Top 10 Best Teacher Shoes 2019

best teacher shoes
best teacher shoes

You know that teaching requires a whole lot of standing and moving around. Without comfortable and responsive shoes, a teacher might suffer from pains in his or her feet after finishing a long lesson. My daddy is also a teacher. In fact, he always stands in front of classes and hardly sits down while he is at school. When he gets back home, he complains much about terribly swollen feet.

As a matter of fact, I have made my research on best teacher shoes for not only my dad but also your teachers. Why waiting for any longer? We should get down to this topic.

best teacher shoes

How to choose the most suitable shoes?


As a teacher, you should be formal and professional in appearance. Beside proper suits and dresses or trousers, a suitable shoe can contribute a lot to good images of a teacher in students’ eyes. Sporty and “rebellious” sneakers, from my point of view, are not meant to a teacher. Elegant and formal designs should be a safer and cleverer option.


Outer and especially inner soles made from soft and durable materials are priorities you should pay attention to.A good inner sole had better be comfortable and flexible enough to help you get rid of aches in your feet.

Furthermore, a good outer sole should be responsive and rough to keep you well-balanced and supporting you well during your teaching. Your outer sole is not too hard so that it doesn’t make noisy sounds to your students in the class.

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A snug fit to your feet

No matter how stylish your shoes are, they are just useless if they cannot support your feet well. When choosing shoes, you had better ask for a try to ensure the inner sole is perfectly suitable and comfortable to your feet. You should also tighten the shoelaces to check whether the shoes are too tight for you to walk and stand. Don’t let yourself down once you pay money for your choice.

Top 10 Best Teacher Shoes 2019 Reviews

Here are top 10 best teacher shoes in 2019:

1. Alpine Swiss Men's Beau Dress Shoes Genuine - best teacher shoes for men

These are the shoes for gentlemen. An elegant and classical black color combined with a basic design and construction makes these shoes a perfect choice for male teachers. The main material for shoe surface is from genuine suede. Therefore, you should be noted that these shoes are not suitable for wearing in wet conditions as they can easily get the bad odor, leaving your feet uncomfortable and unbreathable.

With some small modifications regarding look, these shoes can go well with casual jeans, especially dark jeans and gray dress pants or to dress up on formal occasions. The non-removable footbed with full cushioning offers you a perfect experience of comfort and fitting.

The rubber outer sole with 1” height made from rubber supports your heel while moving around and protects your feet from sudden shocks. The shoes are 2.5 pounds in weight which is quite light to put on. The only thing I still consider buying these shoes is they are not good at breathability thereby inappropriate for wearing all day.

The inner space, on the other hand, is not roomy enough to wear thick socks.


- Affordable price

- Different colors to choose

- Classical and elegant style

- High quality cushioning for foot boosting support


- Not good at breathability

Unable to wear in wet conditions

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Lyons2 - Best teacher shoes reviews

These shoes offer the only color of navy with the upper material from 100% synthetic. They are convenient for wearing with no shoelaces. The rubber outer sole supports your foot well thanks to high boosting and responsive functions. So your heel and toes are protected from sudden shocks. The elegant stitching on the outside of the shoes makes them look impressive yet professional.

These shoes, on the contrary, is not highly appreciated for their breathability as a matter of the fact that they are made from synthetic leather. Consequently, it is not clever to wear such kinds of shoes on rainy days as they might end up smelling bad. The soft inner midsole delivers a perfect fit to your foot, and you would feel a sense of leisure and comfort.

You can wear these shoes on various occasions besides teaching. Furthermore, they go well with different types of clothes and dressing up styles thanks to their basic simple construction and color.


- Affordable price

- Classical and simple design so appropriate for various clothes combination

- Good rubber outer sole for supporting feet

- Beautiful stitching

- Soft inner midsole giving a snug fit for your feet


- Not a good choice for breathability

Not waterproofing

3. Rockport Men's Luxury Cruise Perf Venetian

These shoes are made from leather coming in the tan color and from my point of view, they are one of the best teacher shoes. A simple and classical design of casual shoes. You can wear them on different occasions, whether at school or normal gatherings. The rubber synthetic sole helps boost the heel and keep you balancing better on wet floors. Besides, the outer sole offers shock absorbency thereby reducing foot fatigue and providing good traction.

