Top 10 Best Shoes For Hairdressers

best shoes for hairdressers
best shoes for hairdressers

Top 10 Best Shoes For Hairdressers 2018


You feel exhausted after working for hours at the salon. All you think about when you come back home is lying in bed and let your foot relax. Stretching out your body makes you feel comfortable. But hey, you thought after a long sleep, your foot would be much better, and the pain would fade away. Sadly, it is still there on the top of the toe.

Day by day, the pain gets worse and worse. You start to consider buying a new pair of shoes to serve you all day standing better. Well, see no elsewhere! Check our review on 10 best shoes for hairdressers and trust me, your pain will say goodbye to you soon.

How to choose the most suitable shoes for yourself

You think it is a piece of cake to find a suitable pair of shoes for various activities like running, walking and normal jogging. However, standing in a shoe store, you might be confused and keep asking yourself “What do I want for the best shoe?” So many shoes are displayed in front of you with colorful appearance, appealing designs, and modern advanced materials.

For this reason, I will share my experience in choosing good shoes for your preference.


The first thing in your mind is to identify why you want to buy a shoe or the main purpose of wearing the shoes. As a hairdresser, you tend to stand and move a lot, so it is an important requirement for your shoes to be comfortable and breathable. It must be flexible and responsive enough to support your foot from heel to toe.


One thing you can wonder is about the design and style of shoes. As you work mainly in the hair salon, your look must be professional and elegant. Therefore, a shoe with fashionable and energetic style can create a warm impression on your customers.

Firm arch

As you stand the whole day, your feet carry the heavy body with each step you take. So, it is a necessity for a shoe to have a reliable arch which acts as a shock absorber and balancing part. As your feet often end up hurting so much after standing and moving so long, a shoe with a firm and responsive arch can do a lot to help release somehow the burden of the whole body on your feet.

The sole material

Shoes with soft soles are often quieter and flexible for moving rather than stiff soles. Some hard soles might cause noisy sounds to people when you move on a hard surface. This can make people feel annoyed and unhappy.

The upper material

Those who often go outside prefer the shoes with a good waterproofing function. In the case of a hairdresser, you will be in the salon a lot, so the shoe upper made from leather will offer both fashionable and cozy look. The leather is usually from animal skins or synthetic materials which require different polishing treatments. You can consider the upper materials to decide what your preference is.

Feet fitting perfectly into the shoes

No matter how good your shoes’ quality are, it is a failure if you cannot have a snug fit into them. So when choosing a pair of shoes, you had better have a look at the width and length or else you can ask for help from salesmen. Make sure that you try them out before deciding to pay for them.

Top 10 Best Shoes For Hairdressers 2019

1. Sam Edelman Women's Cyrus Sneaker

The white color delivers a sense of elegance and peacefulness to customers. As a hairdresser, you don’t have to walk outside too much. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about how to keep your shoes as clean as it is when unpacked. The black color on the heel of the shoe creates a color contrast against the remaining part of the shoes.

The shoes are not stiff, thereby offering you a sense of comfort and relaxation. Besides, once you put your feet into the shoes, you will have a feeling of a snug fit. The firm and reliable sole ensure your balance while moving. It is, furthermore, responsive enough to adapt quickly to sudden shocks, thereby protecting your feet from hurt and pain.

However, some comment that the width of shoes is not well-designed for those whose feet are bigger. In fact, most customers complain that they have to return the shoes in exchange for a larger size.


- Well-made and comfortable shoes

- A cool and fashionable sneaker

- The tongue doesn’t cut your ankles

- Affordable price


- Limited colors (only white and blue)

- Quite narrow in width so not suitable for those with bigger feet

- More requirement for cleaning out especially for white shoes

2. Butterfly Twists Women's Sneaker

These shoes are light in weight and elegant enough to attract you easily thanks to its amazing color combination. Whether you stand or move, this sneaker still meets your requirement of suitable shoes for hairdressers. Why so? Look at the rubber sole in the back of the shoe. It is designed so beautifully with the logo of Butterfly right on the side of the shoe back.

The sole is not so high yet firm and responsive perfectly to support your heel. Those whose feet suffer from pains can still slip their feet in and out of the shoe easily and comfortably. I got my right foot swollen due to a traffic accident last year, and it was a difficult for me to ride any shoes. Then Butterfly’s sneaker was recommended to me and it, luckily, didn’t disappoint me at all.

