Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes for Men 2019

    Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes for men
    Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes for men

    Top 10 Best hiking shoes for men 2019 Reviews.

    Hiking shoes are extremely important and necessary for protecting your feet and make your comfort. These shoes also build your great performance on the trail, but it does not mean they are heavy and strong at all to protect you. This definition of hiking shoes is old-fashionable in these days.

    Today, you enable to wear hiking shoes to challenge new difficulties in any terrain and condition. With these hiking shoes, you will feel comfortable and lightweight while controlling your steps without much hassle. The main question is which ones are the best hiking shoes for men. We will mention and list out for you as below. Stay tuned!

    Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men 2019

    #1 - Salamon Men’s X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoes - Best hiking shoes for men 2019

    Salamon Men’s X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoes are lightweight shoes, and these are one of the best hiking shoes for men because hikers will feel flimsy in the terrain and improve on-trail performance as well.

    These shoes have friction, stability, and protection indeed for regular hiking. Also, Salamon Men’s X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoes are made from the EVA midsole, and the Contragrip rubber to build the durability level fully.

    What’s more, shoes have single-pull speed laces, vigorous stance, and many direction lugs as well to create durable construction and nice model at once.

    When climbing or walking, you will feel the ground more than the weight of shoes so that you can control your feet in every step smoothly thanks to the reduced weight in the frame. Nonetheless, your feet still are completely protective thanks to a rubber toecap.


    · Comfortable fit

    · Lightweight enough for comfort

    · Great lace-up position

    · Breathable and waterproof shoes

    · High-quality materials


    · Not suitable for those who have narrow heel

    · Not great in the arch support

    Quite small toe box

    #2 - Merrel Moab 2 WP Low Hiking Shoes - Best men's Hiking shoes 2019

    Although Merrel Moab 2WP Low Hiking Shoes are not appropriate for long and rough terrains, these shoes are still ideal for casual hikers with lots of great features at all.

    How are these shoes tremendous? They have many great benefits that you need to consider right away such as lightweight construction, comfortable fit and affordable in price.

    More specially, these shoes feature durable upper, excellent cushioning system in the heel of the foot-bed position.

    Merrel Air Cushion will make your feet stay dry all the time and comfortable for many hours of using. The materials, on the flip side, are also excellent that you may surprise. These shoes are made from suede leather and mesh in general as well in the mesh upper.


    · Extremely comfortable and endurable

    · Not wasted time of breaking period to be suited on fit

    · Well-made materials

    · Solid and lightweight construction

    · Breathable and stay dry even if you hike in the rainy days or mud condition

    · Suitable shoes for hiking, walking, trekking, and even regular casual


    · Not good friction

    · A little cumbersome

    · A little rigid on the outside coated

    #3 - Adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

    When hearing the Adidas brand, you may think this brand has running shoes or other common sports shoes like tennis shoes, walking shoes, etc. However, they also produce hiking shoes these days!

    Adidas hiking shoes are also rated one of the best hiking shoes for men and women as well. Do not miss out the chance to take into account Adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes.

    Are they attractive? With full of suitable features and nice look, these shoes are available for your hiking journey. Also, they display the sport and athletic elements in a natural way.

    More specially, you ought to save many bucks on your wallet to buy another pair of shoes for running shoes if you do not purchase the Adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast Gore-Tex.

    These shoes are the perfect combination of trailing, hiking, trekking, and running as well. If you are a sports lover, you will not choose only one outdoor activity such as hiking, running, or trekking.

    I/we believe that you have to go to the shoe shop many times for choosing other shoes to meet your sporting passion. Do not make a big excuse because you ignore these fabulous shoes.

    On the one hand, they have the socking system and the Collar Neoprene collar to make you feel comfortable and protect your feet while stepping various surfaces.

    And there is no doubt that these shoes also are the best hiking shoes for men!


    · Improved confident feeling when participating in outdoor activities

    · Waterproof and breathable shoes

    · Snug fit both in warm and cool weather conditions

    · Tremendous traction


    · Difficult drawings

    · A little bit pricey

    Not fixed in sizes

    #4 - The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 GTX Trail-Running Shoes

    The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 GTX is trail-running shoes, but they are also suitable for hikers with steady construction, great traction, and excellent foot protection.

    The mid-sole, on the other hand, has a shank with a sturdy plate to reduce harsh impacts and build the stiffness at once.

    Whether you are going to hike or backpacking only, these still available to meet your needs and wants.

    Also, these shoes are waterproof and stay dry thanks to the GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Range and breathable membrane. These two points are so important to stay focused on a high-quality pair of shoes.

    What’s more, you do not have any blister in the toe room because shoes are inbuilt the protective TPU toe cap as well.


    · Stable structure

    · Fashionable shoes with diverse colors to choose from

    · Superb comfortable, endurable, and breathable

    · Great supporting system


    · A little bit heavy and stiff for track running

    · Not durable the soles

    A little bit narrow and tight toe box

    #5 - KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoes

    KEEN is one of the famous brands in the shoe industry in general and on the hiking shoes market in particular. And KEEN Men’s Targhee II is surely the best hiking shoes for men that you will need to consider.

    These shoes are made from the leather upper which is high-quality material to build the durability and also protects your feet.

    They have wide space in the inside room with toe cap protection so that your feet do not get any injury while hiking and other outdoor activities.

