How To Choose The Best Shoes For Longboarding

    Best Shoes For Longboarding
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    You may be stuck in selecting the best shoes for longboarding as there is a variety of longboarding shoes on this market. If you are an experienced one, it will be easy for you to find your right pair of shoes. Otherwise, you will have to read different reviews or prepare yourself basic knowledge of sports shoes before purchasing one pair. When it comes to choosing the longboarding shoes, anyway, you need to select a comfortable one. This following review will provide you a broad knowledge of ideal longboarding shoes for you to opt for.

    Benefits of having a right pair of longboarding shoes

    Most of the people perhaps do not know the advantage of the right longboarding shoes. So now we will tell you. Before going into details, we would like to ask you a question. Tell us the methods of stopping your longboarding when playing. There are several methods of doing this. You can reduce the speed of your vehicle by using the air pressure; this method is named airbrake.

    The other trick to manage your longboarding speed is to use your foot. This is also one of the most popular techniques to control the speed. You can skid your shoe soles to decrease the longboard speed. Stopping the longboard is highly important as it concerns about your safety and lives. Therefore, choosing the perfect shoes is the task you need to keep in your mind. A good pair of shoes will allow you to have a nice performance and brake well.

    This is extremely significant for beginners of looking for the best shoes for longboarding. The selection of shoes will put a strong influence of operating your longboard. In case your select a bad quality one, this will leave you the discomfort and weak performance. That is why you should invest in a good pair of shoes for riding in the long- term.

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    The majority of shoes are quite slippery and can make you slide anytime if you are not skillful at controlling the speed. So this is the other reason why you need to focus on selecting the good shoes.

    ​Also, the right shoes will make you able to improve the foot skidding ability. You can use sole dragging on any topography to stop your riding. The right shoes need to own a firm grip. Its sole needs to be durable and not prone to be torn or absorb water. The good shoes also make you feel pleasant and convenient. They should be well- ventilated too by keeping your feet dry and fresh all time. Besides, they must fit your feet and do not lead your feet to feel free while riding.

    Top 4 Best Shoes For Longboarding

    Here are top 4 Best Shoes For Longboarding:

    1. Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe

    If you are looking for a durable product as you use on a regular basis, Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe might be your first dash of your list. Jameson is well- known for its durability because of its canvas upper. It can resist not to be torn or worn even though you use often.

    There is another feature that is worth written down is Foam Lite Level cushion. This allows the good pad to reduce the shock and ensure that your foot can be cradled for riding longboard. This is necessary for your convenience and pleasantness.

    Moreover, you will be amazed at its friendly ability with the environment. In fact, the outsole and insole of the shoes are made from recyclable rubber and cell polyurethane foam. This chemical can be reused and transformed into other essential items. This feature of the sole is favored by lots of consumers.

    On the design term, Jameson 2 owns a minimalist look, so it is said to be worn during the longboarding and other informal situations. The shoes are available in not the same version and designs, so it absolutely can fit anyone’s style. The most quality part of shoes is its sole. The sole is manufactured from rubber that is perfect for brand- new players who want to learn how to footbrake.


    Available in various colors and designs

    Pleasant and convenient

    Be used on casual days or daily wears


    Looks unstable and brittle

    Smaller than actual size

    2. DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe - Best shoes for longboarding 2017

    The list of best shoes for longboarding can not be completed without listing out DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe. DC is a famous brand that is relied on by many worldwide customers. This is why we would like to review this high- quality pair of shoes.

    It has a firm construction with the upper is made of leather. This durable feature keeps your feet dry and fresh on regular use. Meanwhile, the outsole is made from rubber that can reduce shock absorption. It supplies the high- quality grip that can handle well on any surfaces. Though it is rainy or snowy, the grip can keep you stable and balanced.

    One factor that makes you satisfied with the product is its foam- padded tongue. It is pretty smooth and well- ventilated. In contrast with several current products, the soft tongue does not annoy you or discomfort your skin due to its harshness. The product is much favored by the users because it was innovated exclusively by DC. This unique feature leads it more convenient.

    Many people will regard DC men is a traditional longboarding shoe. It is well- designed with the thick layer of fabric to prevent your feet from the grip tape of the longboard. Such shoes have a sole made from rubber as well. This feature can guarantee your feet reaction with the ground. It means it can handle with the toughness or roughness because it has a good friction.

    Besides, the pill pattern tread is waterproof for any surfaces. It also suffers from the instant foot braking due to its firm construction. Amazingly, the product has some duct holes that leads your feet to feel fresh and dry. It can cool your feet although you have to wear a thick pair of sock or long-hour longboarding.


