Best Shoes For Flight Attendants

Best Shoes For Flight Attendants
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Are you looking for the best shoes for flight attendants? Keep on reading our article to decide the option that matches closely your demand.


Working as a flight attendant is quite an interesting job that leads you to numerous beautiful destinations of the world. It is an engrossing job as well as putting high force onto your feet. Aircraft attendants often stand and move a lot in the plane, which runs out of their physical health a lot.

You are wondering if there is any solution for getting rid the high force on your feet? Of course, there are several best shoes for flight attendants who are seeking ones that make you look fashionable and still ensure the durability during the flight time. In this review, we will show the best shoes for both men and women flight attendants.

Benefits of right flight attendant shoes

When it comes to the benefits of the right flight attendant shoes, you will be amazed at good points if you choose the right flight attendant shoes

Easy to move

When working in a moving environment like this, all flight attendants can not wear a casual shoe or a high heel. Obviously, you can fall easily or slip on the plane due to a sudden change of direction or be landing off. Meanwhile, the problems of rugged topography have not been mentioned yet. Therefore, the best flight attendant shoes can handle this problem.

Protect your feet

Most of the flight attendants have to stand for long hours, so the issue that your feet get pressured can not be avoided, especially at this altitude. To dedicate yourself to an aircraft career, the best way to provide yourself the best pair of flight attendant shoes. Such shoes will create the high level of comfort and convenience for plane staff. You can freely walk or even run in all emergency cases.

Best Shoes For Flight Attendants women

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Factors for choosing the best flight attendant shoes

The fit level to your feet

It is quite essential to take this first factor into your consideration. Just choose the shoes that fit your feet well, not too tight or too loose. Do you know that a proper fit shoe can supply sufficient support for your feet and keep your feet longer pleasant? Some shoes although are well-designed, it does not mean that they can stand the high pressure of your whole body for hours per day.

Concentrate on its fashionable outlook

Each crew attendants must pay attention to this feature when seeking a pair of best shoes for flight attendants. Flight attendants mean the ones that represent the image of the nation, therefore, the elegant and nice look needs to be highly concerned. You can have a high- quality shoe that can protect your feet and is easy for traveling. You can take on a simple shoe, but it should be fabulous and sophisticated.

Just choose the best one

You intend to take a long commitment to the shoes, so you do not hesitate to invest in a high- quality one. Just take on the shoes that can work for a long run and guarantee the high level of comfort. You should not let the cost be the obstacle for purchasing or not. Your feet must be healthy when you stick your life with this career.

Video top 10 Best shoes for Flight Attendants:

Top 10 Best Shoes For Flight Attendants 2018

Here are 5 Best Shoes For Flight Attendants Women:

1. Rockport Women’s Total Motion 75MM T-Strap Dress Pump

If you are looking for a comfortable shoe that brings the fabulous and elegant look, Rockport Women’s Total Motion 75MM T-Strap Dress Pump is your proper choice. The most outstanding feature of such shoes lies in its appearance, also, it is still multifaceted. You can take on them when you are on duty of the aircraft tasks and also use them for an outdoor date with your friend.

The extraordinarily super soft leather upper of Rockport can ensure the feet-like fit. You completely feel the soft sense. It is exceedingly versatile and able to supply you all day convenience. Besides, the foamed lining can enable the shoes much more effortless to take on. The height of the shoes is about three cm. Of course, this does not cause the drawback for your feet, discomfort, the pain or scratch.

The insole of Rockport is super smooth, which can absorb your sweat and keeps your feet dry and fresh all day. You will not have to be afraid of the heat of the sun. So now, you want to own one of the best shoes for flight attendants!

2. Clarks Women's Heavenly Heart Dress Pump

Let’s take a look at an imported shoe Clarks Women's Heavenly Heart Dress Pump. This imported one has the super high-quality leather. So you can completely rely on its durability. The sole is made of rubber that can guarantee water or moisture absorption. Our flight attendants can move or walk at their discretion without worrying of being fallen

The shoe is also famous for the harmony heel with the height of 2.5-inch. Therefore, it is quite suitable for the ones to loves wearing with the medium-high heels. Standing on the high-heel shoe on a regular basis hinders crew staff in moving or solving in emergency cases. With the appropriate heel height, Clarks is super ideal for the ones prefer the balance rather than the sharp heel.

