Top 5 Best Shoes For Waitressing

Best shoes for waitressing
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Find your job easy and comfortable with the best shoes for waitressing.

Being a waitress can be a hard and stressful job, especially once you make a wrong selection on your clothes and shoes. Without a well-manufactured shoe, your feet may be exhausted when you tend to come on them for the entire day, particularly during rush hours in your restaurant.

Of this importance, it is crucial for any waitresses to invest in the right shoes which offer the right support for their feet and offer comfort as well. Understanding this matter, we find out a list of the best shoes for waitressing with the aim to not only enable you to experience a more comfortable feel but also concentrate more on your job.

Why should you pick up the best shoes for waitressing for several working hours

Choosing the right shoes for your work also means picking up the right support for your feet. A high-quality shoe differs from a poor-quality one is its ability to save your painful feet for long hours of wearing. Now, let’s discover amazing benefits best shoes for waitressing can support you.

Firstly, a well- manufactured pair of shoes protects you from any pains or injuries inside your shoes caused by long hours of running, walking or standing. As a waitress, it requires a lot of time being on your feet, but the right shoes are capable of saving your pain. You will now have a chance to experience a new comfort and convenience in any steps for a longer shift.

Additionally, wearing a supportive shoe also lets you be at your job for a longer time. In fact, there are numerous people have to give up their job as a waitress since they cannot withstand with the wound on their feet and joints. However, with a high-quality shoe, the more comfortable they feel, the longer hours they intend to do, which also enables them to make more money.

Last but not least, an attractive shoe helps to build your impression to customers. We all know that similar to your shirts or dresses, shoes make your style. The waitressing allows you to meet and deal with numerous people a day, so a right pair of shoes for your work uniform raise your confidence in any movements.

Are there any waitressing shoes you might not know? Keep reading our below review on the best shoes for waitressing, you will get what it is supposed to do.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Waitressing 2018

Here are top 5 best shoes for waitressing you should never skip:

1. Skechers for Work Women's Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up - Best Shoes For Waitressing

A stylish and affordable shoe from Skechers:

If you want to invest in an affordable model, but makes you look nice and supportive enough for your feet, let’s consider this Skechers Soft Stride-Softie on your list. The shoes are designed as a large exterior shoe, so this is ideal for the people who have wider feet. Addition to amazing function, this model is so modern and fashionable that you can use for any activities from walking on the street to going out with friends.

Another valuable thing about this model is its ability to offer a great grip and traction in the almost surface, which is really important for any waitresses. Moreover, while wearing these shoes, you will have a chance to experience a good cushioning and support under your feet. The lace design also makes it easy for any users to adjust an appropriate fit.


• Come with an affordable price in a great brand

• Fashionable and modern design helps to style the users

• Offer a great grip and traction in any surfaces even wet and oily ones

• Comfortable and supportive


• The size comes wrong for some users

2. Merrell Women's Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe - Best shoes for waiters

A simple, breathable shoe for odor elimination and natural smell

Walking, running or standing for several hours often make your feet full of sweat and moisture, especially in the hot weather, this sweat may annoy you a lot. In this case, let’s the breathable Merrell Women's Jungle Moc serve your needs and demands. With the mesh lining design, it helps to keep the moisture away and keep your feet dry and cool at any time in your restaurant.

In addition to good ventilation, these shoes are also capable of providing good traction, which is worthy for the waitresses while they have to work for a long period in wet and slipping floors. Another amazing feature is the cushioning which is greatly designed on the heel. This construction offers an outstanding shock absorption for further cushioning and comfort.


• Affordable price

• These shoes are breathable enough to keep your feet dry and cool at any time

• Flexible and supportive insole

• Offers an outstanding shock absorption for further cushioning and comfort

• The design without lace system makes it easier to put on or off


• Make loud noise when moving

• Some users may feel some digs to their ankles

3. Dansko Women's Pro XP Clog - Best Waitress Shoes 2017

A sleek design with a large toe box for more comfort and feet support

Available in 7 different colors selections, the Dansko Clog is for the waitress who loves the sleek and modern design. For the nice design and great support and comfort, it is used popularly by a wide range of people such as waitresses, doctors or teachers, etc. The combination between lightweight and slip-resistant in the rubber outsole provides an optimal comfort and great grip on any surfaces.

It will be great for any waitresses to know that these clogs are constructed with tons of memory foam in the insole, which importantly makes them more comfortable and cushioning to wear. So, of course, you do not have to worry about any pains and injuries under your feet while you are dealing with working for a long period of time. Let’s enjoy a smooth and relaxing experience while moving.


