looking like paddles or flippers are welcome indeed.


    Here are Best walking shoes for flat feet 2018:

    1. ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running / Walking Shoe – Good walking Shoes for Flat Feet

    Here are some of the main features on the ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4:

    • Make: Synthetic materials with rubberized sole​
    • Foam midsole from SpEVA; enhanced comfort with a bounce
    • DuoMax technology provides remarkable foot and arch support
    • Breathable mesh material for uppers
    • Excellent overpronation support; no negative foot-twists while walking
    • Glossy side designs for aesthetic appeal
    • Gel cushioning in forefoot and heel regions; superior long-term comfort
    • Innovations include: Duomax support and Guidance Trusstic systems
    • Sold in 7 different color-codes

    2. Nike Men’s Lunarglide 7 Running / Walking Shoe – Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet 2017

    Here are some of the main features on the Nike Men’s Lunarglide 7:

    • ​Make: Mesh uppers with synthetic sole
    • Mesh is comprised of Flywire cables and Flyknit materials for outstanding sleek support and enhanced breathability
    • Provides miles worth of comfort
    • Improved comfort via Lunarlon foam; best walking shoes for flat feet
    • Aesthetic 3M reflections on uppers
    • Waterproof
    • Sold in 32 (!) different color-codes

    3. Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7 Walking / Running Shoe – Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2017

    Here are some of the main features on the Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7:

    • ​Make: Mesh with rubberized sole
    • Adjustable saddle design for stability
    • Promotes better forefoot fluidity and flexibility thanks to Omega flex groove designs
    • Moisture-control mesh; cuts odor accumulation
    • Breathable interiors via quality mesh uppers
    • Enhanced cushioning (BioMoGo DNA) for mild overpronators
    • Sold in 5 different color-codes

    4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 11 Running / Walking Shoe – Best walking shoes for flat feet men

    Here are some of the main features on the Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 11 running shoes:

    • ​Make: Synthetic materials with synthetic sole
    • Lace-up design at vamp region for improved stability
    • Dynamotion Fit technology for good wide-foot accommodation
    • Internal strap designs to form-fit to feet;
    • Lightweight
    • Can be relied on for miles
    • Sold in 5 different color-codes

    5. New Balance Men’s M1260V5 Running / Walking Shoe 

    Here are some of the main features on the New Balance Men’s M1260V5 running shoes:

    • ​Make: a combination of fabric and synthetic materials with a rubberized sole
    • Ideal for overpronators
    • Midfoot stability shank; T-Beam
    • Cushioning; shock-absorbent; Abzorb
    • Low-to-ground design; N2
    • Aesthetic; reflective logos and no-sew contrast stripes
    • Sold in 4 different color-codes

    6. New Balance Men's 623v3 Training Shoe

    When it comes to seeking a suitable pair of shoes, fit seems to be one of the most important factors. Without a good fit, you cannot enjoy in each step as expected. Available on the market with several nice colors in a variety of sizes, you will have a chance to choose your favorite style. Besides, this shoe can incredibly fit the users' feet. It is snug enough, not too tight or large.

    The reason why New Balance Men's 623v3 is suggested as the best walking shoe for flat feet for the feature of EVA midsole. This feature will create more cushioning and arch support while they can feel comfortable on an entire day. Besides, the shoes also ensure high traction on the wet surface. The rubber sole contributes significantly to this function.


    • The shoe delivers a perfect fit to a wide range of people
    • Simple but fashionable design with various nice colors
    • Provide efficient arch support by the feature of EVA midsole
    • Ensure enough ventilation and waterproof


    • The quality of these shoes cannot satisfy the users. After sometimes using, they are easily worn out.
    • Suitable for flat feet only, not work well high arches

    7. Rockport Men's M7100 Pro Walker Walking Shoe

    The best walking shoes for flat feet not only provide comfort but also should ensure high quality. The Rockport Men's M7100 Pro promises to deliver both of them. They are comfortable, stylish, lightweight and long-lasting as well.

    Stability and durability are the selling point when you select this model. The Stroble Technology and high-quality material ensure its durability and stable construction. Besides, the formation of the synthetic sole also offers a steady but relaxing base. Next, this model is engineered with a lace-up design which makes you easily adjust a suitable fit and simple on and off.

    Comfort is a noticeable factor appealing the users. With the purpose of providing appropriate space for your feet, the padded support not only helps to improve comfort but also keep your feet in a correct position in any movement.


    • Stroble technology and high quality ensure high quality and durability
    • Deliver enough cushioning, comfort and arch support
    • Removable insole
    • Lightweight
    • Good customer service and guarantee


    • The arch support is not enough for a long walk
    • Take little time to break a new one
    • The lace holes are not good

    8. KEEN Men's Austin Shoe

    With six different colors on the current market, the classic but sporty design makes KEEN Men's Austin Shoe easily matches with various costumes. From informal clothes to suits, the Austin shoes always work well. For the fall or winter usage, it is ideal for the people who have flat feet.

    An efficient arch support is always essential for any users, especially the flat feet people. To strengthen comfort and full arch support, the manufacturers apply an internal footbed to offer an effective arch support on your feet. After that, it helps to bring comfort and relaxation for all day walking.

