10 Best Kickboxing Shoes in 2019

    Kickboxing has been blown up in recent years, and it refers various kinds of workouts in the training sessions such as the martial arts, killing workouts, dance, and other combination types.

    Because the kickboxing is one of the heaviest workouts, you need to prepare the gears and the outfits carefully. One of the outfits you should keep an eye is your pair of shoes. The best kickboxing shoes will save your life in any circumstances that you do not know.

    10. Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoe

    The Box Hog 2 shoes prove high performance, a breathable mesh upper and a cushioned midsole. Moreover, a gum rubber outsole boosts the traction and the grasp to support the power of your feet while practicing and moving.

    The upper mesh will give the air flow freely moves so that your feet stay cool all the time, avoid bad odors and the fungus around the foot areas.

    The EVA midsole on the shoes is extremely soft and lightweight due to the cushion layer under the heel to make you feel snug from your toes to your heels. They also help you keep balance while moving.


    · The shoes are superior comfortable.

    · They are lightweight.

    · The shipping time is so fast.

    · They could boost the traction for your feet.


    · The shoes are not available for wide feet.

    · They do not have many colors for choosing (the black or the gray one only).

    9. Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4 Wrestling Shoe

    The Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4 shoes are not dissimilar than the original ones as they are lightweight with their features. The shoes also have the TPU 3-stripes and desegregated side panel to increase the outside shock while moving.

    Thanks to the suede outsoles, the shoes could support your feet to boost the movement and make the foot feel comfortable. Although they are ideal shoes for wrestling workouts, you should not take them on every day as your toes do not feel comfortable.

    Please keep in mind that the forms of Adidas products are smaller than other normal sizes, so you should add a half size to your own size. Your shoe size fits on 7; then you need to take 7.5, for example.

    Hence, the pair of boots is rated one of the best shoes for kickboxing in the latest market.


    · The shoes are cozy.

    · You could wash the shoes by putting them into the washing machine and the dryer easily.

    · The price is affordable for most of the users.

    · They are available for kickboxing and weight training exercises.


    · The Velcro straps are fatigued after 6 months.

    · The shoes are not available for those who have wide feet.

    · The overall materials are not sturdy.

    8. Otomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe

    The Otomix Stingray Escape are ideal shoes for those who love the martial arts like the Wrestling, MMA and Grappling with its unique features.

    The shoes offer high – performance movements with upper support and flatten like a feather light due to the thin sole. However, the shoes still tight your ankles to increase the strong moves.

    On the flip side, the shoes also are perfect for other training exercises such as judo, jujitsu, grappling sports, etc. Thus, we do not be surprised that the Otomix Stingray Escape is also the best kickboxing shoes in the market today.


    · The shoes are lightweight.

    · They are suitable for all of the workouts.

    · They are snug.

    · The shipping time is so fast.


    · The shoes are a little bulky.

    · A piece of plastic of the shoe – place is cracked.

    The shoe strips are worn after two months.

    7. Ringside Underfeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

    The Ringside Underfeated High Top Muayconquering in every factor from the model to the performance.

    The shoes have a leather vinyl layer with high – top ankle in design to boost the best performance levels for given support.

    They are made from a nylon covering which is breathable with the rubber soles to increase the safety and the comfort at the same time during the practicing and competition time.


    · The shoes have the stylish model.

    · They could tight your ankles to have strong feet.

    · They are snug.

    · The shipping time is so quick.


    · The laces are shorter for those who have long legs.

    · The sizes are larger than other normal sizes.

    They have flat soles without having the padding to support your feet.

    6. Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoe - Best Shoes For Kickboxing

    The Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing shoes are made from the leather synthetic material which is smooth and comfortable.

    Moreover, the shoes have the foam midsoles could protect your feet from the outside shocks so that you will feel enjoyable to take them on a regular basis.

    They are high – cut model with the ankle straps to lock the ankle areas and build the force for your feet, but they do not cling too much as the skin needs to breathe to keep the bacteria away from your sweat and the lack of fresh air.

    With full of tremendous features, Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing are deserved the best kickboxing shoes for the trainers.


    · The rubber soles provide the comfort and durability for users.

    · The shoes are strong and lightweight enough to increase the movements.

    · They are comfortable for users to wear on long hours per day.

    · They have the straps to provide the supporting, especially on your ankles.


    · The soles are not durable for a while because it is glued on.

    · White shoes easily could blemish by your sweat from your feet or other effects like the rain, etc.

    The sizes of the shoes are smaller than other normal sizes.

    5. Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoe

    The Cleto Reyes shoes are lightweight due to the Polyurethane insoles with the high – cut model, and the rubber soles keep the shock away from the surfaces.

