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Best chef shoes
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When it comes to choosing the best chef shoes, it is may be a bit tough for you. Spending long hours in the kitchen or at a dining table can make you get tired. Especially bullying your feet in an uncomfortable shoe can leads you to fail in cooking dishes. Sometimes you just want to immerse your feet in a slipper. But actually, you no need to do this as there are good shoes for you to choose one.

If you take on your bad shoes for a long time, you must undergo the unpleasant experiences, even hurting your feet. Perhaps you are just a housewife, or you are working as an expert chef. You deserve perfect shoes to have the best work performance. That is why you can read our review to find one of the best chef shoes you are searching for.

Here are top 5 best chef shoes for men:

1. Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

The first best chef shoe is highly recommended for men chef is Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe. This leather one can let you wash easily with soap and water as well as it can be dry in a quick time. Besides, the leather material is resistant to water; you no need to be afraid of getting it wet.

Also, the midsole is designed intelligently for keeping your feet well- ventilated. Obviously, your foot can be easily breathable and dry for long hours. The foot frame is compressed into the sturdy mold. Therefore, it can guarantee your movements and ensure the durability.

Particularly, you can use Jungle Moc for various purposes thanks to its high convenience. Jungle Moc is flexible for outdoor days such as the picnic or the pub. The shoe's colors come in the diversity of ranges for you to choose. You can mix it with your jeans or your adventurous clothes. You can also combine it with a costume for a usual day.

2.Crocs Men's Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Leather Loafer

The list of the best chef shoes can not be complete without Crocs Men's Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Leather Loafer. This imported shoe is made with the synthetic sole that functions as the cushion that smoothens your feet. Of course, this shoe can reduce shock level for you while moving hard. The memory foam footbed enhances the comfort of your pair of shoes.

So what else factors that exist in this type of shoes. The shaft length is roughly 2.5 cm that cat fits your feet properly. The Elastic-goring insets and the foam footbed will not disappoint you anymore. They can guarantee you the high level of comfort. You are amazed enough at one of the best chef shoes.

Crocs material is well-known for the soft, light and odor-resistant ability. The shoe is designed for a famous designer, producer and retailer of footwear for male, female and children. So now you want to pick up this reliable shoe?

3. Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On will be the next best of shoe that we would like to introduce you, guys. You will completely feel satisfied with its mesh fabric upper and the slip resistant traction. There are nothing better features than this one, right? You can count on it as it can keep your feet well ventilated and hold you not easily fall on the wet floor.

The elastic side gores at the opening can secure your feet and makes your movement firmer and stronger. The memory foam insole is exactly a cushion that holds your feet comfortably. The padded collar can partly enhance the fashion levels for your outfit.

Another interesting information of this shoe is it got the award-winning global leader in the footwear industry. The famous products aim to the men, female and children. The development of this brand originates from its advanced quality, various product lines which can serve user’s various lifestyle demands.

4. MOZO Men's Gallant Slip Resistant Comfort Lace-Up

MOZO Men's Gallant Slip Resistant Comfort Lace-Up is made with seventy-seven synthetic and twenty-three textile. With the rubber sole, your shoes can resist the water or the rain. It is also suitable for going outside, not just in the kitchen. Especially, Mozo owns the fashionable outlook that is really for guys who loves fashion.

The collection of Mozo shoes is renowned for its convenience, easy performance, and unique style. The upper material is black and can be scuff proof. Therefore, it can guarantee the comfort for your feet. Besides, the outsole can resist the slip, so you no need to worry the falling incident.

Such shoes have the diamond plate toe cap. Thus it can enhance the durability. The Gallant material is so lightweight that you can carry on conveniently. The outsole, of course, can have good control. The scuff-resistant uppers can keep you tidy, sharp and easy to perform motions.

5. Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Another shoe we would like to introduce you guys is Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe. These imported s shoes are made of leather with the synthetic sole. The great factor of Birkenstock is its heel height, and the platforms are just around 0.75 cm and 0.5 respectively. Therefore, it is the right choice for anyone that does not like the high heel.

Furthermore, the shoes are designed for meeting your long hour working demand. You can use it from mornings to nights. You can adjust ankle buckle strap for your fit. You also can control toe bar to encourage the natural gripping. The footbed curves can guarantee the weight allocation and supply good arch backup.

Moreover, neutral heel cups keeps the foot's natural padding as well. The rubber outsole offers the good traction so that you do not have to be afraid of getting the slip. The shape of Birkenstock stimulates your body to weigh allocated onto the entire foot, providing the maximum support.

Here are top 5 best chef shoes for women:

6. Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

Discussing one of best chef shoes for women, we would like to tell you Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog. The shoe is especially hand-made from skillful and experienced craftsmen. Every stitch is made in the best way to ensure the durability and nice outlook. The footbed features as the massaging cushion for your feet.

Besides, do you know that Crocs is exclusively designed for ones who work in food service career? Such shoes are believed to meets food experts' demands. The attached design and heavier metatarsal to protect the feet from the hard floor.

Particularly, Bistro is designed for ones that work for a long period of time. It is said to resist the slip and be proved to adapt the certain standards. Its material is easy to wash and clean, you can use them with soap and water. Now, what are you waiting for, you will pick up this pair of shoes right away?

7. Klogs USA Women's NAPLES Mule

You are wondering which kind of shoes you are looking for to serve your career demand. Klogs are known to provide the multifunction insoles. It can be removed, cushioned and supportive thanks to its polyurethane material. The outsole is tested and can resist the wet condition and offer the backup cushion for your feet.

