Best Shoes For Volleyball 2018 Reviews

    Best Shoes For Volleyball
    Best Shoes For Volleyball

    You know that playing volleyball is good for your health, especially for your neck and hands. Therefore, you have your plan to start your first day with volleyball. The point is you don’t know much about volleyball shoes. Well, don’t worry. This article provides you with suggestions for best shoes for volleyball. After that, I am sure you can decide your choice and enjoy your game.

    Best Shoes For Volleyball

    Best Shoes For Volleyball

    With volleyball, you can play every day. So it is a must that your volleyball shoes are equipped with high-quality cushion. You often jump up and down constantly during the volleyball game. If the shoe cushion is not good, your feet will let you know.

    Normally, you are going to end up with tired and painful feet. More seriously, you can get injured. For this reason, please make sure that you choose volleyball shoes with the best cushioning.

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    Volleyball shoes shall possess high stability to make your feet comfortable in all movements – up, down, right, left, forwards and backward. A traditional running shoe can support you well in forwarding and backward movements. However, it is not a good choice for motions like side to side movements. Therefore, shoes with stability from all directions protect you better from ankle injuries.


    It is obvious that you never want to play on a heavy pair of shoe. You have to jump up and down a lot while playing volleyball. Wearing such shoes, as a result, cannot prevent you from moving quickly and flexibly. Volleyball shoes are normally designed and made to be as light as possible but still maintain their stability, breathability and so on.

    Top 10 Best Shoes For Volleyball Reviews 2018

    ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe
    ASICS - 6 M US - White/Raspberry/Silver
    from $49.99
    Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe
    ASICS - 6 D(M) US - White
    $78.95 - 13% from $68.99
    Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoe
    Mizuno - Multi
    $119.95 - 8% from $109.95
    Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoe
    Mizuno - Multi
    $79.95 - 18% from $65.86
    Mizuno Men's Wave Lightningz2 Mid Volleyball Shoe
    Mizuno - Multi
    Currently not available
    ASICS Men's Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT Volleyball Shoe, Poseidon/White/Safety Yellow, 6 M US
    ASICS - 6 M US - Poseidon/White/Safety Yellow
    Currently not available
    ASICS Women's Gel 1150V Volley Ball Shoe,Black/Neon Green/Silver,10 M US
    ASICS - 10 M US - Black/Neon Green/Silver
    Currently not available
    adidas Women's Volley Response Boost W-W
    adidas - Multi
    $125.00 - 22% from $97.38
    adidas Men's Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe, Shock Blue/White/Black, 7.5 M US
    adidas - 7.5 M US - Shock Blue/White/Black
    Currently not available
    adidas Performance Men's Stabil Boost Volleyball, Vivid Red/Clear/Blue, 10 M US
    adidas - 10 M US - Vivid Red/Clear/Blue
    Currently not available

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    1. ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt

    These shoes are highly appreciated by amateur athletes. You can choose 6 different colors with affordable prices. The upper is made from synthetics leaving the shoe light in weight and flexible to bend. Such material helps you to move quickly in all directions ranging from up and down to backward and forwards.

    The outer sole is facilitated with gum rubber from toe to heel with a plenty of grips, thereby providing the shoes with excellent traction on the court. Besides, even if you have to punch the ball in fast and strong movements, your body still gets balanced well thanks to these rubber outer soles

    The shoes are also made with a Rearfoot cushioning system playing as wonderful shock absorbency to boost up your foot well and reduce risks of injuries due to hard crashes with the hard court. Furthermore, as a volleyball game often takes a long time, there is an important requirement that your shoes should be breathable. Well, Asics shoes offer you not only excellent breathability but also forefoot comfort.


    - Affordable prices for a wide range of colors and sizes

    - Advanced Rearfoot cushioning system for foot boosting

    - Mesh underlays for better breathability and foot comfort


    Some complain the gel on gum rubber outsole coming off after several uses

    2. Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 - Best shoes for vollayball

    The shoes offer you a wide variety of colors and sizes. The first look at them shall attract you immediately as the combination of color and design is a wonderful art. It is no doubt that the shoes are meant for professional volleyball players. The synthetic material delivers the lightweight, thereby helping you to move easier in all directions on the court and respond quickly to sudden ball motions.

    The gum rubber outsole from heel to toe keeps your feet connected to the ground and get balanced better. Grips are equipped to increase the shoe traction. Therefore, don’t worry to make breakthrough ball punches over the net. The shoes play well as a foot support and restrict risks of ankle injuries.