    Moreover, the upper mesh and the laces cut down the flexion pressure and offer the cozy fit at the same time.

    The shoe tips are rounded with the front lace up and the zipper on the both sides of the shoes, so the model is much more fashionable.

    They are made from the leather and the suede combination to make them sturdy and comfortable while lifting and movement.


    · The shoes have the soft materials (suede and leather) so that you will feel enjoyable.

    · They fit on your feet after one or two sessions.

    · The zipper is sturdy and efficient.

    · The shoes have a great design.


    · The shoes are a little hard to take them on and off for the first time.

    The sizes are larger than normal sizes, so you should consider the size before buying.

    4. Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling Shoes

    The Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero shoes are made from the textile and the synthetic combination.

    The outsoles have the suede and the rubber to help your feet stay in the fixed mats and breathe during your workouts. The shoes do not have the space to conceal the laces, so you should cover, tie and tuck them only.

    Because the sizes of the Adidas line products have smaller sizes than others, you should check the size charts of the seller and consider the sizes before purchasing. If you take smaller ones, then you could return them and change another size.


    · The shoes have several colors to select.

    · They have slim fit models, so they are fashionable.

    · They are lightweight.

    · They are ideal kickboxing shoes.


    · The boots are not suitable for wide feet.

    The materials are not endurable for a while.

    3. RIVAL Boxing Boots – RSX One – High Tops

    The RIVAL boxing boots are made from fabric and synthetic combination in general. The mesh and the shock covering are breathable to help the airflow could move inside the pair of shoe as well as stay cooled for your feet in every side.

    Moreover, the outsoles are soft, thin, endurable and flexible as well as many grips. With the insole, it also has the cushion and the arch support systems to increase the comfort under your feet while moving.


    · The shoes are lightweight.

    · They have some tight toe rooms enough for your workouts.

    · They are cozy.

    · The shipping time arrives on the right schedule.


    · Some buyers complain that the shoes are heavy and clunky.

    · The platform has many toe boxes for kickboxing exercises in advanced.

    · If you want to return the boots, you will need to pay an extra fee.

    2. ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

    The ASICS Men’s JB Elite shoes are made from the synthetic material with the rubber soles to create the comfort and the safety at the same time when moving and practicing.

    The latest model improves the upper mesh structure with a breathable single covering in the middle of the shoes for finest consolation.

    The tongue could be much more lightweight than other old versions of the ASICS line products to increase the power on your feet.


    · The shoes are available for wide feet.

    · They have many colors to choose your own favorite version.

    · They are lightweight, but they are still strong enough to hold up.

    · The shipping time is so fast.

    · The price is acceptable for most of the users.


    · The shoes do not have removable insoles.

    · Taking them on and out is a little difficult.

    · They are tight too much in the width sides.

    · The shoelaces are not endurable for a while as they could be frayed.

    · The producer shows the size chart, but the customers could not match the sizes between their own feet and the chart.

    1. Ringside Diablo May Thai MMA Wrestling Shoe

    The Ringside Diablo wrestling shoes have an updated version with the stylish in design as well as high - affecting footwear.

    The shoes are made from the leather and vinyl combination with low - top ankle platform to increase the movement and protect your ankles.

    On the one hand, the shoes have the nylon layer which is breathable and rubber soles to cling the surfaces and increase the comfort to your feet all the time.


    · The shoes are enjoyable.

    · They could help you easily move around.

    · They are lightweight.

    · They are not available for gym workouts.


    · Some buyers complain that the materials are not endurable for a while.

    · Some customers make a mistake about the colors and the sizes between men and women.

    · There is a huge difference between the size and the price.

    The categories of kickboxing shoes which you might need to differentiate

    Kickboxing shoes have two kinds that you might not recognize quite well as they could refer the same design - the sparring pairs (or they are also called the training pairs) and the professional ones.

    The sparring pairs (the training pairs)

    The sparring pairs refer low – cut design with rubber soles and the neoprene material as well as the free of laces. Therefore, you could take them on as quickly as you can.

    These shoes are ideal for training when shooting strike bags, pads, and heavy bags as well. On the other hand, they also have the cushion to support the comfort on foot.

    The professional pairs

    These shoes are made from high – quality materials like the top leather. They have high – cut design with the rubber soles, the Velcro and stretchy straps which you could easily wear and they are still cozy as well as tight your feet.


    The target to purchase a new pair of shoes is to make certain you select the right kind of shoe for the workouts you think of. And choosing the best kickboxing shoes will become one of the most crucial points in your check – list before starting the training session.


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