Top 10 Best Mechanic Shoes 2019 Reviews

    best mechanic shoes
    Top 10 Best Mechanic Shoes 2017

    Because the working environment of the mechanics are risky and arduous, having a great pair of boots are one of the top priorities in their list of equipment. Therefore, choosing the best mechanic shoes to them is vital and crucial. Appropriate shoes for mechanics will protect them from damages and injuries in the tough conditions. They also can wear the boots comfortably every day.

    Reduce the feet injuries

    When mechanics bring lots of sturdy materials in the factories or they have to work in active environments where machines, other workers, and vehicles are running at the same time, so falling objects could happen at any time. Safety mechanic shoes may evade scaring injuries in their feet.

    Get out of sharp objects

    With strong soles in the shoes, their feet do not damage from sharp objects in the working conditions. The shoes with soft soles could not offer the protection.

    Prevent the bad hazards

    In the factory or construction environments, workers may get danger from bad areas such as slippery hazards, electricity, wet, cutting surfaces, etc. Therefore, the soles of the boots must be inbuilt strong materials to eliminate these worried hazards.

    Some considerations you may need to contemplate before making a purchase

    The standards of safety

    Unlike casual boots, mechanic shoes must meet the safety standards for both women and men by some government regulations such as CSA and ISA (in Canada), the ISA (in Europe), ASTM and ANSI (in the USA).

    At these regulations, mechanic shoes manufacturers have to satisfy a lot of protection points like the steel toe, the materials (composite or aluminum), waterproofing, shock – proofing in the rubber soles, etc.

    The working conditions

    Because the workplaces of the mechanics have much peril like water spills on the surfaces, petroleum, electricity and mobile machinery, etc. the soles of the shoes are made to protect and get them out of these injuries.

    Ease of comfort

    The best mechanic shoes do not only meet the safety standards, but also they are comfortable for both men and women mechanics. The shoes are easy to take them on, lightweight, breathable to avoid bad infections in the foot. The boots are also durable to help mechanics do not waste their budget.

    Top 10 Best Mechanic Shoes 2018 Reviews

    1. BlundstonesSuper 550 Series Boot

    Blundstones Company has produced mechanic shoes over 130 years since 1870. The materials of these constructions are comfortable, stable and sturdy due to premium leather uppers. They also offer cool – weather hit and convenient pull tabs.

    Moreover, the shoes have the horse features with a variety of protection like the petroleum, the heat, electric hazard, acid, etc. You will comfort when taking them on because the product has a steel toe cap, a gripped sole and the slip protection on the shoes.


    · The price is affordable for most of the mechanics thanks to the Tpu outsole and Pu midsole.

    · The shoes are comfortable for the whole day.

    · The insoles are made from steel - stank to be stronger.

    · You can remove the insole easily.

    · The shoes also are lightweight like the gloves so that men and women possibly wear them out.


    · Before buying the item, you need to check your right size.

    · They have dynamic colors like a crazy horse, rustic brown, etc. so someone does not like pretty much.

    · Consumers sometimes do not have the right colors as they have seen the picture on the websites.

    2. Thorogood Men’s 814 – 4200 American Heritage Moc Toe

    Thorogood Boots and Shoes are one of the most popular brand names in the footwear industry. They are also rated one of the best mechanic shoes. Unlike other conventional mechanic shoes, Thorogood Men’s 814 – 4200 has a stylish design with clamshell lacing. If you are looking for the reliable construction of shoes, you will keep your eyes on this product.

    The shoes have the shock – absorbent insoles to make you comfortable feel in the whole day. Furthermore, you can walk on the wet surfaces freely without much hassle. Because they have slippery and oil - resistant outsoles to evade these bad situations.

    The shoes are produced from the synthetic soles with ankle – length working shoes and beautiful moccasin toe. Your feet will support by the cushioning wedge soles and the rugged metal in the eyelet position. With excellent features, the item is rated one of the best mechanic shoes in the boot industry.


    · The materials are enduring.

    · They have nice models.

    · They have slippery outsoles to avoid accidents in many bad conditions.

    · The shoes are worth with the buyers.


    · The shoes do not have various colors of choosing. Normally, they have black and tobacco colors only.

    · They are much more expensive in the current market.

    The boots are not wide enough.