The heel height of the shoe is two centimeters that can keep your balance well thanks to its medium height. Another good point of Klogs is it is quite durable, last long and supply the best comfort and backup. The shoes are not only for the chef or kitchen experts, but they are also suitable for doctors, teachers or nurses. If there are some things you are wondering about the Klogs USA Women's NAPLES Mule, you can rush to the nearest store to experience one of the most amazing shoes.

8. MOZO Women's Forza Slip Resistant Work Clog

The list of best shoes for women chef will be an incomplete thing if MOZO Women's Forza Slip Resistant Work Clog. The shoes are made of leather and rubber sole. Of course, in similarity with above ones, the rubber sole works as a soft cushion that can comfort your feet.

Also, the medium heel height can satisfy ladies who dislike the high heel. Therefore, Work Clogs are just not suitable for work, but it is also for the other purpose. You can take a leisurely stroll with Work Clogs or a relaxed walking.

The midsole own the full-length cushion so that it can ensure the comfort all day for your foot. Due to the system technology, you can adjust the shoes at your discretion. Especially the insole is added gel to enhance more cushioning. Are there any better things than Work Clogs.

9. Dansko Women's Professional Mule

The next one of the best chef shoes for women is Dansko Women's, Professional Mule. This imported shoes that are made of leather material have the synthetic sole. The heel and platform length are approximately 1.75 and 0.75 inches respectively. The clog is intelligently designed with the comfortability. Therefore, it can protect your feet.

Especially, the rocker bottom can ensure the shock reduction. The broad heel strike offers the great stability and durability. The padded instep collar can keep your fashion. Each type of shoe features the Dansko DNA material and meticulous construction.

If you are finding a kind of shoes that can protect your health including foot, leg or your back during working, this is the perfect option for you to wear a healthy shoe.

10. Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

The last perfect shoes for female chef needs to be discussed isSkechers for Work Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe. The pros of Skechers is it has the slip-resistant ability and special for cushion and comfort. It also stimulates your performance.

On its shoe’s fashion, it certainly makes you much more stylish and better outlook. Women's Sure Track Slip-On are produced with soft, hard leather and guarantee the slip reduction. Besides, you can remove the smooth insole if you want. Shoes are believed to raise more confidence for kitchen workers. So if you are looking for a perfect pair of shoes, this is the right choice.

Benefits of chef shoes

Based on the table above, we can tell that chef shoes are meant for comfort while other shoes are meant for fashion. While both shoes offer protection to the feet, chef shoes offer more protection since they are specially built to support your feet as you stand all day in the kitchen.

A right pair of chef shoes can enhance your cooking performance. Standing for long hours on the kitchen floor can make you easily slippery, especially when you process different ingredients. If the floor does not get wet, it is still hard. Of course, you also do not want your feet to be unpleasant right. Thus this is one of the big benefits chef shoes bring to you.

Factors to consider buying the best chef shoes

When you want to buy good chef shoes, you need to provide yourself with some basic knowledge about ways to choose.


The priority factor you should take into your consideration is the comfortable function. You should not choose something too loose or too tight because the fitting level of the shoe will put a large effect on your feet. Your feet feel comfortable or not depends on your choice. Whatever other factors, just choose the most comfortable you feel.

Especially, you can opt for one with a good thin padding shoe your feet will not feel hurt or get pain. You also can search for the thin pad which does not hamper your feet for long hours. Besides, you should buy shoes with the shoe's colors platforms and a bit of heel, about 1 inch, to help your feet not get pain from the firm kitchen floor.

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Durable and Lightweight

The second factor you must keep in your mind is durability. Nobody wants to wear an ephemeral or temporary pair of shoes. You are willing to pay an amount of money for a good quality shoe, thus stupidly ruining your money is not worth anymore.

You can pay attention to the stitches that are hand-made and make sure that the material can be anti-moisture or waterproof. Standing for long hours on the kitchen floor can not avoid getting wet or dampness. Even the drying your vegetables or washing your meet at least can make you slip. You can refer synthetics material that is known to be light and long- lasting in case it is not exposed to the sun heat.

Anti-skid Sole

The subsequent feature for you to choose is the anti-skid sole. So what functions does an anti-skid sole can do? This type of sole is remarkably favored by users. As it can control navigation if the kitchen floors are easily slippery.

If your shoes have the firm grip on the floor thanks to its deep grooves soles, this also can make your shoes get slippery. Therefore, finding a pair of shoes with the anti-skid factor is extremely essential.

Arch Backup

One of the most important factors you must write it down right away is the arch backup. The state that your foot is in pain is not strange anymore. One of the effective methods to stay away from this is to look for a shoe with perfect arch support. If you own the flat feet, let’s buy chef shoes with the short height of arch backup so that you will not hurt your feet.

Shock Absorption

This factor is highly appreciated when the chef is looking for the right chef shoes as it can shelter your joints from falling apart or getting hurt easily. During your walk, the force of your foot onto the floor leaves a shock to your joints. That is the reason why you ought to find the chef shoes with the shock reduction ability.

This feature is much preferred if you’re looking for some good kitchen shoes because it protects your joints from wearing out easily. When you walk, the impact of your feet on the floor sends a shock to your joints. This is why you must look for chef shoes with shock absorbing qualities.

Leather material

The simple, smooth leather material is incredibly easy to clean with soap and water, and the sleek look of the shoe is ideal for someone who does not want to be hassled by laces. The padded collar and flexible inserts are nice additional touches.

Here are the reasons why you should opt for the shoes with the leather material. With leather material, you can wash it simply without any difficulties as the leather can be dry quickly. You will not worry about its reaction with soap or bleach.


Here are some best chef shoes for both men and women. Being aware of your proper demands, habits as well as main functions you want, you choose your favorite shoe. Stay on our website to receive more informative and useful reviews.



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