The outsole is made firmly, while, the footbed is made from rubber that supplies the best soft pad.These features ensure your hard movements. Especially, the durable tread pattern can help you to avoid the sudden slip or falling. Are there anything greater factors so that you can not choose Clarks? Moreover, you can dress Clarks in other costumes like dress, jeans or whatever.The choice depends on you.

3. LifeStride Women's Parigi Pump

The list of the best flight attendants shoe can not be complete without mentioning LifeStride Women's Parigi Pump. Let’s see what fascinating things on this type of shoe. Surprisingly, LifeStride shoe is hand-made from skillful and experienced craftsmen. Therefore, you can visualize the carefulness and delicacy in each thread of the shoe. The sole is made from synthetic that functions as the super smooth cushion to hold your feet comfortably.

Besides, the insole is produced based on the Soft System technology, which can offer you the most pleasantness for your feet. Now you can get rid of your skepticism about LifeStride. In similarity with Clarks Pump, Lifestride is also designed with around 2.5-inch heel. This medium height is suitable for ones moving frequently or simply disliking standing by a high heel.

Obviously, Lifestride has become indispensable to most flight attendants' wardrobe. The rounded toe is another feature that attracts lots of consumers. Your toes can feel cool and comfortable with the design of the rounded toe. The soft lining and the flexible soles offer you pleasantness all day. Moreover, with the fabulous appearance of such shoe, Lifestride is pretty versatile for mixing with other clothes.

4. Comfort Plus by Predictions Women's Karmen Pump

The subsequent one in the list is Comfort Plus by Predictions Women's Karmen Pump. The special thing about this type of shoe is that it is made from durable polyurethane. Therefore, you can trust this high-quality material. Karmen has the foam insole that guarantees the comfort and convenience. The round toe looks modern and cool, which can make your feet better than the sharp toe shape.

Karmen are also perfect with the classy colors. The shoe can fit you neatly, not too loose or tight. Karmen is told not to hurt or discomfort your feet anymore. Although the cost is a bit high, it is worth for investing. Particularly, the heel height is longer than Lifestride and Clarks by 0.5 inches. Thus, if you are one love to wear a bit high heel, Karmen is your right choice.

Besides, the shoe has the good pad, and the toe-box is large enough for your feet. Surely, you can have sturdy and firm movements. Moreover, you can wear Karmen for many types of situation. You can dress with Karmen for a casual day office or an out day.

5. Clarks Women's Rosalyn Belle Dress Pump

Let’s come to next one of the best shoes for flight attendants. It isClarks Women's Rosalyn Belle Dress Pump. Such shoe is made of leather that can resist water and the wet cases. The rubber sole is proved to reduce the shock ability to ensure your feet the most comfortable. Especially, the insole is molded in chemical based on Clarks Plus technology.

In addition, the toe strap is designed decoratively with the round toe pump. The padded collar is easily designed for you to use. The dark brown that is one of the favorite colors is chosen by lots of users. The shoe is impressed by its comfort, and it can be worn with other clothes. You not only use for working as a flight attendant but you also use for your purposes

The height of the heel is good for easy traveling. Therefore, crew staff can use the shoe at their discretion. You will not have to be afraid of standing in an uncomfortable shoe that you do not like. So what are you hesitating, just purchase a pair of Clarks right away!

5 Best Shoes For Flight Attendants Men

Best Shoes For Flight Attendants male

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Here are top 5 shoes for Flight Attendants:

6. Calvin Klein Men's Bram Diamond Leather Oxford Shoe - Best Shoes For Flight Attendants 2017

Do you want to be a lucky flight attendant? Let’s spend some seconds to read the short review about one of the best shoes for flight attendants. It is Calvin Klein Men's Bram Diamond Leather Oxford Shoe. The outstanding feature of the shoe lies in its texture. The material is pretty perdurable, which can last for a long time or stand in long hours. Besides, the synthetic sole features as the smooth cushion that hold your feet comfortably.

