Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes in 2019

    Best Shoes For Tennis Players
    Best Shoes For Tennis Players

    Playing tennis is one of the good ways to train your muscles and bones. Apart from good techniques and skills, tennis players should know how to earn themselves good tennis racquet, comfortable and breathable clothes, reliable knee and wrist braces. Don’t forget about a good pair of tennis shoes.

    Best Shoes For Tennis Players

    Best Shoes For Tennis Players

    On the tennis court, players move continuously fast backward and towards and from baseline to the net in a few seconds. Therefore, what they need to prevent injury and pain while making incredible movements and rallies is good tennis shoes. Not only helping tennis athletes to play tennis at their best performance, good tennis shoes minimize risks of injuries in knees, feet, and back.

    This article shall introduce you 10 best shoes for tennis players that I truly believe that they will become good partners on the court.

    1. Asics Men's Gel-solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe

    Asics provides you with an amazing pair of shoes designed especially for tennis players. The shoes have a variety of colors and sizes for your preference. The quick look at these shoes delivers a sense of firmness, sturdiness yet flexible and comfortable for playing a high speed and heavy sport like tennis. The main material for the upper part is made of textile and synthetic, leaving the shoe lightweight and excellent elasticity.

    The mesh overlays on the upper allow better breathability for the toe box. As you may know, tennis players perform hard on the tennis court. Therefore, they must be sweating a lot. Keeping their feet comfortable enables them to make powerful and fastest ball services. The toe box which is dry and cool supports much better for players’ feet to move and jump on the court.

    The rubber sole is facilitated with large grinds and grooves which determine the performance of the players very much. If the shoes cannot help tennis players to be grounded, how can they possibly move on the court at high speed to make rallies against opponents? Players often face knee and foot injuries due to careless movements which take them months or even years to recover. As a result, a shoe with good tractions like Asics tennis shoes is obviously a reliable partner to wear on the court.

    2. ASICS Gel Tennis Shoe - Best shoes for tennis

    Asics continues to offer you a good option relevant to a high-quality tennis shoe named Asics Gel Court FF tennis shoes. It is made of synthetic, thereby leaving the shoe light in weight. The mesh overlays on the upper part enable the toe box to be kept cool and dry all the time. The air flows in and out of the toe box easily. As a result, your shoes are always protected from bad odor. Your feet shall feel more comfortable and relaxed.

    The Guard Toe Protector technology enhances toe durability a lot. You can play tennis for hours without much tiredness and pain in your feet. The seamless construction reduces levels of irritation to some extent which you might have experienced with traditional stitches.

    The outsole is made of rubber which is thick and sturdy for better foot support. Large grinds at the bottom keep your feet grounded all the time. Therefore, you can easily maintain your balance on the hard court, clay court or grass court.

    3. ASICS Men's GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

    Asics provides you with the Gel Solution Speed 2 tennis shoe which is a big success in improving players’ performance. The synthetic material enables the shoe to be more flexible and elasticity in every step you take. 86% of customers’ feedbacks show their high satisfaction with the shoe fit. In spite of only two limited colors including Flash Orange and Onyx, the shoe still offers you amazing features.

    The rearfoot and forefoot are equipped with GEL cushioning systems for better boosting up and high responsiveness. So, when you rush to the net and carelessly fall off the ground, the shoe cushioning feature absorbs sudden shocks that might have big impacts on your shoes, thereby reducing pain and injury on the knee, foot or back.

    The collar is facilitated with two layers of memory foam to support two feet. As a result, each step now costs less effort and energy to take. Like any other tennis shoes provided by Asics, the upper mesh overlays enable better breathability for the toe box, thereby preventing bad odor from the shoe and feet.

    4. ASICS Men's GEL-Solution Slam 3 Tennis Shoe

    The Asics tennis shoes are made of textile and synthetic material for better foot flexibility and comfort. The small mesh overlays on the upper part allow wonderful breathability for the toe box, thereby leaving your shoe cool and dry all the time.

    The thick rubber sole facilitates large and wide grinds and grooves for better traction and grip. As a result, you can be more confident in every step. You can see many tennis players slide on the tennis court when they play tennis. Without a shoe with good traction, they cannot keep their feet grounded at all.

    The forefoot gel cushion system, on the other hand, improves and enhances shock absorption when it comes to sudden crashes. The spEVA midsole increases bounce-back capability and decreases midsole breakdown as well.

    The Truss Tic system helps a lot to reduce the weight of the sole unit but still retain the structural integrity of the Asics shoes. Regarding fit, 84% of customers’ feedbacks show their high satisfaction with these shoes’ fit. So I can say the shoe size can be true to your foot size.

    5. Adidas AdizeroUbersonic 2 Tennis Shoe

    Adidas provides us with high-quality shoes made of textile and synthetic material for better flexibility and comfort. The knit upper expands with your foot width and length to minimize any irritation and deliver amazing comfortable fit. Furthermore, the Sprintframe construction utilizes geometrical research and stud configuration to deliver perfect balance while you are moving.