The shoes not only provide a snug fit to your feet but also deliver a sense of breathability. Some complain that their feet often end up smelling terrible after a long day or their feet sweat even in the winter. That isn’t strange as such shoes are not equipped with a good air in and out mechanism. Butterfly’s sneaker, on the contrary, shows a different story when it keeps your feet cool and dry all the time.


- Appealing design

- Good cushioning and responsiveness features

- Flexible sole

- Affordable price


Limited colors (black and white)

3. PIC/PAY Aryo Women's Sneakers

A first look at these shoes shall give you a feeling of vintage and old insight. A sneaker with a simple design in style and color. There are currently two colors for your choice, Pewter Metallic, and Silver Metallic. I love simplicity. Therefore, I have no comment on these shoes when it comes to the outside structure. Besides, the sneaker still offers a stylish look thanks to metallic upper with suede front.

The main material for the outside is of synthetic leather. So this sneaker is not suggested for wearing on rainy days as it can easily get moldy because of dampness.

Like any other shoes, the sole is made from rubber to enhance the stability and supporting capability to the heel. Look at the arch design, and you will see it has a support so that anyone whose arches are high can no longer get any problem with slipping off the shoes while moving.

Some comment that the toe area provides enough space so that your toes can comfortably be free. Normally, when you tight the shoes hard, your feet are fixed almost the same position for the whole day, thereby leading to the fact that the blood cannot be transferred to your feet. That is the reason why you feel pain in your feet.

Aryo’s sneaker is not the case. The toe part is designed perfectly for your feet to avoid such inflexibility.


- Affordable price

- Good arch support

- Firm and responsive rubber sole

- Classical style

- Durability and comfort


- Limited colors

- No waterproofing

4. PUMA Women's Basket Classic Fashion Sneaker

I love the outside design of these shoes so much. Puma is successful in creating a product with elegant and beautiful appearance. The main material of the outer part is of leather coming into one color: copper whispers white. The small holes on the side of this sneaker support the breathability thereby keeping your feet cool and dry despite wearing the whole day.

The sole is firm and responsive to support the foot from heel to toe. The rubber sole is rough with small squares to increase the balance of you standing on wet floors. The inner sole is soft and flexible enough to make your feet comfortable and fit well into the shoes. With a light sock on, your foot runs perfectly and delivers a perfect fit.

As the inner sole is quite thick, your foot is supported, and the effect of the hard outer sole is limited. Therefore, the sneaker is a good choice for hairdressers to wear on regardless of winter or summer.


- Simple yet elegant shoes

- Firm sole to support the heel well

- Good breathability

- Waterproofing

- Provide a snug fit

- Soft and comfortable inner sole


- High price

5. Sam Edelman Women's Marquette Fashion Sneaker

The shoes are firm in structure with sporty style. I know that hairdressers are very busy with their customers. So, what they ask for surely is a simple yet energetic sneaker to move around easily and comfortably. The black color, on the other hand, always triggers a sense of professional image, which every hairdresser is pursuing.

If you don’t like black, you still have four more colors to choose to range from White, Greige, Putty to Navy. The upper is made from synthetic leather, which is smooth and feels like silk. However, this turns out to be a disadvantage of Sam Edelman’s sneaker as it is not suitable for wearing under wet conditions. The rubber sole plays good functions as a heel support.

According to those who already try it out, the shoe inside is roomy. If you wear a thin sock, your foot still perfectly fits well into the shoe. This casual shoe satisfies fashionistas.


- Affordable price

- Offer a variety of colors

- Light in weight

- Provide a snug fit to your feet

- Soft inner sole to keep your feet comfortable

- Good width and length


- No waterproofing

- The breathability doesn’t work well

6. Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Sneaker

For male hairdressers, Polo Ralph Men’s sneaker is a good choice for a cool and manly look. You can stand all day in these shoes thanks to its amazing features. First of all, the shoes don't constrict your feet thereby delivering a sense of comfort and relaxation. Thanks to long leather laces, you can adapt the length of the shoelaces for your favorite.

The shoes are great at keeping your feet always cool and dry because they are very breathable. Even though you wear them for 8 working hours, the shoes aren’t sticky at all. The color is also a plus that is highly appreciated by customers. Commenters say the shoes go well with many outfits and trousers.

What is more, the shoe soles are firm and thick to support your heel perfectly, and the material of canvas makes the shoe look nicely. However, it is the canvas material that limits the shoes to be used in wet conditions due to the material.


