Top 8 Best Cross Training Shoes in 2019 Reviews

    Best cross training shoes
    Best cross training shoes

    Like anyone else, I take care much about my health. As a result, I spend at least 30 minutes per day doing exercises from light to heavy such as walking, running, weightlifting and workouts. What I need are suitable, durable and high-quality shoes to serve me well. I searched a lot of information on the Internet relevant to shoes for versatile purposes.

    Best cross training shoes

    Best cross training shoes

    In the scope of this article, I sum up what I have found out about 8 best cross training shoes with the aim to help you make up your mind which one is most appropriate for you.

    1. Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoea

    These Saucony shoes are made of full-grain leather with the lightweight of around 2 pounds. Saucony provides you with three different colors including White, Black, and Stone. 86% of customers’ feedbacks show their high satisfaction with the shoe fit. That is to say; these shoes deliver a sense of a snug fit. I can say that the overall construction and design of these shoes are so sturdy and firm. It is a perfect choice for heavy workouts.

    With small mesh overlays on the upper part, the shoes provide much better breathability for the toe box. As a consequence, the shoes are kept cool and dry all the time. Bad smell and odors cannot cause your feet any discomfort. Even when you practice a variety of activities, your feet don’t feel sweaty and sticky at all.

    The outsole is very impressive with large grinds and grooves for incredible traction and grip. Thanks to the non-marking outsole, your balance is maintained throughout your exercises. Furthermore, padded tongue and collar and durable XT-900 material also support a lot your feet in every step.

    2. Nike Women's Free 5.0 Training Shoe Women US

    These Nike training shoes are designed and constructed in a traditional way to deliver the highest quality product for versatile training purposes. The mesh overlays on the upper part are accountable for the breathability of the toe box. For those whose feet are sweaty, these shoes are obviously an excellent option to wear during hours of training.

    The lace-up closure ensures that you can adjust the tightness of the toe box as soon as your feet feel comfortable and flexible for certain activities. The shoes are very light (around 1.1 pounds). You shall feel almost nothing around your feet. Your steps, as a result, become lighter and easier.

    The rubber sole impresses customers a lot with the decoration of different cubic grooves for much better traction and grip. The anti-slip construction of the outsole keeps your feet grounded, thereby reducing risks of slipping on the floor and maximizing your balance. In spite of only one color offered, these Nike shoes still deliver comfort and flexibility to your feet. It is durable enough for versatile usage.

    3. RYKA Women's Hydro Sport Water Shoe Cross-Training Shoe

    This shoe is designed and constructed to achieve durability, stability, and flexibility to adapt well to different types of exercises ranging from running, jogging, walking, weightlifting, etc. There are six different colors of your choice, and 83% of customers’ feedbacks show their high satisfaction with the shoe fit. That is to say, when you put the shoes on, you shall have the wonderful experience of a snug fit.

    The upper part is made of synthetic material with small mesh overlays responsible for the shoe’s breathability. For this reason, the toe box is always cool, clean and dry for those whose feet are much sweaty. Bad odors are no way present.

    The footbed is removable which is suitable for any replacement to satisfy you. The rubber outsole is firm yet stretchable for your feet to spare some space. Large grinds and grooves enable your feet to be grounded on slippery floors. Therefore, you no longer worry about slipping or losing your balance when you have some workouts or running tracks.

    4. Saucony Men's Guide 9 Running Shoe

    Saucony Guide 9 running shoes provide you with different colors and sizes to choose. The colors are beautiful, fashionable and stylish to enable you to match the shoes with lots of clothes. The sturdy and firm construction of these shoes shall offer you wonderful training experience. The textile and synthetic material leave the shoes a lightweight of 3 pounds. Therefore, you spend less effort in every step.

    What is more, small mesh overlays on the upper part are responsible for much better breathability of the shoes. The airflow can come in and out of the shoes easily, thereby leaving the shoes dry and cool during your long hours of training. The Energy-returning EVERUN technology provides the shoes with excellent cushioning which supports your feet much when it comes to sudden shocks.