What is more, the inner midsole is soft yet firm enough to make your feet comfortable. With cushioning conforming perfectly to the foot shape, don’t worry if you cannot find a good pair of shoes for yourself. You should get a personalized comfort to your foot.

The leather upper is so convenient for you to clean once your shoes are dirty and therefore, your shoes can be used at their longest useful life. The curving stitching is attractive for me. The tan color itself makes the shoes more elegant and professional.

The shoes, furthermore, is light in weight but provides a good shock absorption.


- Appealing and impressive design

- Affordable price

- Ease of cleaning thanks to leather upper material

- Good cushioning customized to the shape of foot

- Lightweight


Not good at breathability

4. Cole Haan Men's Quincy Sports Ox Ii

This pair of shoes is meant for casual business working. In case you are a teacher, it is still a good choice to consider. A simple and appealing design comes in 3 different colors consisting of Blazer Blue, Ivory/Ombre Blue, and Papaya. White detailed stitching combines perfectly with the colors of synthetic leather. The lace-up fits metal eyelets.

The inner midsole is soft with fabric lining footbed. You put the shoes on and will find out that the inside is so comfortable that your ankles and arches hardly get swollen as a result of rubbing. The rubber outer sole helps support your foot from heel to toe and offers shock absorbency, thereby protecting your foot from pains while moving around. It is also rough enough to keep you getting balanced well.

The weight is 1 pound which is light for you to wear them on all day. The anti-bacterial control prevents bad odor and keeps your feet dry and cool. So don’t worry about the breathability if your foot sweats a lot.


- Affordable price

- Three basic and casual colors

- Ease of cleaning due to synthetic leather

- Firm and responsive rubber outer sole


The lining soles can peel off after few wearing (comments from a few customers)

5. AX Armani Exchange Men's Microperf Pu Slip-on Fashion Sneaker - best teacher shoes 2017

The shoes have a casual appearance and basic design. The teachers often require simple yet formal shoes. Therefore, there is no doubt that these shoes are there for them. The classic contrast of black and white is a plus point of the shoes to those who love basic stuff like me. In my opinion, the shoes with such two colors never get old fashionable. You can wear them with different clothes and hats.

The rubber outer sole is solid yet responsive to boost your feet and keep you get balanced on wet grounds. No more time spent for tightening shoelaces anymore. Simply put the shoes on, and you shall experience a sense of a snug fit.

The breathability is good thanks to anti-bacterial control. Don’t worry about the bad odor in your shoes. The inside is roomy enough to stretch out your foot to some extent. The arch part helps so much with those whose arches are high. Your heel will not fall off the shoes thanks to this high arch.


- Basic and simple so appropriate for different clothes

- Good rubber outer sole

- Good breathability

- Affordable price

- Durable and responsive


- Toes and heel might get swollen due to rubbing

6. Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Kindle - best teacher shoes for women

This shoe is designed mainly for walking. The rubber outer sole is responsive and firm to keep boosting your heel well and get you balanced perfectly on wet grounds. The arch is high enough for those with high arches. Once you put your feet in these shoes, you shall enjoy a sense of a snug fit. Thanks to 5GEN technology in midsole cushioning, every step you take is supported with the high-quality midsole.

The shoes are also light in weight so you can wear it the whole day. Bamboo footbed for preventing bad odor and bacteria is a good feature that not all shoes are equipped. Whenever you wear them, summer or winter, your feet are always dry and cool because the shoe breathability is so amazing.

Although the combination of overall construction and color is basic and simple, the shoes still create an impression to people and more than that; you can wear them with a variety of suits. You don’t have to spend too much time tightening the shoelaces, just put them on, and that’s done.


- Lightweight

- Affordable price

- Rubber and firm outer sole for balance and boosting control

- Anti-bacterial control thanks to bamboo foot bed

- Innovative 5GEN cushioning midsole

- Different colors to choose


Made from textile so not suitable for wearing on rainy days

7. CIOR Women's Genuine Leather Loafers Casual Moccasin Driving Shoes

Simple and breathable shoes for female teachers to wear all day. You can have a variety of colors to choose with the same style and design. The best thing I like about the shoes is the good boosting and responsive outer sole which is perfectly for supporting feet from heel to toe. The upper material is made from leather, so it is flexible and easy to clean out once the shoes get dirty.