    The upper overlays and mesh underlays provide excellent breathability to your shoes, leaving your foot dry and cool all the time. The airflow can come in and out of the shoe easily helps you feel comfortable and contribute all of your efforts to the game.


    - Affordable prices with various colors to choose

    - Good rubber sole for better traction

    - Good breathability

    - EVA midsole for better foot cushioning

    - Synthetic upper material for lightweight


    Some complain the rubber in the front part coming off after several uses

    3. Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z2

    A sporty and energetic pair of shoe for both amateur and professional volleyball players. The appearance shows us a sense of a firm, stable and durable product. The performance, therefore, shall not disappoint you at all.

    The upper material is made from textile and synthetic leather responsible for the shoe lightweight and breathability. As the lightweight decides a lot the performance of the volleyball player, wearing this shoe supports you with your movements on the court. No feeling of heavy weight at the bottom part shall increase the effectiveness of ball punches.

    The part from heel to toe is designed in the wave shape to create lateral stability which is essential for quick movements while playing volleyball. This shoe provides optimal comfort to you and more room for ankles but still offers a snug fit for you to feel comfortable.

    The tiptoe part is strong and firm to keep you balanced well on the court. Besides, when you jump up to play with the ball, the tiptoe part acts as a lever to help you boost up higher to the net.


    - Different colors to choose

    - Textile and synthetic material for lightweight and breathability

    - Rubber outsole for better foot responsiveness


    Expensive yet worth of money

    4. Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 5 Vollayball Shoes

    The shoe is made from synthetic material with mesh underlays for better breathability. As the airflow can come in and out of the shoe easily, your foot is kept dry and cool all the time. The rubber outsole, on the other side, is facilitated with a lot of grips to enhance the traction and connects your foot better with the court. The outsole is also firm to withstand sudden movements like jumping and stretching.

    The wave shape of the outsole from the heel to the toe disperses shock on your foot and provides excellent cushioning and stability enhancement. Because the cushion plays as shock absorbency, your feet are protected from risks of injuries. You will not feel pains in your feet after taking off your shoes. The outsole leaves no marking to the floor.

    With Dynamotion Groove, your shoes are equipped with flexibility and agility to move freely and quickly in all directions without minimizing forefoot stability. It is Dynamotion fit system that relieves the stress from your foot on the footwear, thereby increasing the perfect fit.


    - Synthetic mesh for better breathability and lightweight

    - Firm rubber sole for good traction

    - Affordable price

    - Different colors to choose


    No complaint yet

    5. Mizuno Men's Wave Lightningz2 Vollayball Shoes

    These are the shoes for sporty and energetic people who have a strong passion for volleyball. The main material is textile and synthetic, leaving the shoe light in weight. You might be impressed by the strong and firm appearance of the shoes and thought it was heavy. The truth is not.

    You can easily jump up and down, move in all directions without any difficulty. The material is also soft and flexible. So you shouldn’t worry about pains in your feet. The synthetic outsole provides the shoes with better traction. Therefore, you can keep your balance well on the court.

    The dura toe guard not only provides enough room for your tiptoes to spare but also acts as a boosting up feature to support your feet. As a result, you can jump higher to the net to play the ball. The pressure of your body weight on the tiptoes is reduced. These shoes are ideal for both training and games.


    - Good breathability and flexibility

    - Synthetic outsole for excellent foot responding and boosting up

    - The wave shape supports your feet from heel to toe

    - Lightweight thanks to synthetic material

    - Affordable price


    Only one color to choose

    6. ASICS Men's Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT

    The most impressive feature of these shoes lies in Gel Cushioning system. A good volleyball shoe must have a high-quality cushion. The cushion plays as shock absorbency to prevent your feet from pains and injuries. With Rearfoot and Forefoot cushioning technology, your feet are ready for multiple planes especially when your feet make different movements in all directions.

    Another newly upgraded feature for these Asics shoes is a FluidRide function which provides the most effective combination of cushioning and bounce back, leaving the shoe light in weight and durable exceptionally.

    The rubber outsole with a plenty of grip and grooves helps you maintain your balance well on the hard court. The sole is responsive enough to boost up and transmit the energy from one movement to another. Therefore, your feet are free from tiredness and pains to some extent. The outsole is also durable to withstand the high and strong training and activities.


    - Excellent Gel cushioning system for foot responsiveness and transitions

    - FluidRide technology delivers good combination of bounce back and cushioning

    - Firm and durable rubber outsole

    - Lightweight

    - Good breathability and flexibility thanks to synthetic material


    - Limited colors to choose

    Expensive yet worth of money

    7. ASICS Women's Gel 1150V Vollayball Shoes

    There are six different colors for your choice. The first impression comes from the strong and firm design of these shoes. The synthetic upper material makes the shoes light in weight, thereby helping you a lot during your training and games. You can jump upwards and downwards easily and move side to side conveniently without worrying much about your ankles.