    The XT-900 carbon rubber sole keeps you grounded continuously when you make heavy movements. Large grinds and grooves at the bottom allow amazing traction and grip. Therefore, even when you step on slippery floors, your balance is maintained well. Each step is stronger and more effective.

    5. Onemix Men's Air Running Shoes, Light Gym Outdoor Walking Sneakers

    The shoes are made of fabric and synthetic material leaving the shoe the lightweight. Based on the length and shape of your feet, you can choose the most suitable shoes for yourself. 75% of customers’ feedbacks show their high satisfaction with the shoe fit. If you have slim feet, you should choose the normal size. Other than that, you had better go with the next size larger than your normal wearing size.

    The small mesh overlays on the upper part of the shoes enable much better breathability for the toe box. As a result, the toe box is kept clean, cool and dry during your training. Your feet won’t feel sticky and uncomfortable at all. These Onemix shoes are truly multi-purpose athletic shoes for you to wear when you want to run, walk, workout and so on.

    The special air cushion unit is responsible for the feet comfort. It maximizes shock absorption and makes you feel like you are walking on a cushion every day. No matter how long you stand, walk or run, you don’t feel any tiredness in your feet.

    6. Onemix Men's Lightweight Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes

    Onemix provides you with four different colors including Black/Red, Green, Orange/Black and Blue. 75% of customers’ feedbacks show their high satisfaction with the shoe fit. It means that once you put the shoes on, you shall immediately feel a sense of a snug fit. The upper part is facilitated with mesh overlays which are mainly responsible for the shoe’s breathability. For this reason, your toe box is kept cool, clean and dry during your training, running or jogging.

    Furthermore, the design impresses me a lot as it is highly fashionable, sporty and energetic. When you wear these shoes, you should be ready to get compliments from people. You will look very outstanding in the crowd. Besides, the flexible air cushion allows you to run or walk with the utmost comfort. The cushion responses well and absorbs shocks to prevent your feet from pain and injury.

    The anti-slip durable outsole which is designed in tubular construction enhances stability and traction. Therefore, your balance is maintained well to step on slippery grounds confidentially.

    7. adidas Performance Men's Alphabounce M Running Shoe

    Adidas Alphabounce M running shoes provide you with a wide range of colors and sizes. With 82% of customers positive feedbacks, I am sure that you will feel satisfied with wearing the shoes. Although the design and construction are traditional, this Alphabounce M running shoe is still a good choice for versatile usage consisting of running, walking or jogging.

    The BOUNCE technology enables energized comfort for all sports in spite of how long you play. The fuse mesh overlays on the upper part ensure that the shoe toe box is clean, cool and dry during your training. As a result, anyone who suffers from sweaty feet won’t feel sticky and uncomfortable at all.

    The shoes are 10.5 ounces which are quite lightweight. The sock-like construction will offer you a great and amazing training experience for a snug fit. On the other hand, the rubber sole is equipped with lots of round grooves to enhance the shoes’ traction and grip. For this reason, your balance is maintained from slippery grounds.

    8. adidas Performance Men's Alphabounce Hpc m Running Shoe

    The shoes are made of textile and synthetic with the lightweight of around 2 pounds. The heel is 22mm high, and the forefoot is 12mm wide. The shoes are designed in sock-like construction to deliver a snug fit to wearers. The textile lining is soft. For this reason, those who are easily vulnerable with blisters and swelling can feel more comfortable and relaxed while they are wearing these shoes.

    The BOUNCE technology is responsible for cushioning and responsiveness. It, furthermore, maximizes the comfort all day. When sudden shocks occur, the cushion absorbs possible bad impacts on two feet. Therefore, you are protected from pain and injury.

    Besides, the rubber outsole offers excellent traction and grip thanks to large grinds and grooves at the bottom. Consequently, you are more confident in every step you take. Your balance maintains, and your training will be more effective.

    To sum up

    Now that you have earned yourself 8 best cross training shoes. They are versatile for any training purposes. In spite of multiple functions, they are durable and stable for years to use. However, you had better try them out by walking few steps to ensure that you have got the right ones. Let us know your choice by leaving your comment here and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends.



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