Top 5 Best Lightweight Walking Shoes Reviews

    Best lightweight walking shoes
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    It seems obvious at first to want the best lightweight walking shoes for men. After all, it’s a core necessity when it comes to walking; heavy shoes beat the point of long-term brisk-walks. In a world of choices, it is good to choose walking shoes that fit your exercise requirements more than any personal sense of style. We mean well when we say this, because practicality will last you longer and serve you better.

    Best lightweight walking shoes
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    Most walkers just choose the first pair that looks good without realizing that a bad fit can lead to foot pains, blisters, or worse. First, we will explore our top lightweight shoe selections and then detail why lighter is better.

    Top 5 Best Lightweight Walking Shoes

    Here are our top 5 picks for best lightweight walking shoes for men. Choose based on walking needs. Budget is secondary, because a good pair of shoes pays for itself over the long term. Bear in mind that these are all lightweight, so we will refrain from mentioning that for each shoe.

    1. New Balance Men’s M890 Neutral Run Shoe Running Shoe

    A gorgeous blend of beauty and functionality render these shoes from New Balance one of a kind.

    • Material: Synthetic with rubberized sole; specifically blown rubber for the outsole
    • Insoles can be removed; convenient
    • Geometric angles and no-sew synthetic overlays have made these shoes neutral; can be donned for walking, running, casual, parties, etc.
    • Ideal cushioning with ABZORB technology for shock-absorption
    • Midsole made of REVlite foam technology for long-term support
    • Sold in 3 different color codes

    Pros: Stylish, versatile, shock-absorbent, midsole support, removable insoles

    Cons: Not a good fit for most men’s feet; narrow sizes can lead to heel blisters

    2. Saucony Men’s Progrid Kinvara 3 Running Shoe

    They look full-bodied, feel great, and are perfect for walking as well as running. Few shoes compare to this one.

    • Material: Synthetic and fabrics with rubberized sole; sections on the outsole are made of XT-900 high-durability rubber
    • Uppers incorporated with Flex Film design to reduce thickness
    • Heel cushioning with shock-absorption; Heel ProGrid technology
    • Moisture-wicking lining made with HydraMAX material; odor-control
    • Fit is ideal thanks to memory foam material
    • Zero heel-to-toe differential; longer walks and runs possible
    • Sold in 6 different color codes

    Pros: Comfortable, moisture-wicking, ideal fit, durable materials, aesthetic look

    Cons: Not good for men with wide feet

    3. Merrell Men’s Intercept Fashion Sneaker

    This shoe is actually quite the revelation. It brings one of the best features among walking shoes.

    • Material: Leather with rubberized sole
    • AEGIS Shield technology has made these shoes protective, odor-free, and stain-resistant; they stay fresher for longer
    • Stitched directly to the last, the uppers (Strobel Construction) grant improved flexibility and support
    • The tongue, designed as bellows, keeps you comfortable
    • Stability and protection take the form of reinforced toe caps made of synthetic leather
    • Shock-absorption, cushioning, and firm support come via Compression Moulded EVA outsoles
    • Sold in 7 different color codes

    Pros: Gorgeous, protection-oriented, cushioned and comfortable, great support systems, durable

    Cons: Uncomfortable with Spenco inserts. Not good in warm/hot weather. Narrow toe space

    4. ASICS Men’s GEL-Flux 2 Running Shoe

    • Has a 1.5-inch heel for height
    • Bouncy and supportive, made for serious runners
    • Made of soft mesh material for comfort and breathability
    • High-abrasion outsole and high-rebound midsole
    • GEL cushioning

    Don’t worry about the heels, because they do not only make you look taller, but the extra cushioning makes your feet more comfortable as well! It’s bouncy and supportive, making your runs a great one each session. These are made of very durable and strong material, withstanding the longest of runs. It’s a great investment for those who want something that lasts while still giving them the ultimate comfort no matter how long or hard they go. Whether you’re brisk walking or running long distance or even sprinting, you will definitely have a great time with these pair of shoes. Plus, they are made of quality material that will last for years.

    5. ASICS Men’s GEL-190 TR Training Shoe

    • GEL cushioning at the heel
    • Great midsole system for added support
    • Lace up with padded tongue and collar

    These are best for the mix of runners and walkers. Best for beginners who are slowly easing their way into running or those who are training for their next marathon, these training shoes are great with extra cushioning at the heel and more pads at the edges for comfort as you train. Plus, it’s very supportive and helps you be safe, avoiding pain or injury as you run. It’s well-known for their balance of flexibility and stability, making it a great pair of trainers for those with any orthopedic problems or conditions on the feet. It’s not only flexible on the feet, but for usage as well. You can use it for cross-training purposes, may you be sprinting, jogging, or walking.

    Why Lightweight Shoes Are Better For Walking

    The best lightweight shoes come designed to please. They are meant to be durable and promote long-lasting walks.

    • Walking, running, hiking, etc. are each important; in combination or otherwise. Having lightweight shoes makes exercising desirable when next the trail calls.
    • Everyday exercises, especially brisk or speed walking, need durable shoes that will not chafe or cause problems after a few miles.
    • Traction and breathability are key factors that need to be incorporated into lightweight shoes. They need to rise to all-terrain challenges and provide good air flow, otherwise being lightweight won’t be enough to keep users happy.
    • The whole idea behind lightweight shoes is that they do not hold you back or weigh you down as you exercise for hours, or walk long miles to shed those calories and get fit over time.

    With such high standards in the world of health and fitness, few gear items serve better than the best lightweight walking shoes for men.

    Where To Shop For Lightweight Walking Shoes

    You will find them all over the place, even at the local drug store, which is all the more reason not to shop for them anywhere and everywhere. The best places to buy lightweight walking shoes are from reputed online or on-site locations, with an eye for fit, foot-width, and value for money.

    In other words, if the shoes fit and have all the practical features and design elements you need for your walking requirements for the next twelve months, buy them. The following online sites are a great spot to grab your favorite pair of lightweight shoes (choose region/location):

    • Clarks
    • Amazon


    When are lightweight shoes ever a bad thing? They are perfect for walking and running. Getting the right pair is the problem, because the category is vast; an ocean’s worth of possibilities. Your feet are your number one focus during any exercise. You need to stay up and at it for longer and in comfort or you are simply going to give up due to all that irrelevant muscle stress.

    Consider the width of your feet and shoes that bring specialized cushion and support technologies while remaining slim and light. Shop smart for the best lightweight walking shoes for men and your whole body will thank you for it someday.

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