• Sleek and nice design, so you can use it in multiple activities

• Lightweight

• A large toe box helps to offer further comfort and convenience

• Enable to rearrange your feet

• Exceptional slip resistance almost in any surfaces


• The price is higher than some models on the current market

• Need time to break in

4. Easy Spirit Women's Piers Walking Shoe

A nice slip-on with excellent cushioning for healthy feet

Your current walking shoes cannot provide enough cushioning for long hours being on your feet, and thus make them tired and exhausted. Do not worry anymore while you are wearing an awesome mode from Easy Spirit.

As mentioned above the first selling point of this unit is the possibility to offer an excellent cushioning to the users. For the waitresses, the requirement of running, walking or standing in a prolonged shift push them to seek a remarkable support under their feet. And now, you cannot be happier with this purchasing.

Furthermore, the insoles are also possibly removed, which makes it easier to wash or exchange a new one for a better cushioning demand. The construction is something which is highly appreciated by various customers. A mixture of suede and mesh material not only improves ventilation but also creates further flexibility inside your shoes.


• Very affordable price

• Lightweight

• Offer excellent cushioning and support under your feet

• Removable insoles make it easier to wash or exchange a new one.

• Flexibility is created by the mixture between suede and mesh material


• It has a bump

• The fit goes small, so it is only suitable for small feet

5. Townforst - Women's Slip and Oil Resistant Jess Work Shoes No Slip Shoes

Let’s enjoy an authentic leather at a very inexpensive price

You are a fan of authentic leather, but do not afford an expensive pair of shoes. Luckily, you can find your love when coming to the Townforst®. Of course, the price is affordable with an authentic leather model like this. First of all, these shoes come with a light weight and flexibility. Thus, they are ideal for a large working place like in the restaurant where the waitress have to be on their feet for the entire day.

Another impressive thing when you are wearing these shoes is its durability and slip resistance. Like other models designed for waitresses, we highly recommend this necessary feature for a functional waitressing shoe. However, they differ from others by obtaining a smoother rubber insole for impact resistance improvement, which is ideal for the ones who have to go up or down stairs.


• Modern and lightweight design

• Affordable price

• Flexibility

• Offer a good slip resistance

• Impact resistance improvement, which is ideal for the ones who have to go up or down stairs.


• These shoes are smelly at first or when they get wet

• Not cushioning, this is a huge lack of a usage in a long time

How to choose the best shoes for waitressing?

Now that you have understood the important role of a right shoe for your feet? Nevertheless, there is a truth that not any people know how to choose the best shoes for waitressing despite its necessity. Check out some essential factors you should consider before purchasing as below.

Best shoes for waitress

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• Style

Being a waitress is different from being a star on a concert. Because this work requires many hours serving the customers, you should avoid choosing colorful or fussy shoes. Instead, you will look better with a simple, but comfortable design.

• Fit

Fit makes everything inside your shoes. Too tight shoes cause injuries to your feet while a bulky pair of shoes make them drop out of your feet while you are working. Thence, remember never choose a wrong size to your feet if you want to be distracted while working.

• Slip-resistant

Working in the restaurant environment where you have to cope with the dirty and wet surface can be dangerous without a good traction. By choosing a right shoe with excellent slip- resistant feature, you never have to worry no matter what slipping surface you are walking on.

• Support

Also, to slip- resistant feature, your feet cannot be happier with a right supportive shoe. Standing in a long time makes your feet painful, especially when you have flat feet. For a waitress, looking for a high-quality inner sole with enough cushioning and support is essential as they spend much time on their feet.

• Durability

Durability always plays a crucial part as it helps to save your money to invest in a new pair of shoes. Especially when they only receive small tips and salary monthly, it is essential to wear durable shoes.

• Breathability

Walking, running or standing in a long time make your feet wet and full of moisture. This sweat not only leads to the odor’s growth but also causes discomfort to the users. As a result, a breathable shoe is essential for any waitresses.

• Easy to clean

Water or stains are ineluctable while you are working in the restaurant. By purchasing a shoe which you can easily wash within minutes will save your time a lot.

• Budget

Purchasing an expensive pair of shoes seems to be beyond the budget of waitresses while they necessarily pick up a supportive on for their feet. Instead of buying a luxurious model from a well- known brand, you can also choose a right unit for your budget.


Investing in a high-quality shoe for waitress also means choosing a good break and support to your feet. It is undeniable that there are numerous recommendations and suggestions from the different sources, we always confidently offer useful and worthy information to you. Hope that our review on the best shoes for waitressing will be helpful whenever you come out and make a right decision for a relaxing and comfortable experience.



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