Top 5 Best Insoles For Standing All Day 2019


To all the people out there, we know your wonder when choosing a perfect companion for your feet. It is unpleasant enough to stand for hours. Meanwhile, when it comes to standing all day, it must be an entirely uncomfortable experience. But do not worry! There are still various options of high-quality insoles for you to choose. Check out carefully our best insoles for standing all day 2019 review as following.

1. Sof Sole Athlete Full-Length Comfort Neutral Arch Replacement Shoe Insole/Insert

If your concern is much about comfort and performance of your footwear, the Sof Sole is for you. These insoles are designed for neutral arch and flat feet. With awesome features, this model is ideal for running, jumping, walking and especially for an all-day standing.

One selling point of that model is its ability to offer moisture and sweat resistance to your feet. To gain this function, they apply the Hydrologix moisture adjustment while the top cover is built with anti-bacteria technology. These two features will help to deliver an outstanding comfort that your feet certainly require.

Furthermore, additional gel pads make the insoles more cushioning, which you can never find in a normal insole. Besides, with the combination of these pads and IMPLUS foam, they can produce shock resistance and reduce any possible foot injuries.


• Suitable for neutral arch and flat feet

• Keep your feet warm and dry with moisture adjustment

• Come with additional gel pads for more cushioning

• Reduce pressure and shock to your feet, knees, and legs

• Comfortable


• Its thickness makes it hard to fit with any kinds of shoes

• Not efficient arch support

Superfeet Green Premium Shoes Insoles

2. Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole

We all know that standing for a long time with the flat feet often causes stress and tiredness to all people. Understanding that problem, Super feet carries out an amazing model to enable the users to overcome all their worries. This is Super feet Green premium insole.

Arch support is extremely important, and Super feet seems to be successful in this factor. It also provides a great support for your heel by its heel cup design. Even for your back, this insole can also work well. Put way any worries about shock, pressure or lack of cushioning and arch support, you will get what are you paying for with this insole.

Another noticeable feature is its stability and durability. We ensure that it can last for a long time without loosing its function. Although it comes with a higher price than some kinds of insoles, you will never regret buying this amazing insole.


• Offer optimal arch and heel support

• Pressure absorption

• Durable construction ensures a long lifetime

• This model can fit well with any kinds of shoes and footwear.


• Come with a higher price than some types of models on the market

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Orthotic Shoe Insoles - best insoles for standing all day

Find out effective foot control, cushioning and flexibility with Pinnacle

You are suffering from some foot conditions, but want to seek the best support for your standing throughout a day. You cannot lack Powerstep Pinnacle in your list. This insole is specially designed for pain relief, cushioning and foot arrangement for considerable support and comfort.

Standing in a long time requires an outstanding cushioning to pick your feet up smoothly. This feature you can easily find in Pinnacle. With the design of dual-layer cushioning, you will have a chance to experience a more comfortable feel inside your shoes. Besides, the anti-microbial construction also decreases friction and heat when you walk, stand, etc. Therefore, it helps to keep your feet cooler and heathier.


• Dual-layer cushioning for more support and comfort

• Anti-microbial construction for friction and heat friction

• Provide enough flexibility for your standing in an entire day

• Efficient arch support

• Deliver a good fit


• It may be too thick for some kinds of shoes

Dr. Scholls Custom Fit

4. Dr. Scholls Custom Fit

A perfect fit with Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit insole

As its name suggests, the Dr. Scholl's is designed with a custom fit to make sure that it can sit perfectly inside any kinds of shoes. The only thing you have to do is to remove it from shoes to shoes and enjoy how well it can fit. As a result, this model is suitable for the ones who want to seek a right insole for all kinds of the shoes.

Not only does it give immediate support but it also delivers an incredible for the entire day. More importantly, this is tested by various podiatrists. If you have spent time learning about, podiatrists are not strange to you. Simple speaking, podiatrists are the ones who always desires to come up with amazing ideas and design outstanding products all over the world.

Furthermore, the Dr. Scholl's also contains a cradle flex system to stabilize your feet in general and your arch in particular. Additionally, a great feature about this version is they have molded into the bottom. Therefore, it will not wear out by the time you are ready to re-order a new one.


• Deliver a perfect with any kinds of shoes

• Cradleflex system to build stable arch support

• The function is checked by podiatrists

• Very comfortable


• Not ensure a durability

• Come with a high price

5. SOLE Softec Ultra-U Arch Support Inserts

A thick, supportive insole for standing all day

For the people who love a thick cushioning, do not skip an awesome model from SOLE Softec. If you have knee or back injury, flat feet, or bunions, these insoles will significantly help you to relieve your injury you are suffering right now.

