Top 10 Best Under Armour Tennis Shoes


Each type of sport requires special types of shoes. For example, running shoes come with special characteristics that are suitable for runners, whereas, shoes for grass-court are not competitive enough. 

One of the most important accessories to support tennis players is tennis shoes. There are thousands of tennis shoe models and features to consider when buying tennis shoes such as weight, materials, traction and the shoe’s style. 

As a well-known brand on the current market, Under Armour shoes promise to protect your feet from injury, help you feel comfortable, and express your personality and performance. This brand has a remarkable system of shoes, which changes depending on the purposes of shoes. 

Therefore, it is hard to tell which tennis shoe is the best option now. We are here to give you insights about the top 10 best Under Armour tennis shoes. Keep reading and decide your most favorite ones. 

Why Should You Buy Under Armour Tennis Shoes?

As a well-known brand in the footwear industry, Under Armour is developing strongly in many countries such as Hong Kong, Munich, Lon Don, etc. It provides both high-quality clothing and gears and attracts thousands of customers per year. And tennis shoes are not an exception. 

Tennis shoes are not only simple in design but also have excellent durability and comfort. With the long-lasting feature, it promises to improve your performance. 

Top 10 Best Under Armour Tennis Shoes 

#10 Under Armour Men's Charged Bandit 3 Ombre Sneaker

This is all you can look for in a great pair of tennis shoes. With 8 specific designs, you could choose the most suitable ones that match your styles. 

Durability is another important factor to consider. The shoe is made from 100% synthetic. Besides, UA SpeedForm construction helps the shoe fit your feet well. Heel counter plays an important role in supporting your body. 

Knit upper creates high breathability for the maximum of comfort. Therefore, you could feel dry all day despite wearing Charged Bandit 3 sneaker in long hours. 

#9 Under Armour Men's Threadborne Fortis Running Shoe

This model is not only attractive by its design, but also the multi-purpose functions. You could wear it for different outdoor activities such as walking, running, etc. 

The material of this model is high-quality, which is the combination between 100% synthetic and textile. In addition to the lightweight design, it has a breathable mesh with ventilation for maximizing its comfort. 

When wearing this shoe, you don’t have to worry about its durable construction. There is a lockdown midfoot to support your feet. It makes you feel always pleasant in your competitive court. 

#8 Under Armour Mens UA Yard Low Trainer

You love tennis but don’t know how to withstand tired feet when standing in long hours of a court? Then, this model is the first priority for you. 

It is breathable thanks to the mesh upper and rubber outsole. This helps remove moisture effectively for keeping your feet dry. Besides, the shoe delivers shock absorption for different athletic activities such as running, jumping, walking, etc. 

Another impressive feature of the shoe is lace-up closure. It is convenient because you have to spend a short time to take on and off the shoes. 

#7 Under Armour Men's Speedform Intake 2 Running Shoe

There is nothing wonderful than stepping into this shoe and start your tennis court. It has a good-looking and ergonomic design for easy wearing and moving. 

An advanced feature of the shoe is UA SpeedForm, which increases its fitness for different customers. Besides, the mesh upper is lightweight with ventilation and the heel counter supports your feet efficiently. 

The back of your feet can get the benefit from the external heel counter. It also has charged cushioning foam for better durability. Let’s try wearing this shoe if you want to improve your performance. 

#6 Under Armour Men's Commit Cross Trainer

It is the right choice for surprising durability. One fact is that the shoe can last for 5 to 7 years with appropriate use -an amazing figure. 

As you know, Commit Cross Trainer satisfies users at different ages. It has a breathable and lightweight mesh upper, leather saddle, and rubber sole. On the other hand, the foam sock liner is 4D and light cut for fitness and comfort. 

#5 Under Armour Men's Limitless 3.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

For those who are looking for a classic tennis shoe, Limitless 3.0 is a smart option. This shoe provides good traction to improve your performance. 

Enjoy the great support from a lightweight caged upper and breathable mesh. Other parts contribute to the surprising comfort of the shoe are heel counter, TPU covering, EVA sock liner, and EVA midsole. 

There is no need of worrying about slipping when wearing this Under Armour shoe. It equips die-cut EVA sock liner for adding cushioning. 

#4 Under Armour Men's Toccoa Running Shoe

With the stylish design, this shoe is a good choice for most tennis players. It offers a variety of benefits at an affordable price. The extra comfort is made from a die-cut EVA sock liner. 

Besides, the materials of this shoe include 100% synthetic and textile. Lightweight upper and rubber sole combines with each other in creating the fitness and comfort for each time of wearing the shoe. Feel rest assured about the strong structure of Toccoa shoe because it equips webbing structure. 

As a result, you could wear this shoe for walking, running, and playing tennis.

#3 Under Armour Men's Kilchis Sneaker

This is the best Under Armour tennis shoe for ease of slipping in and out. It takes you a short time to wear this shoe for your upcoming competition. This great result comes from the modern system of bungee lacing. 

About appearance, this model is outstanding with the bottom and yellow grips. It has high breathability, which results from a textile upper. The shoe will be your great companion in a long time thanks to synthetic overlays. 

#2 Under Armour Men's HOVR Phantom Running Shoe

This model from Under Armour is highly appreciated by the surprisingly lightweight design. It looks like you are walking on the moon with the modern UA HOVR technology. 

Your movements will become quicker due to UA HOVR foam and comfortable rubber sole. This is an awesome feature for playing tennis. Microthread upper is in charge of removing moisture and keeping your feet dry. 

#1 Under Armour Men's Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

Comfort is the first noticeable characteristics of this model. Made from 100% synthetic and textile, it is soft enough for playing tennis all day. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the dryness of the shoe thanks to a mesh upper and EVA sock liner.

In addition, the overlays are leather, which is durable and help form the shoe effectively. Shaft measures and synthetic sole support your arch well. 

Thanks to these features, you could move quickly with the maximum of comfort. 


Q: Can we wash Under Armour tennis shoes?

A: Of course, you could wash Under Armour tennis shoes in different ways. It is quite difficult for you to clean the shoes of this brand because they are non-sweat and lightweight. Some effective ingredients to wash Under Armour tennis shoes are the mixture of baking soda and vinegar, and dishwashing detergent. Another simple way to save you time is using the washing machine. 

Q: Are Under Armour tennis shoes durable?

A: Made from high-quality material, Under Armour tennis shoes are durable for years. They can last about 2 or 3 years, which is dependent on your appropriate care. 

Q: How to buy the best Under Armour tennis shoes?

A: Each pair of Under Armour tennis shoes come with special features to meet particular demands. Therefore, your task is thinking carefully about all aspects of the shoes to decide your best ones. 

For example, the materials of a good pair of tennis shoes should be flexible and breathable to make your feet dry and comfortable. Style is another factor to pay attention to. One fact is that tennis shoes designed for men are different from ones designed for women. Normally, tennis shoes for men are larger and heavier than shoes for women. 

In conclusion, choosing the best Under Armour tennis shoes is unchallengeable if you apply useful techniques. Under Armour is a famous brand in serving outdoor accessories and gears for players. We strongly believe that you could select your best ones among the top 10 best Under Armour tennis shoes mentioned above.