    3. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot

    Dr. Martens have positioned in the fashion industry for many years, but they still have a fixed position in the mechanic shoe market like the Ironbridge product line. The shoes have padded and no – slip soles. They also have moisture insoles to support the users do not have the odors and dehydrate the yeast in their feet.

    Furthermore, the boots have the steel - toe insoles to save their feet do not slip in the oil, the petrol, alkaline or other wet conditions. You totally stay safe in these bad conditions. The material constructions are inbuilt from the leather to cut down the total weight of the boots (36ozs) when wearing. With the padded insoles, you can change or remove them easily.

    Dr. Martens Ironbridge is cozy thanks to the air – cushioned sole, trans PVC outsole and the stitch – welted construction. They also have strong metal in the eyelets and the D - ring cord lacing.


    · The shoes are very comfortable and sturdy.

    · They have high – quality construction with great models.

    · You do not have bad odors or other yeast in your fleet because the insoles are stayed dry.

    · They are chunky, but they are not heavy at all.

    · The price is available for most of the average - income mechanics.


    · Some buyers get stuff in their ankles when putting the shoes on.

    · Patrons need to check the size before making a purchase.

    They have only three colors – black, gaucho and teak.

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    4. CaterpillarMen’s2nd Shift Boot

    The Caterpillar Second Shift Boot combines to stylish and conventional designs so mechanics can wear in the working conditions as well as casual time. The shoes have the full grain leather upper with sturdy construction to use for a while. In this product, you totally comfort because the steel toe boots have padded ankles and breathable insoles.

    Moreover, the shoes have sock liners and one slip – assistant rubber in the outsoles to support your feet. You comfort in the harsh conditions while taking on. The Caterpillar brands are well – known in the fashion industry as the hardworking, strength and honesty shoes with high – quality standards.


    · The shoes are inbuilt sturdy constructions.

    · Manufacturer combines them as conventional and modern designs.

    · The price is affordable for everyone.

    · They are not bulky.


    · This Cat Boots have only two colors – black and tan.

    · Some buyers said that they were not comforted at all times.

    Before making a purchase, you should check your appropriate size because they are larger than other same sizes.

    5. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 inches Steel – Toe Boot

    Timberland Pro Pit Boss Steel – Toe Boot is rated one of the best mechanic shoes because they are comfortable, tenacious and secure shoes. The constructions completely meet ANSI safety standards. It also provides larger space in the toe box than other boots on the market.

    Furthermore, you do not have a concern about walking in the harsh conditions such as wet areas, slippery surfaces or other electric peril. They will help you stay safe from open tracks. On the comfort zone, the shoes have one removable sock liner to support the users for a while.

    When we are looking for work boots, we pay attention to this brand in our mind with high – quality products in the casual wearing as well as special shoes. Your feet still stay dry all the time even if you have to run in the heavy rain conditions due to waterproof leather.


    · The best option for waterproof shoes with an affordable price.

    · Patrons agree that they are perfect working boots.

    · The shoes are comfortable and safe in every condition.

    · With sturdy construction, you can wear them for a while.


    · Buyers need to check the size before getting them in hands.

    · They do not have a variety of colors to choose your favorite ones. They have three colors only – black, brown and wheat.

    Some users do not comfort the shoes because they have blisters on their little toes after wearing a couple of weeks.

    6. Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

    Timberland PRO Women’s Titan helps female mechanics secure their feet every day thanks to the protection materials around ankles. The Mesh is lining with Agion antimicrobial treatment to control bad smell with Polyurethane midsole.

    When taking the shoes on, you totally comfort during your hard – working day because Nylon cushioning and soft leather to make your feet smoothly. Even though you have to work under harsh conditions (the petroleum, wet, etc.), you freely stay strong with slippery outsoles. The toe areas are inbuilt from Titan material to evade slippery surfaces for women.

    Due to waterproof constructions, you can walk in the storms without much hassle. For those who have much more sweat, the Outlast Adaptive Comfort – a kind of temperature sock covers absorbs the wet areas to stay dry on your feet. We are not surprised that Timberland PRO Women’s Titan is also the best mechanic shoes.


    · The shoes can wear in the storms thanks to the waterproof materials.

    · They will protect your feet all the time when wearing because of ankle protection and soft leather.

    · They are sturdy, comfortable and lightweight shoes.

    · They also have plenty of arch supports.

