Best Nike Walking Shoes For Men Reviews

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​Looking for one of the best Nike walking shoes? You are at the right place. Nike has long ruled the footwear roost. Not only is it one of the top global brands out there, it has also earned its fair share of customer trust. From quality to diversity, their range of shoes can honestly be termed multi-dimensional. Their walking shoe range alone is a marvel; a feast for the feet, if we can use such a phrase.


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The right shoes can make all the difference for your walking routines, especially when you feel it is time to pick it up a notch and enter the realm of vigorous walking workouts. Ready to lose those calories big time? Start by shopping for the right pair of shoes from a reputed brand, in this case Nike.

Below we will cover our top four picks for walking shoes from the world of Nike.

Nike Men’s Zoom Stefan Janoski Cnvs Skate Shoe

Great for everyday walking, not to mention its sheer style quotient, these beauties are worth checking out.

  • Material: canvas with rubberized sole
  • Great cushioning in the form of Nike Zoom unit in the heel; this comes built-in
  • Sockliner; molded for comfort and odor reduction
  • Better durability on toe region thanks to Nike’s Hyperscreen overlay
  • Improved board-feel and flexibility via unlined de-constructed uppers
  • Sold in several color codes

Pros: Value for money, style, good fit, long-term comfort, breathable material, flexible sole with good traction

Cons: Compared to its suede model this one is not as comfortable. One of the pair has proven to fit poorly (based on rare customer complaints)

Nike Men's Free Flyknit 4.0

Balanced with practicality and grace, this Nike pair is as comfortable as it is thoughtful in design.

  • Material: Mesh with rubberized sole
  • Smart-comfort via Nike Free’s midsole design
  • Multi-directional flexibility brought by hexagonal flex groove designs
  • Breathable and lightweight material thanks to fly-knit uppers
  • Even better breathability at the quarter panel where you will find ventilation holes; these come knit-in
  • The fit moulds to your feet thanks to Nike’s flywire cable support system
  • Sold in several color codes

Pros: Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, good fit

Cons: Some of the design elements are lopsided (rare but real cases of customer complaint). Not as good for running as advertised

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Mens Basketball Shoe

It may be designed for sports, but this pair also make outstanding walking shoes.

  • Material: Leather with rubberized sole
  • Lace-up design make them rather convenient
  • Forefoot flex grooves on sole
  • Encapsulated air-sole unit for enhanced cushioning
  • Sold in several color codes

Pros: Lightweight, stylish, breathable, great cushioning, long-term usability

Cons: Can appear fake at times, staining problem observed on material

Why Nike Shoes Are Reliable For Walking

Aside from being one of the most stylish names in men’s footwear, Nike shoes aid walking in remarkable ways. This specific category of shoes come designed with several crucial features that help a walker get into the exercise groove.

  • The materials going into Nike’s range of walking shoes have high breathability quotients. This means they have good ventilation or air-flow from outside to in and vice versa. This cuts odor accumulation while keeping your feet reasonably warm in non-humid interiors.
  • Cushioning is yet another beautiful design element that enhances Nike’s sense of the practical. Walking, especially for long hours, is a reality. You cannot don shoes that will leave your feet sore and throbbing after a mile.
  • Sole traction is a design element that lets Nike shoes rise to several terrain challenges.
  • Nike shoes can be used for walking, running, and sporting activities. This also renders them highly durable, because the materials that go into such flexible shoes are carefully chosen for prolonged usage.

All in all, Nike brings ultimate style to your footwear collection. Even simple walking shoes excel in this regard.

Where To Shop For Best Nike Walking Shoes for Men

The all-time best online store for quality Nike footwear is Amazon. However, if you have a habit of reading customer reviews before buying and you notice that the odd pair seems disappointing, you always have the official Nike website to check out. There is very little chance of the brand directly selling you bad quality footwear that could otherwise have made it into sundry distributor inventories.

While some sportspeople will beg to differ, Nike is not divine; mistakes happen. Check these portals out, and select your region/location on there:

  • FinishLine
  • Amazon
  • Nike Official


The vast world of Nike shoes brings you several footwear categories, one of which certainly includes shoes for walking. Why do you even need branded walking shoes? So you can rest assured on quality, durability, and value for money.

You are going to partake of walking exercises that could, over time, turn challenging. If you feel Nike is too expensive for you, think instead about how you cannot afford to experience joint, ankle, sole, and foot pains; you aim to get fit but somehow your shoes can’t keep up. Most walkers assume this is because of their own lack of ability, which is only sometimes true.

Instead of wasting money on ‘unknown’ brands, go for reliable and the best Nike walking shoes, buy two to three pairs for interchangeable use and hygiene, and get started on your walking regimen. As the brand itself declares, Just Do It.

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