Top 5 Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis
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Have you ever suffered from any plantar fasciitis in your feet? Walking in a long time may cause serious problems to your vulnerable feet as well as your health. Luckily, there is a variety of footwear available on the current market for you to invest in. However, not all of them are supportive enough to help you overcome your foot pain. Check out the best insoles for plantar fasciitis in our article that meet closely your needs and demands.

Why should you choose the best insoles for plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis refers to the condition of a disorder that causes injury in the foot’s bottom and in the heel. You may suffer from the most severe pain in the first movements of the day or after a break. It can cause by several reasons as following:

  • You are suffering from overpronation
  • Your feet are flat or have high arches
  • You run, jump, stand or walk on rough surfaces in a long time
  • Your current footwear does not fit with your feet or it made of low quality

According to a research, about 80% heel pains are caused by plantar fasciitis. Meanwhile, approximately a third of people have both legs influenced. This means that you have a high risk to take the plantar fasciitis, and this problem may have serious impacts on your total health if it is not treated correctly.

The plantar fasciitis not only makes you hard to move but also can cause permanent damage to your foot. Even it is not treated in time, you may need a surgeon to get rid of this matter. In addition to numerous remedies, a good insole can significantly support your foot pain. This is why picking up the best insoles for plantar fasciitis is a crucial task for everyone.

​Firstly, a right insole can treat your plantar fasciitis by delivering the possibility of shock reduction. It not only cushions your soles but also minimizes shock and pressure to your feet. Besides, it helps to create a correct distribution between both legs and feet. As a result, once you are using this insole, you will feel convenient and comfortable in any steps for the entire day.

Next, it can help to treat foot pain as well. For the ones who have chronic foot troubles or foot injury issues, a high-quality insole is considered as the most valuable investment. With temporary foot matter, an insole without the rack can offer an affordable result more than you think.​

Different from other footwear, a separate insole is more affordable. In fact, a well-manufactured insole designed especially for plantar fasciitis is a smart choice for any purchasers. If you cannot invest in a new footwear, do not worry. Let an insole solve your pain.​

Top 5 Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis 2018

1. Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles Original

The first model we want to show you in this article comes from Powerstep family- one of the leading insole brands all over the world. This orthotic insole is an ideal choice for full protection related to plantar fasciitis and some foot conditions. The users may feel a stronger arch support with a deep heel design while you are using it.

Unlike some insoles on the current market, this orthotic insole needs time to break it. It means that at some first steps, you may not feel supportive and comfortable as expected. However, we ensure that after 4 weeks of using, the majority of purchasers definitely experience a considerable improvement in both support and comfort.

This insole can offer the best durability and comfort for the arch at such price. The designers provide dual-layer cushioning to minimize shock absorption as well as bring full arch protection during any movements and activities. Besides, the low and thin construction make it easy to fit in various shoes.


• Provide efficient support for arch and heel with dual layers of cushioning

• Bring comfort and convenience

• Durability and strong design

• Thin and low formation fits numerous shoes

• You can easily move from shoes to shoes


• You may feel discomfort in the first steps

• Time to break- in is required

2. Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles,Green

These fancy insoles are perfect for the people who have flat feet. As the flat feet are extremely vulnerable, the Superfeet must ensure its high quality and supportive function.

One selling point of that model is its ability to provide optimal arch support. For a right insole, if it cannot deliver an effective support, it will cost nothing. Therefore, investing in a model like Superfeet is a smart selection. Furthermore, its durability is also highly appreciated by both customers and experts.

Furthermore, the durable bottom made from plastic material provides an amazing shock absorption to the users. Walk, run or jump, in any cases you are, be confident in any steps. Besides, whatever kinds of shoes you are wearing, this insole also fits well.


• This insole is ideal for plantar fasciitis, fat feet even high arches

• Deliver optimal arch and heel support, then bring comfortable and relaxing feels to the users

• The construction is stable and durable, which ensures a long lifetime for this model.

• With various kinds of shoes, this insole can fit well. Therefore, you do not have to be afraid of its combination of your shoes


• The price is rather high, so the people with low income cannot afford

3. Superfeet Women's BERRY Performance & Comfort Insoles - Best insoles for plantar fasciitis 2017

The next recommendation is an insole for women’s footwear- Superfeet Women's BERRY. If you are a woman who is seeking an ideal support for your plantar fasciitis, medium arches, and especially flat feet, the Berry is for you.

Designed with a custom construction, it will be a smart investment if you are newly using insoles. This is because the Berry is made from high-quality material and bring enough cushioning to your vulnerable feet.