Of course, other good features also stay in this type of shoe. The leather upper is not favored by lots of consumers thanks to its versatile use. The design of the lace-up brings many conveniences. The leather lining also works as a visible, which highlight the outlook of the shoe. This makes such shoes more trendy and classy. The stacked heel are well- made, which can make sure the firm motions.

Moreover, Calvin is renowned for providing the best fit. You can completely have faith in the fit ability. The shoe can secure your feet in the best way. It is recommended that you should not wear this with socks as it will cause some discomfort for your ankles. The heel pad is made from the firm plastic so that it can remove the noisy sound from the shoe. Are these appealing features enough to catch your fancy?

7. Nunn Bush Men’s Nelson Wingtip Oxford

Nunn Bush Men’s Nelson Wingtip Oxford will be a great choice for men. Oxford is well-known for its classy design outlook. Oxford can improve your attraction and leads you to be polished. Such shoes are manufactured from the high-quality leather with the brogue construction. The conventional lace-up can ensure your fit get secured. Particularly, the shoe owns a gel foot pad that can resist any shocks as well as leave your feet pleasant.

Besides, the cost of Oxford has different rank, so you can choose the price that fits your money pocket. It is easy for you to take on and take off too, therefore, certainly, there are no drawbacks for wearing Oxford. Now you can know one of the best shoes for flight attendants, right?

Overall, these are truly a great pair of shoes. They are very stylish and modern. And for the price, they come in its a great deal. They don’t take much of a time to break in, and you can wear them for long hours without facing any difficulties. These pair of shoes are highly recommended if you are a male flight attendant and looking for an inexpensive, comfortable and quality shoe for work.

8. Bostonian Men's Bolton Dress Slip-On

Bostonian Men's Bolton Dress Slip-On will be the next good shoe we will take a review on. You will fall in love with this type of shoe right away! Male attendants tend to wear the stable and firm shoe that can hold the feet tightly. Looking at its exterior design, you will tip your hat off due to its double-needle stitching. The square toe is also another feature that can comfort your toes.

With its fabulous background, there are no reasons not to be addicted to Bolton dress slip-on by Bostonian. The flexible slip-on highlights your style with its full-grain leather and good-looking stitching. The elasticized goring and padded collar will retain your longer comfort all day. The toe space is quite roomy and can absorb shock to create the best cushion. The traction sole is smart-designed and enhances the balance for your movings.

Now, do you remove all your skepticism about which shoes is the best one for flight attendants? In addition to these, the shoes are quite light weight, and of course, you do not need to use a shoe horn to get your heel into the shoe. This feature also becomes a favorite point among other shoes.

9. ECCO Men's Helsinki Slip-On

The last but not least shoe we would like to introduce is ECCO Men's Helsinki Slip-On. Another slip-on will make you fall in love with. The material is made with some leather, which forms the stylish function of the shoe. The ECCO outlook is another impressive feature of the shoe. You can dress with other outfits for many events or various styles. It is effective-cost, isn’t it?

Besides, ECCO is well-known for meeting customer's needs. You can use for climbing the stairs, taking a stroll around the park or overcoming the rocky hills. ECCO can offer the amazing fit, the long durability and the high versatile. Being manufactured with the construction techniques and high advanced invention, the ECCO is believed to enhance the superior comfort you can rely on.

10. La Milano Wide Width Men Oxford Shoes Men's Dress Shoes

Let’s come to the last shoe of the list. It is La Milano Wide Width Men's Oxford Shoes Men's Dress Shoes. The shoe's material is produced with leather with the synthetic lining. The insole and the footbed are enough to comfort that your feet can be pleasant. The stacked heel is 1.2 inches, which becomes lots of male attendant's favorite choice. As the shoe can helps you well-balanced.

Particularly, the shoe owns the triple wide width that can fit most types of feet. Male attendants will like this because it is designed with some tiny holes that are perfect for ventilation. Your feet can dry and fresh all time even in the hot summer. So what are you waiting for without choosing one of the best shoes for flight attendants?


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In general, above flight attendant shoes we have shown you are equally great, and it is quite difficult to clarify which one is the best shoes for flight attendants among them. It depends on your demands you can choose your favorite one. Stay on our article to receive more informative reviews.



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