Soft material also means the easiness for stretching out. You might wear thick socks but still get a snug fit into the shoes.

The shoes, moreover, is light in weight (about 350g per pairs) so it is no doubt that you can wear them and move a lot without feeling pains in your feet. They are multifunctional as you can put them on indoors, on casual walking or at work.

When you open the shoe box, the smell might not be good, but it will quickly disappear. So don’t worry if you feel that case. When you put them on for the first several times, your arch and toe might get some blisters as a result of rubbing. So, I highly recommend you to wear socks until the leather material gets softer.


- Affordable price

- Good cushioning and responding outer sole

- Different colors for your choice


Sturdy knobs on the bottom make the shoes inappropriate for weak ankles and knees

8. Aerosoles Women's Soft Slip-On Loafer

Here come very traditional and basic shoes for teachers. You can choose your favorite colors out of Black, White, Light Blue and Taupe Nubuck. It is the simple construction and design of these shoes that makes them easy and convenient to combine well with different suits and clothes, whether on casual or formal occasions.

The shoes are made from synthetic leather, so I strongly recommend that you should not wear them too often on rainy days. When water comes to the shoes, it causes bad smell thereby leaving your foot uncomfortable and sticky. The breathability of the shoes is not good. That is why you had better keep them in dry and cool places to avoid the attack of bacteria.

The synthetic rubber outer sole helps protect your foot from shocks while moving and with metallic hardware at the shoe vamp, these shoes are quite good at responsive and boosting. The inner sole is also a good advantage with double-padded foam made from suede. Your foot, therefore, fits perfectly inside the shoes.


- Affordable price

- Good and simple style and design

- Convenient to wear and suits well with different dressing up styles

- Different colors to choose


Not good at breathability

9. Sam Edelman Women's Francis Ballet

These are the simplest yet elegant shoes I have ever seen. Looking at the overall construction of these shoes reminds you of the beautiful ballet flats. The detailed scalloped topline makes them easier to attract customers. The upper material is made from synthetic leather, so I strongly recommend that you shouldn't wear it too often on rainy days as the failure to do so can ruin your shoe leather quickly.

The synthetic sole is responsive enough to protect your foot from sudden shocks. Although they are made from leather, the breathability is impressive thanks to the leather lining in the midsole. The shoe vamp is quite round to make your tiptoes comfortable and flexible. However, your arches and toes might get blisters as a result of rubbing. This is unavoidable as soon as you wear them for the first several times.

The shoes are light in weight so you can put them on all day without considering pains in your legs. 8 colors for your choice can combine with different suits and clothes. These shoes are elegant and formal enough for teachers to stand in classes.


- Lightweight so convenient to wear them all day long

- Affordable price coming in different colors

- Breathable inner soles


Your feet can get blisters for the first time of wearing these shoes

10. Sam Edelman Women's Fallon Ballet Flat

A beautiful and elegant pair of shoes for stylish female teachers to wear in classes. The upper material is made from synthetic leather, but it is very easy and convenient for you to clean them once they get dirty. The synthetic outer and inner sole help boost your feet and prevent your heel from being hurt due to sudden shocks.

The arch is a design of art with a lovely bow for not only making the shoes impressive but also protecting your arch well from falling off the shoes. The shoes are breathable thanks to leather lining and anti-bacterial control technology. Therefore, your feet are always cool and dry. There is no reason to worry about your feet sweating a lot.

The weight is 1.1 pounds, so it is very light to wear all day. The upper material is soft, and so does the inner midsole. The shoes shall deliver a youthful and attractive look that every teacher want to be. Wait no more. Let’s buy it and enjoy the high quality and chic comfort.


- Affordable price

- Easy to combine with different dressing style

- Beautiful and elegant style for teachers

- Soft inner sole to boost your heel and toes

- Lightweight


Get blisters for first several wearing


Now that you have earned yourself different choices for best shoes for teachers. They are durable and flexible enough for teachers to wear all day. The price is not high and I am sure that each type of shoes is worthy of your money.



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