A big plus is that this model can fit well with many kinds of shoes for its thin profile. Many people may be afraid that the insole cannot match well with their shoes. Coming to this unit, please take your worry away. The only thing you have to do is to insert it inside your beloved shoes. Then, enjoy how amazing it would be on your feet.

In addition, with anti-bacteria design, it will also provide breathability and ventilation so as to take moisture and wetness away. Even in the summer, let’s be confident in each step and movement.


• Ideal for flat feet and medium arches

• With low and thin profile, it can fit well with numerous kinds of shoes

• Breathable enough to ensure comfort and ventilation in the summer

• Cushioning to prevent distress and discomfort


• Although it is made of high-quality material, it may be worn out if you are constantly inserting them into different shoes.

4. Orthaheel Full-Length Orthotic Insoles for Active Men and Women

The Orthaheel is considered as a smart selection for the ones who love Tri- Plantar motion adjustment.

What makes these Active orthotics more valuable is that it was designed by awesome podiatrists. If you once spent time learning about the insoles, you definitely understand that the podiatrists always desired to research and come up with incredible ideas to design a perfect product for the users. As a result, it is a surprising alternative to costly custom-made insoles.

This insole helps to reduce overpronation by rearranging feet and create a right order inside your shoes. Therefore, foot pain and heel injury are always kept at minimal levels. Besides, when combining with a pair of walking shoes, these orthotics make your movement faster and smoother without any soreness and distress.


• These insoles are lightweight, so they make you more comfortable and relaxing

• Come up with suitable price

• Help to adjust and control motion

• Contribute to reducing plantar fasciitis and some common pain


• Cannot fit with all kinds of shoes

• Not flexible enough for a long walk and running

5. The Original Samurai Insoles - Orthotics for Flat Feet

When it comes to right insoles, Samurai has a lot to offer. In fact, Samurai insoles are known as a premium orthotic which can offer a powerful support for your feet.

The original Samurai insoles can help to absorb pressure and rearrange your feet’s order if necessary. To gain this With low arches, these insoles are likely to work well, too.

Besides, these insoles are designed according to a conventional size of shoes all over the world.As a result, it makes you easy to replace your existing insoles with these awesome Samurai insoles.


• Affordable price

• Sleek design for more attractive appearance

• Deliver good support for plantar fasciitis and some common foot pain and reduce pressure.

• Work well with the ones who have low arches


• We cannot ensure it can last for a long time

• Does not deliver the best protection for the heel.

Plantar Fasciitis

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Factors to consider when choosing the best insoles for plantar fasciitis

We all know that the best insoles for plantar fasciitis are extremely important. Whether you are in foot pain or not, it is always essential for any purposes. Choosing a right insole also means selecting a good companion in your movements. Here are some factors you should keep in your mind before you select your insoles.

  • Size

You first need to understand that there is no single best kind of insoles for everyone. Some can offer a good fit for every shoes' size. But some are definitely not. Remember to check out your insole’s size before you come back home.

To select the fittest one, try testing it at the store instead of buying online. If the insole cannot fit perfectly with your shoes, it can cause any discomfort to the users. Plus, how easily it can insert into your shoes should not be skipped. Therefore, do got get fooled when purchasing this model.

• Cushioning

Secondly, a high-quality insole must have enough cushioning to ensure all comfort while you are walking or running. Cushioning also means arch support. Especially when you have flat feet, a full arch support will protect your feet from getting injured by any hard surfaces.

• Shock absorption

When you are walking, running or jumping, shock and pressure to your feet are inevitable. This pressure is one of the main reasons of plantar fasciitis and other foot pains. Therefore, picking up an insole with shock absorption ability seems to be a smart investment.

• Heel support

In fact, plantar fasciitis causes pains in the foot’s bottom or in the heel. As a result, a good insole for this matter cannot lack an ability of heel support. If it cannot bring a full protection to your heel, it is worth nothing.

To check out this ability, first, you stand on that insole without a shoe. Next, identify how your heel is protected while you are using this insole. If you find comfortable and entirely supportive with your heel, and then this insole is right for you.

Are there any types of best insoles for plantar fasciitis you may not know? Now, follow our article to get further tips and suggestions.


Picking up a right insole for your shoes is always important for all people out there. Not only can this insole make your movements experience a more comfortable feel, but it also potentially decreases the risk of future plantar fasciitis and other common foot pain.

In fact, there are numerous options available on the current market. Therefore, what you should do is pick up the best insoles for plantar fasciitis among them. First, you should consider a variety of factors of an awesome insole. Then, weigh the pros and cons to make a right decision. We hope that our above article will be helpful for you whenever you want to choose a right model for your needs and demands.



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