    You know, hiking is not an easy activity at all because you have to overcome many tough surfaces. Do not make your feet have to obey these harsh conditions by wearing excellent hiking shoes like these shoes.

    During your hiking trip, you will have a nimble feel if you wear these shoes because they are so lightweight. Thus, you can pull your heel easily with the ESS shank to control every step on the terrain.


    · Lightweight hiking shoes (just under 2 pounds)

    · Enhanced confidence when wearing

    · Extremely durable and cozy

    · Reasonable price point


    · Not suitable for those who have wide feet

    · Wasted time of passing the breaking time

    · A little bit large in the toe box

    #6 - Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Trail-Running Shoes

    It is said that Altra is a well-known brand for most of the hikers. If you are a fan of the Altra, you will agree that they have lots of advantages when deciding to select this brand.

    If you are not, then you could try to purchase a pair of hiking shoes like Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Trail-Running shoes. Later or sooner, both of you will say that these shoes are also the best hiking shoes for men.

    These shoes are made from synthetic and textile material in general with the rubber soles in particular to build solid construction. They are tailored to enhance the cushioning system and the comfort thanks to the Natural Foot Positioning, and Toe Splay.

    The structure of these shoes is inbuilt a full of cushion system and flexible FootShape toe box. These shoes also are waterproof and breathable ones because of the dual layer EVA with A-Bound in the mid-sole position, as well as the dry-air mesh in the upper position through the insoles.


    · Ideal fit for all hikers

    · Lightweight shoes with great cushioning system

    · Small pinches in the foot’s circulation

    · Dampened foot and leg pain


    · Not available footwear for hiking difficult terrains

    · A little bit heavy

    Not clear sizes

    #7 - The North Face Men’s Hedgehog Fastpack Gore – TEX

    The North Face Men’s Hedgehog Fastpack Gore-TEX is a fashionable model with well-made construction in general.

    These shoes are much more attractive than other general hiking shoes with great arch support, the Gore-Tex waterproof and lightweight enough for every hiker while traveling.

    Additionally, the leather and mesh are so endurable, so you do not have to worry about the falling apart for a while of using.

    The Vibram rubber, on the flip side, is a perfect protection for your feet when you have to walk and run on tough surfaces like mud condition.


    · Ideal hiking shoes for regular hikers

    · Well-made construction with lightweight enough

    · Great traction

    · Suitable shoes for the lighter trails


    · A little bit uncomfortable on the spot of the soles

    · Not available hiking shoes for those who have wide feet

    · A little pricey (not much)

    #8 - Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry Hiking Shoes

    Oboz is also a well-deserved reputation in the shoe industry which based in Bozeman, Montana. They produce several excellent shoes, and ObozSawtooth Low BDry is an example of the best hiking shoes for men.

    Great stability and solid traction are the greatest points for these shoes. ObozSawtooth Low BDry is the mid-height hiking footwear which is absolutely built for the harsh trails like the Rockies.

    Although these shoes are not appropriate for fast hikers and they are not the lightest, they still are the best solution for folks who probably upgrade the stiffness and support.


    · Ideal fit for hiking and other outdoor activities

    · Lightweight, comfortable, and well-made hiking shoes

    · Tremendous supporting system

    · Durable materials with solid platform and supportive protection

    · Stylish shoes with nice colors


    · Wasted time for passing the breaking time

    · Difficult cleaning process; especially on the suede-out leather

    · Little long laces

    #9 - Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse Performance Hiking Shoes

    Generally speaking, most of the hikers choose hiking shoes or trail runners, but they probably change other shoes for dealing with steep terrain and rocky condition. And Vasque Men’s Grand Traverse Performance Hiking Shoes can help them in these situations.

    These shoes are the perfect combination of climbing and hiking shoes such as grippy rubber, strong construction, and conventional footwear as well.

    Also, these shoes are lightweight, adaptable elements for rocky and other harsh conditions, flexible, comfortable, and breathable.


    · Suitable shoes for scrambling and hiking

    · Snug, flexible, and breathable shoes

    · Good stick-level

    · Good-looking design


    · Lack of slippery-resistant features

    · Not durable at all

    · Too narrow toe box

    #10 - Five Ten Men’s 2016 Guide Tennie Mid Approach Shoes

    Five Ten Men’s 2016 Guide Tennie Mid Approach Shoes are made from leather and textile materials with the rubber soles.

    These shoes have ghillie-style lacing with some stitch sides, and pull-loop at the heel to build a solid platform in the whole shoes.

    Even if you need to face the heavy loads, these shoes always protect your feet and give the stability thanks to the mid-level ankle support.

    With full of great features, Five Ten Men’s 2016 Guide Tennie Mid Approach Shoes are also rated one of the best hiking shoes for men on the current market.


    · Well-made hiking shoes with sturdy construction

    · Great sticky rubber

    · Comfortable and lightweight

    · Rapid shipping time and friendly customer service


    · Soft protection around the ankle area

    · Small Lugs

    · Lack of supportive laces


    Various hiking shoes for outdoor activities are great options for every hiker. These shoes have good traction, snug shoes and waterproof feature in the uppers, they support your feet while handling your ankle. There is no doubt that hiking shoes are the main selection for several hikers nowadays.

    When you want to find out the best shoes for men, be sure to understand some unique words or phrases about these shoes such as the upper, the laces, etc. In other words, you need to consider its elements and features before making your final decision.


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