10 Best Shoes For Skateboarding in 2019

Best Shoes For Skateboarding
Best Shoes For Skateboarding

As you want reliable yet high fashionable skateboarding shoes for your first day with skateboarding, you search on the Internet about best shoes for skateboarding, and the results are massive. Ask your friends for more information and suggestions; things are not better. Why don’t you read our article now and earn yourself the best choice? Let’s get started right away.

Best Shoes For Skateboarding

Best Shoes For Skateboarding

How to choose suitable skateboarding shoes

Your skating style

There are a variety types of tricks for you to board. Which one you perform shall determine what kind of shoes is most suitable for you. Normally, skating styles can be divided into four main sections such as Ollie, Aerials, Grind, and Slides. Each type requires different boarding skills.

For instance, Ollie style asks for jumping performance by tapping the skateboard tail on the ground. As a result, you need a sturdier and firm pair of shoes with good cushioning and responsive outsoles. For Grind style, you often have to scrap one or two axles of your skateboard on different surfaces. So, you need flexible shoes to allow you to have greater control over your skateboard.

Available skate shoes in the market

Skate shoes are variable in functions and looks. Knowing what kind of skate shoes is available in the market can be helpful to decide your skateboarding shoes. Currently, there are two main types of skate shoes like shoes towards heavy defense and shoes towards control over boards.

Vulcanized shoes are preferable for skateboarders with grind and slide styles as such shoes are good at flexibility and lightweight. On the other hand, cup-sole shoes are more suitable for those with Ollie and Aerial styles as such shoes are good at cushioning and thick soles.

Top 10 Best Shoes For Skateboarding in 2019

Here are top 10 best shoes for skateboarding in 2019:

1. Adidas NEO Men's SE Daily Vulc Lifestyle

The shoes share a similar design and look with normal sneakers, yet they still deliver strong and sporty images for skateboarders. Adidas offers a variety of shoe colors for your choice. The upper material is fabric and synthetic. The shoes, therefore, is light in weight (around 3 pounds) and easy for you to clean them up.

For skateboarders with Ollie style, the shoes are no doubt a good recommendation as they are so light that you can hardly feel their weight on your feet. For those who have flat feet, these Adidas shoes are perfect. The shoes are facilitated with a tiny bit of arch support. Furthermore, the rubber outsole acting as shock absorbency supports you a lot while you are making jumping movements with your skateboard.

The white rubber sole gets dirty easily, but you can clean it quickly. So don’t worry if you often do skateboarding in dirty environments. The vulcanized outsole supports you well with your balance keeping thanks to its plenty of traction and wide grooves for less friction.


- Good toe bumper

- Vulcanized outsole for better traction

- Lightweight thanks to fabric/synthetic material

- Good cushioning feature

- Affordable price

- Different colors to choose


- Thin inner soles, so your feet feel smallest objects on the ground

2. Adidas Performance Men's Daily Fashion Sneaker

The main upper material is from leather, leaving the shoes a fashionable and highly stylish appearance. The stitched 3 stripes provide the shoes with a plush look. The shoes are also breathable for your feet to feel comfortable. The airflow can come in and out of the shoes easily which makes the toe boxes dry and cool all the time.

The durable vulcanized rubber sole offers better cushioning for foot shock absorbency. Therefore, if you prefer Ollie or Aerial boarding styles, the shoes are suitable for you. When you are landing with your skateboard, the outsole can support your foot and heel, thereby reducing impacts of hard and uneven grounds on ankles and midfoot.

The shoes are similar in design with daily low-top sneakers with cloud-foam sock liner for better comfort and lightweight. However, the shoes do not provide arch support. So, for those whose arches are high, they can feel uncomfortable in wearing these shoes as their feet cannot enjoy a snug fit. Furthermore, the heels might face blisters due to rubbing.


- Attractive and fashionable appearance thanks to leather material

- Vulcanized rubber sole for better cushioning and shock responsiveness

- Affordable prices

- Lightweight and good breathability


No arch support

3. DC Men's Pure Action Sport Shoes

The shoes create a strong and firm image for energetic skateboarders. DC offer you a wide range of shoe colors and sizes for your favorite. The upper material is made from leather, leaving the shoe light in weight (around 2.4 pounds). Some might claim that the shoes are not breathable. However, the truth is on the contrary.