    In addition, your toes are also completely protected by Keen Protect technology. When wearing these shoes, you will realize that all toes cover perfectly in your shoes to avoid blisters and pains. Although it delivers a possible usage in the winter, it still ensures breathability and moisture resistance when the weather heats up.


    • Available in different colors in a wide range of sizes
    • Classic but sporty design and nice look
    • Can work well in both summer and winter
    • Comfortable and cushioning
    • High traction on mud or gravel surface


    • Not waterproofing enough on the top
    • Grabby laces
    • A little bit slippery on wet surface

    9. Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Training Shoe

    If you are a fan of the sporty style, Nike Men's Air Monarch IV deserves best walking shoe for flat feet. You cannot be happier with this affordable selection. The Nike Air provides great traction, stable support and excellent cushioning. For a daily walk, training or even workout, it also works well.

    With a soft formation, you will gain optimal comfort while a mesh design helps to increase ventilation and keep your feet cool. Furthermore, there is also a pull-tap on the heel to put on and off easily.

    Coming with a sturdy rubber outsole and various friction patterns, you can adjust your movement in any different surfaces such as wood, grass, etc. In such an affordable budget, you rarely find out a similar model with an amazing function like this.


    • Deliver comfort and efficient support to the users
    • Excellent cushioning
    • Great traction on different surfaces
    • Heels contains a pull-tap for simple on and off


    • A bit heavy at first
    • Cause some squeak

    10. Adidas NEO Men's Cloudfoam VS City Shoes

    If you are seeking a light supper shoe for your flat feet, Cloudfoam VS City Shoes is engineered for you. The first impression about these shoes is its perfect mixture between nice sporty design and colors. They are available in the current market with nine cool colors and different sizes for multiple selections.

    To be truthful, you will be surprised with the comfort these shoes offer. After walking in the shoes for the entire day, your flat feet still maintain pleasant and comfortable without blisters and pains. Besides, you can also have a chance to enjoy the lightest and smoothest movements. It makes you more enjoyable in any activities.

    These shoes feature synthetic design, rubber sole, mesh cover and a cold foam midsole and sock liner. All of them not only help to engineer a lightweight one but also create cushioning and relaxing feels to the users.


    • Nice design and colors help to style the users
    • Extremely comfortable and supportive for flat feet
    • Lightweight
    • Affordable price with such amazing functions
    • Fast delivery


    • Some sizes run a bit small while some are a little big
    • It may not enough cushioning for a long walk

    How to choose the best walking shoes for flat feet?

    On the market, there is a variety of walking shoes for the users to choose. Nevertheless, not all of them are good for your flat feet. Before picking up the best walking shoes for flat feet, pay high attention to these signals:


    First, you should seek the shoes which fit perfectly with your feet. Whether your feet are flat or not, a good fit creates the most comfortable and convenient feels while you are walking.

    Arch support​

    In addition to right fit, never forget to check out its arch support function. Is this shoe cushioning enough? Does it deliver efficient arch assistance? Have a close look at the customers’ comments before choosing a right one

    ​Heel support

    After considering the arch support, find out a shoe with heel support delivery. For flat-feet walkers, they may suffer from overstressed ankles due to low arch. No matter how flat your feet are, it is no problems with an exceptional heel assistance.


    A shoe which ensures stability will help to keep your feet in a correct position in any movements and steps. To gain stability, the manufacturers often add more foam on the segment of the arch and heel

    Additional features

    These above features are must-have characteristics when choosing suitable shoes for flat feet. Additionally, a good shoe should also ensure breathability for extra ventilation, waterproofing for water resistance and durability for longer using time.

    Advantages of using best walking shoes for flat feet

    Flat feet and shoes do not get along, but modernity has found the answer. The best walking shoes for flat feet are quite compatible with their owners.

    • ​A good fit is worth more than any other feature for flat-footed men who have might have previously wasted much time and money in forcing the wrong footwear to work.
    • The right pair of walking shoes for flat-foots include ones with excellent pronation-related technology. Whether you have a tendency to over- or under-pronate, the shoe of your choice should reflect ideal compatibility
    • Pronation is a big problem because flat feet force the ankle and lower leg above to unevenly distribute weight. This leads to skewing or slight twisting at the ankle region, which is bad for you. Good shoes ensure this ‘problem’ is resolved.
    • Permitting long walks, durability quotient should definitely be high for such shoes.
    • Design elements like low-to-ground features are a good addition but not as crucial as cushioning and moisture-wicking interiors.

    The best walking shoes for flat feet are much like traditional versions but with slightly varied specializations.


    The best walking shoes for flat feet ensure that your feet do not roll inward and shift your body weight to the inside of the arch; this process is called overpronation, while outward is for underpronation. Flat-footers tend to fall into either category or experience severe pain as a result. The right pair of shoes avoid this scenario altogether.

    By shopping for the right footwear for flat feet, explore the features more than seeking out the price. The right features more than pay for themselves over the long-term by saving you energy-loss moments and making it possible for you to get fit without undue pain.​

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