    Thanks to the main material, the shoes are soft and roomy for your toe to spare. The outsole is made from the gum rubber. This is the reason why the shoes are not the only firm but also responsive to sudden shocks and movements during volleyball games.

    The rubber sole acts as a boosting up feature to support your foot while you are making motions on the court. Therefore, the bodyweight pressure somehow is reduced on your feet. Furthermore, you can see the synthetic upper mesh on these shoes which is responsible for breathability and flexibility. The airflow can come in and out of the shoes, leaving your foot dry and cool all the time.


    - A wide range of colors to choose

    - Affordable prices

    - Synthetic upper mesh for breathability


    Some complain that the front part is a bit wide, so their feet slide in the shoe

    8. Adidas Performance Women's Volley Response Boost

    The synthetic upper material keeps the shoes light in weight and flexible for foot spreading and bending during training and games. Thanks to small upper mesh, the shoes enhance their breathability to make your feet dry and cool all the time in spite of game duration. The outsole is made from rubber responsible for supporting your foot while you are moving in all directions, especially upwards and downwards.

    Furthermore, the sole acts as cushioning feature for excellent responding to sudden shocks. It also reduces the pressure of your body weight on your feet to make your movements faster and easier. The outsole is equipped with a lot of grip for better traction to the hard court, thereby preventing you from injuries and pains.

    What is more, the shoes are facilitated with Torsion system for the integrity of your midfoot. So, you always feel comfortable and relaxed while putting on these shoes.


    - Synthetic upper material for lightweight and flexibility

    - Breathable mesh upper for the airflow coming in and out of the shoes easily

    - Firm and strong rubber sole with a lot of grip for better traction

    - Affordable prices

    - Different colors to choose


    Some complain the shoe toe box is too narrow

    9. Adidas Performance Men's Ligra 4 Vollayball Shoes

    These shoes are affordable for you to purchase. The design and structure of the shoes make them reliable and impressive to volleyball players. The synthetic and textile upper material provides the shoes with the lightweight and flexibility for foot spreading and stretching.

    The mesh underlays deliver better breathability for your feet to feel dry and cool during training and games. Not only your tiptoes are relaxing, the midfoot and heels share the same experience. The open mesh is also facilitated to enhance comfort and ventilation for your foot.

    The rubber sole is firm yet responsive to support you with all your movements on the court. Don’t worry that your ankles can get hurt as the special structure of the shoes shall reduce the impact of emotions and your bodyweight on ankle joints as well as knees. The outsole is, furthermore, designed with large grooves to help you get balanced better on the court and protect you from falling over while playing.


    - Affordable prices

    - Synthetic and textile upper material for shoe lightweight and flexibility

    - Rubber outsole with large grooves for better traction

    - Open mesh upper for foot comfort and ventilation

    - Shock absorbency feature reduces impacts on knees and ankle joints


    - Only three colors to choose

    10. Adidas Performance Men's Stabil Boost Volleyball

    These Adidas shoes offer you with two different colors yet still impress you. The design is so beautiful and high fashionable. The textile and synthetic upper material makes the shoe light in weight and flexible for your feet to spread and stretch during volleyball games. The boost feature is equipped with the energy-returning system to recharge your feet with endless light and fast energy.

    The mesh with synthetic material allows the air to flow in and out of the shoes easily, leaving your foot dry and cool all the time. Thanks to such synthetic overlays, your foot is supported well regarding durability. The shoes are also facilitated with Torsion system for the integrity of midfoot. Therefore, your midfoot is provided with supportive cage for agility and stability.

    The Adiwear outsole delivers the ultimate durability in high wear with non-marking grip for better traction, thereby helping you get balanced well on the court.


    - Textile and synthetic material for better breathability and flexibility

    - Cushioning feature equipped with energy returning function to keep your feet recharged with endless fast energy and light

    - Adituff system for abrasion resistance

    - Adiwear outsole for ultimate in durability of high wear


    - Quite expensive yet worth of money

    To sum up

    Are you satisfied with my suggestions on best shoes for volleyball? Have you decided which one to purchase? Well, such above shoes are from prestigious and famous shoe producers in the world. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry much about the quality. The most important thing is whether the shoes suit you best.

    Let us know your choice by leaving your comment here and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.



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