With small mesh on the two sides, the shoes allow the airflow to come in and out of the toe boxes easily. As a result, your feet are kept dry and cool during your skateboarding performance. Furthermore, thanks to the leather material, the inner sole is soft yet firm enough to support the feet. Once you put the shoes on, you shall feel a snug fit.

The shoes are constructed towards cup soles. Therefore, they are perfect for those who often perform jumping actions from high distances and who like the aerial style. The cup sole structure means good cushioning and shock absorbency. The outsole is thicker, thereby protecting your feet from impacts of hard surfaces.


- Affordable price

- A wide range of colors and sizes

- Good cushioning rubber sole for foot support


The inner sole is too thin. Therefore you still feel the smallest objects on the grounds

4. DC Men's Spartan High WC TX

The shoes provide you with different colors and sizes. The most impressive feature lies in the design of the arch part. The arch support is high and soft which is suitable for those with high arches. This arch support area allows your feet to fit right in place. Once you make jumping actions with your skateboard, don’t worry that your feet can come off the shoes.

The main upper material is from leather, leaving the shoe light in weight (around 1 pound). You don’t feel like you are wearing shoes at all. The shoes are facilitated with vent holes around the arch part for increased breathability and airflow. The eyelets, on the other side, are durable and tough enough for you not to retie shoelaces during your skateboarding performance.

The inner sole, furthermore, is equipped with textile lining so that you midfoot feels comfortable and relaxing. The footbed is structured for added comfort. The rubber cushioning outsoles act as shock absorbency to protect your foot from sudden crashes with the grounds.


- Affordable price

- Good arch support

- Cushioned footbed for foot support and shock absorbency

- Mesh lining for better breathability

- Vulcanized rubber outsole for better traction and balance keeping


Only black color to choose

5. DC Men's Court Graffik

The upper material is of leather with the lightweight of 2.5 pounds. The shoes are easy for you to wear and thanks to their leather material, you don’t feel like anything under your feet. The upper sole is decorated with strong stitching as well as hip graphics. I have nothing to complain about the shoe design.

Those who prefer Ollie style will love these shoes as the inner sole is facilitated with plenty of padding to make your feet feel comfortable even when you have to make jumping performance a lot. The padding plays as shock absorbency to protect your feet from injuries in heels and ankles. You are, therefore, confident to practice the most difficult tricks.

The toe box is roomy for you to spread and stretch your foot. No blisters appear as the inner material is so soft. The shoes are durable and reliable. Customers’ feedbacks show that after a long time of using, the shoes remain good even when they have worn them most of their days.


- Leather material for lightweight and flexibility

- Vulcanized rubber sole for better traction

- Good breathability thanks to vent holes


- Only black and white for your choice

6. Vans Unisex Era 59 Skate Shoe

The shoes provide you with a wide range of colors and sizes. Both women and men can wear these shoes. The main material for the upper part is textile. Therefore, the weight is light and easy for you to put them on. The rubber sole is facilitated with large grooves to enhance traction for better balance keeping, thereby preventing you from falling over on different uneven surfaces.

The vulcanized construction of these shoes delivers excellent cushioning for shock absorbency, thereby protecting your foot from potential injuries in ankles and heels. Furthermore, this structure offers comfort and durability so that the shoes can be used for a long time.

The inner sole is added with padded collar. Once you put the shoes on, your midfoot feel comfortable and cool. What is more, the arch support is soft and high enough to enable those with high arches to have a sense of a snug fit into the shoes. The foot spacing is very long so you shouldn’t worry about your foot length. There is enough room for you to spare.


- Affordable prices for various colors and sizes to choose

- Lightweight

- Vulcanized outsoles for better cushioning

- The inner added with padding


Not yet negative feedbacks from customers

7. DC Women's Danni TX SE

I am strongly impressed by the appearance of these shoes. The decoration on the two sides reminds me of the vintage style. It is easy to realize that the main upper material is textile. The shoes deliver different colors and sizes for you to select. The vent holes are added to increase the shoe breathability, thereby keeping your feet cool and dry all the time.