In fact, the SOLE Softec contains a 3.2mm layer cushioning to provide optimal thickness, particularly for loose shoes. Coming along with this thickness, pressure and shock resistance are also enhanced with this construction.

This insole also uses strong EVA foam for more support and comfort. Compare to weak EVA foam, a strong one normally makes the insoles stronger, more supportive and longer-lasting. Many people may be afraid that the strong EVA will cause pressure and shock when you stand or move. In contrast, you can experience a remarkable comfort as expected.


• It can work well with any kinds of arch

• Have a high arch

• Thickness for more cushioning and shock resistance

• Strong EVA foam for more comfort


• It may be thick for some shoes

• Your feet may be get injured by high arch

How can you benefit from using the best insoles for standing all day?

There is one universal truth about footwear that the insoles have a considerable impact on daily activities. No matter how strong your feet are, poorly manufactured insoles can certainly prevent you from going further.

In fact, standing for the entire day normally causes soreness and discomfort to any types of people. Although we always want to avoid them, they are usually ineluctable. Nevertheless, a high-quality insole can minimize almost troubles inside your shoes. That is why picking up the best insoles for standing all day is an essential task.

Choosing a good insole also means selecting a good companion for your feet. Not only does it provide comfort and convenience to the users but it also helps to reduce any risk of plantar fasciitis, blisters, and other foot pains. Now, let’s see how this insole can support your feet and your standing.

best insoles for standing all day

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Firstly, a high-quality insole delivers a full arch protection to your vulnerable feet. Standing all day makes your feet easily get blisters or pains. These injuries will be more serious if you do not treat in time. As a result, it can cause permanent damage inside your shoes. In this case, the insole will help to prevent you from getting any risks on your feet and improve your performance and endurance throughout a day.

In addition, a right insole also provides comfort and convenience for your feet. Besides, breathability and ventilation keep your feet cool and dry all day. Therefore, you can be confident for the entire day without wetness and moisture. Take all the worries away, be confident in any movements and steps.

These above reasons explain why all types of people are encouraged to pick up exceptionally good insoles. For standing, walking or running, the importance of the insoles goes the same as a shoe. Without a right pair of shoes, you cannot confidently go on any rough surfaces. Similarly, without well- manufactured insoles, you are impossible to stand consistently and steadily.

How to look for the best insoles for standing all day?

As mentioned above, you have understood the gorgeous advantages of using the high-quality insoles. As a worker in a store, department or restaurant, if you do not want to be absent from work, do not forget to choose a suitable insole.

On the current market, there are numerous selections for you to choose. Nevertheless, not all of them are suitable for your nature and purpose as well. As a result, deeply understanding how to pick up a suitable insole is always important. Now, we will show you essential factors to consider when you want to choose the best insoles for standing all day.

• What type of arch will these insoles offer for?

The first thing you should pay attention is the type of arch these insoles may offer for. In general, different insoles can provide support for different types of the arch from low, medium to high arch. Before buying the insoles for your shoes, think about your arch type first and then pick up a right one.

• Are you suffering any foot conditions?

In fact, if you have some foot pains such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet, let’s choose the one who offers the most suitable functions for your foot conditions. For example, if you have flat feet, make sure that your insoles provide enough cushioning and arch protection. Meanwhile, cushioning and a full heel protection is encouraged for plantar fasciitis.

• Can these insoles ensure effective cushioning and shock absorption?

Walking or standing all day puts your feet, knee, and legs under stress and pressure. Therefore, a right insole with enough cushioning and shock absorption may efficiently protect you from pressure on your feet and blisters as well.

• Is the design breathable enough?

Moisture and sweat actually annoy you a lot when you are in shoes all day. If your insoles cannot help to take the sweat and moisture away, your feet will totally get wet. Do not surprise if you do not want to stand anymore.

• Do these insoles sit perfectly inside your shoes?

Lastly, you should have to know that there are not any common insoles for all kinds of shoes. Each size of insoles will fit with the different size of your shoes. As a result, before coming to a store, remember to check out your shoes to find out the fittest insoles.


Have you ever suffered from any discomfort and soreness inside your shoes? Do you have to be absent from daily work due to blisters, plantar fasciitis or other foot injuries after standing for the entire day? In this case, you may use a wrong insole for your vulnerable feet.

For its importance, choosing the best insoles for standing all day is always essential for everyone. Do not hurriedly pick up any units available on the market. Let’s check them out carefully to identify which is the most suitable item for your purpose. If you have any question, ask us now and receive a right answer after that.



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