    The seamless construction reduces uncomfortable feeling for your feet. Besides, the Torsion system ensures that the midfoot integrity is complete. The thick rubber outsole can be applied to all types of tennis courts. That is to say; it is excellent for traction and grip. The outsole doesn’t wear out in spite of frequent use.

    What is more, the Adituff technique with abrasion-resistance wraps around your foot and forefoot to protect them against any foot drag while you are playing tennis. It weighs around 3 pounds and is extremely durable. When you put the shoes on, you shall immediately feel a sense of a snug fit.

    6. Adidas Barricade Club W Tennis Shoe

    This is the shoe designed especially for female tennis players. Looking briefly at the appearance and construction, the shoes deliver an image of sturdiness, firmness, flexibility, and comfort. The synthetic material of the upper part leaves the shoe a lightweight of around 3 pounds. Each step, therefore, requires less effort and energy to move on. The engineered mesh overlays increase breathability for the toe box. Consequently, your feet feel comfortable and relaxed every time you put the shoe on.

    The rubber sole is designed with large grinds for better traction and grip. That is to ensure you can be completely confident in playing on all types of tennis courts. Furthermore, the Adituff provides abrasion-resistance for wrapping around your feet and medial forefoot, thereby protecting your feet against drag.

    The EVA midsole delivers improved cushioning and boosting up the capability to protect your feet from sudden shocks. With each jump, your step feels like you are moving in the air. This shoes also offer the ultimate durability to play tennis for hours.

    7. K-SWISS Express-W Tennis Shoe

    K-Swiss provides you with a high-quality shoe for female tennis players named Express-W. With a wide range of colors, you can match these shoes with your clothes. The upper part is the combination of textile, molded polyurethane and synthetic, leaving the shoe a lightweight of 1.6 ounces. The mesh upper overlays are responsible for enhancing the shoe breathability and comfort. For this reason, your toe box is kept clean, dry and cool for hours of playing tennis.

    The textile collar lining is soft which makes the shoes an ideal option for those who easily get vulnerable with blisters and swelling due to rubbing. What is more, the outsole is equipped with Draggaurd and Aosta rubber material to help you to maintain your balance better while moving on the tennis court. More importantly, the thick and responsive outsole boosts up your steps very effectively. Therefore, each movement becomes lighter and easier.

    These shoes are true to their sizes. Once you unpack the shoe box and put it on, you will completely be satisfied.

    8. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoe

    The shoes are made of synthetic and leather on the upper part of a lot of tiny mesh for better breathability. For those who often play tennis, they are sweating a lot on the court. So it is a must for tennis shoes to ensure the toe box to be kept cool and dry all the time. This aims to make your feet feel comfortable and flexible for continuous movements.

    The textile collar lining is soft and responsible for protecting your arch and feet from pain and injury. The outsole is equipped with Draggaurd and Aosta rubber, and the bottom is decorated with a lot of wide grinds for amazing traction and grip. As a result, your feet are always kept grounded. Risks of accidents are reduced.

    Furthermore, the CMEVA midsole provides you with better cushioning and responsiveness. That is why every time you jump up and down, your body feels like moving on the air. Less energy and effort are spent on each step.

    9. Prince Women's T22 Tennis Shoe

    The shoes are made of synthetic material with the lightweight of 2 pounds. The appearance delivers a sporty and energetic image, which is very suitable for tennis players. The upper mesh overlays enable better breathability and comfort for your feet. As the toe box is kept dry and cool, bad odor is prevented. With four options for colors, you can match the shoes with different clothes for your favorite style.

    The arch part is soft and high, thereby protecting feet and arch very well. Besides, Prince also takes care a lot of the cushioning function of this T22 tennis shoe. The cushioning insole provides excellent responsiveness and boosting up for light steps. You take less effort to make fast movements.

    Furthermore, the rubber sole is well designed with the combination of large grooves and grinds for traction and grip improvement. On clay court where tennis athletes easily fall off the ground, the shoes can support a lot. It keeps you grounded and prevents possible injury and tiredness to your foot.

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    10. K-SWISSHypercourt 50TH-W Tennis Shoe

    The shoes are made of synthetic material for the lightweight of around 3 pounds. 86% of customers’ feedbacks show their high satisfaction when it comes to the shoe fit. With the elasticity material like synthetic, the toe box still offers some space for your feet to spare. The mesh on the upper part is responsible for the shoe breathability and comfort, thereby leaving your toe box dry and cool. Your feet will be kept clean and relaxed thereof.

    The rubber outsole is equipped with Aosta 7.0 for increased durability. Furthermore, the EVA midsole offers you an excellent cushioning and boosting up characteristics which not only help you much in absorbing shocks but also support your feet at every step.

    The rigid 180 PCS mid-foot support plays an important part in maintaining shoe stability and durability. The only thing that I can complain about this shoe is limited color. However, the overall design and construction will not disappoint you at all.

    To sum up

    Now that you have earned yourself 10 best shoes for tennis players provided by prestigious shoe manufacturers in the world. The pricing range might be different, but it shall be worthy of your money. Make sure that you measure your shoe size carefully to have a perfect fit before stepping onto the tennis court. Let us know your choice by leaving your comment here and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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