The rubber sole is firm yet flexible for you to make jumping movements with your skateboards. The vulcanized construction makes the shoes more reliable regarding good cushioning and durability. As you tend to move quickly while doing skateboarding tricks, you need a pair of shoes with excellent responsiveness to boost up your feet on the ground.

The arch support is highly appreciated by customers as it protects your arch when you carelessly fall over the ground and restricts injuries as well. Furthermore, the rubber toe cap is strong yet flexible to support your tiptoes. The heel bumper is also a good point for you to consider buying these shoes.


- Affordable price

- Good breathability thanks to vent holes

- Vulcanized construction for better traction and balance keeping


- Some complain the tiptoe part in the front is narrow

8. DC Women's Heathrow Skateboarding Shoe

For those who love hot and bright colors, this DC shoe line is a good choice for your consideration. The shoes offer you a wide range of colors such as mint, lilac, raspberry, burgundy, etc. The main upper material is suede. The design and look make the shoes impressive. The strong stitching from the two sides of the shoes makes them more reliable for customers to wear.

The rubber sole plays as shock absorbency to protect your foot from sudden crashes with the uneven grounds when you make jumping movements with your skateboard. The rubber outsole is facilitated with large grooves for better traction to help you get balanced well.

What is more, the shoes allow you to remove the insole for cleaning and replacement. The quilted liner supports your midfoot a lot to avoid unnecessary pains and injuries when you land different surfaces. The footbed is added with a new technology called OrthoLite for excellent cushioning and responsiveness.


- Affordable price

- Energetic colors for sporty women

- Suede material delivers elegant and beautiful design

- Removable insole for cleaning and replacement

- Firm rubber sole for foot support

- Ortholite cushioning system for the footbed


- Some complain the toe box is small and narrow for those with wide feet

9. DC Women's Rebound High SE W Skate Shoe

The shoes impress you by their look and design. The arch support is wide and firm to help those with high arches to fit their feet right in place. Even though you do not tie the shoelaces hard, you still don’t have to worry about your feet slipping off the shoes thanks to the arch support.

The main upper material is of leather. It is, therefore, easy for you to clean the shoe body when it gets dirty. If you concern about the white shoelaces, you can choose shoes with black ones. The mesh lining is responsible for the shoe breathability. That is why your feet feel cool and dry all the time in spite of frequent and long skateboarding performance.

The toebox is highly appreciated by customers as it is roomy for your feet to spread and stretch a little more. As a result, you shouldn’t get blister due to rubbing at all.


- Fit your feet right in place

- Comfortable and flexible toe box

- Sturdy rubber sole with large grooves for better traction

- Lightweight

- Good breathability for airflow

- Easy to clean thanks to leather material

- Cup construction for jumping actions


Some complain the shoes do not provide enough cushion to support feet for the long days

10. DC Women's Heathrow X AT

For those who prefer lovely and beautiful design, these are the shoes for you. The design is impressive regarding decoration on the upper part of the shoes. The main material is from textile, leaving the shoes a lightweight of around 6.1 ounces. Furthermore, the shoes provide you with a removable insole. Therefore, you can replace insoles when they get damaged.

The rubber outsole with wonderful grooves enables these shoes to withstand well strong crashes against different surfaces. When you make jumping or slide movements with your skateboard, you need a reliable pair of shoes to keep your feet right in place and help you balance well. That is what the shoes are all about.

The firm outsoles prevent you from obstacles on the ground. They also support your heel and arch in case you fall over the ground. The midfoot part is facilitated with soft padding acting as shock absorbency to reduce impacts of ground on your feet when you jump down.


- Affordable price

- Lightweight

- Good breathability thanks to vent holes

- Removable insole for cleaning and replacement

- Firm rubber sole for foot support

- Good cushioning with padding in the inner sole


- Some complain the toe part is narrow for those with big toes to wear

To sum up

From my point of view, these 10 suggestions are good for you to consider. However, as I said earlier, you should determine your style of skateboarding to select which one is most suitable for you. Other than that, what are you waiting for? Share this post with your friends and tell us to know your and their choices by leaving comments here.



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