    · They have various sizes.


    · Some consumers said that users should wear the shocks.

    · The shoes are heavy so some consumers may get pain on their knees on the whole day.

    · The laces of the boots are not long enough.

    · Patrons need to check the size because the shoe sizes might be bigger or smaller than the same other sizes.

    7. KEEN Utility Women’s Flit Low Work

    The pair of Keen Utility Women shoes is inbuilt with high – protection standards to support women feel the shoes comfortably, especially on the cement floors. Although they are not high heel shoes (to protect the ankles) like other boots, they still have steel - toe protection.

    If you want to put gel soles, you could remove old ones and get your options. You also change your feet on the street because of flexible construction – left and right Asymmetrical steel toes. They also have Clean - Sports NXT(TM) to evade odors while you are taking on the roadways.


    · The shoes have slip – assistant and water – resistant soles to avoid different working conditions.

    · Keen Utility Women also is a lightweight item.

    · They are enduring mechanics boots.

    · They also have steel – toe protection that could not rub your little toes.


    · Some consumers said that they are really heavy, hard and unbreathable.

    · The insoles are strong and solid, but they are not hard to stand on for the whole day.

    Customers should check and follow the size chart before buying this pair of boots.

    8. The Original MuckBoots Adult Jobber Boot

    The best point of this item is users can wash them easily after walking a long way on the roads. The Original MuckBootsis inbuilt from rubber, dirt slides and grime so you can clean them. Because of women’s product, they are an excellent pair of shoes with careful constructions.

    You freely comfort the muck boots when wearing them out due to the soft inner lining. They also have temperature sock covers and waterproof materials. Therefore your feet are comfortable in certain temperatures.


    · The shoes can make quickly comfortable when taking them on.

    · They are lightweight and last for a while.

    · The boots could be easy for washing.

    · The product has temperature and slip – assistant soles.

    · They keep water out completely and stay warm for users.


    · Customers should check the sizes carefully.

    · The product has only black color.

    Some buyers said that the waterproof constructions would get out of the shoes and their feet cannot stay warm anymore.

    9. Timberland Women’s 6 inches Premium Boot

    Timberland Women’s 6 inches Premium Boot is a classic item and well – known brand in the shoe industry. Timberland shoes are not made for males only; women pick suitable ones with several colors.

    The shoes have premium waterproof leather to keep your feet stay dry and much more comfortable for the whole day. They also have lining leather and foot soles to ensure the feet conveniently. The laces are inbuilt from 100% PET – this is one type of recycled plastic bottles.

    For those who have troubles in the feet, you do not worry about the tough surfaces due to rubber lug outsoles. When you have to get overtime working shift, the lightweight cushioning, the shock penetration, anti- weakness midsole and adjustment soles will rescue you.


    · The shoes are stylish for women.

    · The product has several sizes with various colors on choosing.

    · They are waterproof and comfortable.

    · They are extremely durable.

    · They have sturdy constructions to protect your feet all the time.


    · They are not lightweight constructions.

    · You should check the size chart before making a purchase.

    · You need to check the stock in the outlet to get a lower price.

    If you have thicker ankles, you could focus on the lacing in the shoes.

    10. Bogs Women’s Classic Mid Waterproof Rain Boots

    Bogs Women’s Classic is designed for female mechanics to work in the tough conditions. Your feet will be totally protected to avoid punctures in the whole day thanks to the large platform. They are made from rubber and textile; you can clean them when necessary.

    The shoes also have anti – fungal, and odor – assistant sock liners, the infections do not have the opportunity to visit your feet. Moreover, the boots have waterproof materials to support your work in the wet conditions without much hassle. Most of the users agree that they should wear Bog’s mid boots in the cold seasons.


    · Manufacturer designs thin and soft platforms to be suited for women.

    · The shoes are affordable and comfortable.

    · They also have a large platform for feet protection.

    · You clean the shoes easily.


    · Some consumers said that the shoes were not durable for a while.

    · You can choose the black one only.

    When you walk in the heavy storms and rainy seasons, the shoes could be wet.


    Though mechanic shoes have to meet some difficult requirements for the workers like avoiding sharp objects and other bad hazards, they also should be comfortable and durable to both men and women. Because the workers need to take them on several working hours, the best mechanic shoes need to fit all of their requirements.



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