    Manufactured from a well-known

    The perfect cushioning

    Pleasant and convenient

    Column 1


    Look not compact

    Small size

    3. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe - Best longboarding shoes 2017

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    If you are searching the best shoes for longboarding, you will never dismiss DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe. The convenience is the priority every customer want to have. To this shoe, you will do not need to hesitate. The shoes are designed with the vent holes on the surfaces. This helps to circulate the air well to make your feet breathable and fresh always.

    Its pattern tread is another ideal element to discuss. It owns diversity of grips on various kinds of surfaces. This feature allows you to be able to footbrake more simply. The shoes also ensure that each rider will have more stable speed control and performance.

    Another outstanding factor of DC Men is cup sole design. If you have no idea about the latter, you can think about the sole is built like a cup. This clever design provides better backup on the ankle because it has a thicker located between your foot and the shoe board. Now you already know about one of the best shoes for longboarding you are looking for, right?


    Ideal for users with broad feet

    Well- ventilated



    Size issues

    Not compact

    4. Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe

    Have you ever heard about Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe before?The shoes have the definite features that make worldwide customers count on for using. Nike Men has the super high quality, which is inspired by one of the excellent names in the area of longboarding.

    If you are the one who loves simple style, you will be the big fan of Nike Men. The unique outlook of the shoes will highlight to your fashion. The canvas is also another element that needs to be written down. This is the ideal replacement of leather. The material is quite smooth and well- ventilated, which guarantees the high level of comfort. Now, you can have firm or stable riding when you use Nike Men

    Many customers will be impressed by the one- piece construction from the heel to the midfoot. This feature makes sure the streamlined backup. Also, the outsole that is made of rubber is another outstanding point. The sole is waterproof and handle well with the dragging force. Therefore, you can confidently perform many longboarding tricks. The good quality grip will allow you to have easy and correct directions as well. What are you waiting for? Let’s pick one of the best shoes for longboarding!


    Fashionable and attractive

    Durable materials

    Supply high- quality cushion


    High cost

    Small size

    Important Features to Consider

    You may have read about the shoes before in a technique book or sports references. You are still being flooded with the tons of techniques factors for choosing a perfect longboarding shoes! So do not worry as in this review we also remind you what important features you need to consider before purchasing a pair of skate shoes. When it comes to selecting a good pair of longboarding shoes, there are several features that you need to memorize.

    Best Longboarding Shoes

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    Size: The first feature you need to be concern about is shoe size. You must ensure that it has a proper fit for your feet. If it does not have the correct size, your feet can have limited movements. If your shoes are too broad, it may drop out of your foot when you move.

    Support: It is essential that your shoes have good backup this can retain your sense of balance. To a majority of versions, the backup on the toes are better than the heel’s, so this feature can keep your body well-balanced.

    Sole: The sole is the feature that decides the whole quality of shoes. How do you define a good quality sole? If the sole is enough thick and flat, it can keep your stable while moving or jumping. The sole also leads you to perform longer. There is the fact that the upper sole is less significant than the bottom upper. Both longboarders and skateboarders have many similar play tricks or skills. That is why they need to focus on choosing the sole factor for their sport.

    It is necessary that the sole of longboard shoes is sufficiently flat and thick with a minimal tread pattern. The tread pattern is extremely important because it controls the dragging force the shoes make when longboarders brake by their feet. Today, the good longboarding shoes have a type of thick sole that is made of rubber or polyurethane. These materials are quite durable, and it guarantees the long expectation life. Especially, you use foot brake with high frequency or play it daily.

    Tread Pattern: Most of the users pay no attention to the tread pattern of shoes. This detail located under the sole of any shoes. If you look for the right shoes, the appropriate tread pattern can not be overlooked; it can collaborate well with the sole shoes and promote your performance. Besides improving the friction, the tread pattern can handle well in moisture or rainy surfaces.

    Best Longboarding Shoes

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    Design: Majority of longboarding shoes comes in a diversity of sizes and outlooks. Most of the riders will prioritize the plainest design. The design of shoes can reflect your personal style or characteristics. Therefore, you should not only concentrate on techniques features, but you also look at the shoe appearance.​

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    You have read our review of the best shoes for longboarding. To choose the right shoes for your riding, besides being an experienced player, you should prepare yourself some basic knowledge of sport longboarding shoes. Elements such as sole, tread pattern, the grip or the support are points you need to keep in your mind. To get the best selection, you can get a reference from your friend or can try using their shoes with riding longboard. Just stay on our article to receive other useful reviews on other products.



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