- Affordable price

- Attractive and elegant design

- Offer a variety of colors (up to 26 colors for your choice)


- Not waterproofing

Some feedbacks on the poor quality of the stitching inside the shoe

7. Call It Spring Men's Gwassa Oxford

These gentlemen’s shoes are perfectly suitable for hairdressers working in luxurious hair salons where high class and wealthy people often come for a visit. A classical design launched in the market with two main vintage colors: Navy and light brown are one of the best shoes for hairdressers. The main material is from textile with elegant and careful stitches that can be seen from the outside.

The rubber sole is firm and looks good with the rest of the shoe. However, some comment that the sole is stiff and therefore, in case you have to stand up all day long, it will not support your feet at all. Besides, as the overall construction of these shoes is not flat from the heel to the toe but a little curvy onwards to the toe, anyone who has not worn such type of shoes cannot immediately get along.

Even so, the high sole helps support the heel so that the toe and the heel can share the same height above the ground. Don’t worry about whether your foot hurts if putting on the shoes.


- Classical and vintage style so appealing to male hairdressers

- Firm rubber sole to support the heel


- The sole might cause noisy sounds while moving thereby disturbing customers

Not recommended for use in wet conditions.

8. Madden Men's M Galyon Fashion Sneaker

Simple shoes from Madden for men consist of three main colors: Navy, Grey, and Tan. The design is simple and ready to wear without taking the time to tight the shoelaces. The combination of the navy outer and the tan inner sole delivers a great classical and elegant feeling.

The outer material is from synthetic manmade textile with tiny holes. If your foot often sweats because of long-wearing, the shoe is no doubt suitable for you. The holes make this sneaker breathable and dry thereby avoiding any bad smell of the foot.

Furthermore, the rubber sole is constructed to boost the heel and keep the balance while moving. From my view, the arch part is a plus point as it is a perfect choice for anyone whose arches are high. No longer worry about your foot slipping off the shoes!

The inner sole is flat, so it makes your foot more comfortable. Slipping in and out is easy, and a snug fit is guaranteed. The sneaker with two eyelets is the impressive feature to make it different from other types of lazy shoes.


- Affordable price

- High breathability

- Flat inner and outer sole to release part of pressure from the whole body on your feet

- Simple and suitable for those who are lazy at tightening shoelaces


- No waterproofing

9. YANXU Mens Casual Fashion Leather Sneaker Wingtip Lace Oxford Dress Shoes

This is a sporty and energetic sneaker for people with strong personalities. A perfect combination of design and practical use is highly appreciated by customers. You can choose either Black or Yellow. The outer material is synthetic and able to be cleaned out easily by wet tissues. The toe area is round thereby your feet are not fixed tightly.

Small holes on the surface are not only for decoration but breathability increase. With a thick inner sole, your feet are usually ending up with bad smell. Thanks to such holes, the shoes are dry and cool in spite of long wearing. The rubber outsole is good at boosting and responding to sudden shocks, hence protecting your foot from hurting.

The inner sole is flat and soft with roomy space for you to have quite a thick sock. Once you put your feet in, you will feel a snug fit. This sneaker, moreover, goes well with different types of suits and trousers but still keeps you look cool and perfect.


- Affordable price

- Good combination of color and material

- Soft inner sole

- Firm outer sole

- Young and sporty style


- Not recommended for use in wet conditions

10. Ceyue Mens Brogues British Style Oxford Shoes

A British style with classical look shall satisfy male hairdressers regarding color, construction, and material. The shoes include three different colors: black, blue and brown. All are basic and vintage colors that everyone is familiar with.

The outer of these shoes is made from leather vamp with cushioned leather. It is easy for you to clean out once your shoes get dirty. Good calfskin leather fits perfectly with delicate stitching. That is why these shoes bring out a sense of nobleness and luxury.

The inner sole is soft and removable which makes your feet comfortable. You can try different inner soles if your feet still hurt. The leather lining is breathable helping the shoe get rid of bad odor. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about wearing these shoes all day because your feet will always dry and cool. The outer sole made from rubber is firm yet responsive to boost your feet. It is also rough enough to keep you balanced on hard and wet grounds.


- Elegant, noble and classical appearance

- Affordable price

- Waterproofing

- Firm and durable outer sole

- Removable inner sole

- High-quality leather


- Some complaint bad odor inside the shoe after long wearing

To sum up

Now that you have earned yourself 10 best shoes for hairdressers and you should determine which one is more suitable for you than others. Well, you might consider the price first, but I must say that all of such above shoes are worthy of money and will not disappoint you at all. You want to have a professional appearance, try Call It Spring Men's Gwassa Oxford. If you like healthy and sporty styles, all the remaining ones perfectly are there for you.

Do you prefer any shoes out of 10 above? Well, pick up one and let us know by leaving your comments here and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


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