Top 5 Best Brooks Running Shoes 2019

Best Brooks Running shoes reviews
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When shopping for the best Brooks running shoes, knowing a little something about the brand will not hurt. Not only are they part of major charities, communities, and running advocacies, Brooks is also renowned for their innovative footwear technologies; which we will discuss soon.

best Brooks running shoes

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From a dedicated team to a gorgeous line-up of shoes, all you need do is pick your category and get started. In our case, we are going to focus on some of Brooks’ incomparable running shoe selections. They have a vast realm of choices and accessories, but their walking shoes stand out in their own right.

​Below we explore four of the top Brooks’ walking shoes for everyday exercise goers or those who simply like to walk for long hours.

1. Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 14 Running Shoe

They mainly advertize it for running but it can just as easily double as a walking pair. The sheer feature-rich design is meant to grant walkers a smart edge.

  • ​Material: mesh with rubberized sole
  • Fluid and natural forefoot movement thanks to Omega Flex Groove design
  • Specialized support from saddle design; adjustable
  • Areas on the outsole prone to wear and tear have added durability via HPR Plus design features
  • Moisture-wicking element linings ensure breathability and odor control
  • Walkers need ideal ground contact, namely excellent heel-to-toe transition. The Caterpillar Crash Pad (Brooks’ signature design statement, used in all their shoes) design feature ensures this
  • Sold in 5 different color codes

Pros: Stylish, ideal fit, breathable, odor-control, comfortable, designed for exercise

Cons: Lacks as good cushioning as some heavier shoes from other brands​

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 7 Running Shoes

From its aesthetic appeal to the beautiful blend of user-oriented features, this pair has taken the walking world by storm.

  • Material: Synthetic mesh with rubberized sole
  • One of the most true to size shoes on the market; outstanding fit for varied foot types
  • Footbed is easy to remove and replace; leaves room for orthotics
  • Ideal design for those with mild to moderate underpronation
  • S-257 material for insole ensures flexibility and cushioning comfort; it’s also shock-absorbent
  • Midfoot and heel regions have crash pad protection
  • Sold in 5 different color codes

Pros: Breathable material, high comfortable, protective design, versatile features

Cons: Slightly narrow for certain foot shapes; can prove overly tight

3. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes

Simplicity meets performance; sounds like a car. These shoes live up to a sturdy reputation.

  • Material: Leather with rubberized sole
  • Great durability quotient; has proven to last more than two years
  • The hook and loop design adds to the convenience; quick cinch and go
  • MoGO-sole brings cushion and that extra bounce in your step
  • Fit is excellent
  • Can be used for casual and/or exercise purposes
  • Moisture-wicking inner lining
  • Sold in 2 different color codes

Pros: Breathable, sturdy design, odor control, great fit, cushioning and bounce

​Cons: Cheap strap, prone to fall off after 6-7 months. Not ideal for men with wide feet

4. Brooks Mens Ravenna 4 Running Shoes

It’s as good for walking as it is for running. These marvels look as good as they deliver.

  • Material: Synthetic mesh with rubberized sole
  • Customization possible thanks to Anatomical Brooks DNA design feature
  • Outstanding support systems
  • Midfoot benefits from the new saddle design with adjustable band
  • Sleek fit; ideal cushioning and comfort
  • Sold in 1 color code

Pros: Aesthetic, lightweight, great support and fit, good cushioning, breathable material

Cons: Tends to chafe or hurt the back of the foot​

Why Brooks Shoes Are Better For Walking

The sheer technological innovations in the best Brooks running shoes keep customers satisfied for months on end.

  • ​Whatever your size, height, or weight, the cushioning feature, or DNA midsole, compliments them and your speed variations.
  • Shock absorbers are integrated into the design. This improves long-term comfort.
  • You get some of the smoothest heel-to-toe transitions with Brooks’ shoes. Your walking/running strides benefit highly from this.
  • The thermoplastic EVA sheath is tough and incorporated for great midsole and outsole protection; It veers the foot away from sharp objects or other obstacles upon contact.
  • Midsole is comprised of highly adaptive material that promotes all-round cushioning comfort. This also means efficient energy returns; no unnecessary energy loss
  • The outsole’s 3D hex lugs provide excellent traction and grip on any terrain while protecting feet from trail hazards.

Aside from all this, Brooks brings a world of technological possibility to your footwear demands.

Best Brooks Running shoes reviews

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Where To Shop For Best Brooks running shoes

Not only has Brooks taken footwear design to new heights, they also keep the customer in mind; something all big-brands have done to make it to the top. Take, for instance, the rounded heel design that guides walk/run force along your central ankle joint, veritably reducing muscle stress. These shoes are even visible in dark conditions and appear ‘alive’; unlike traffic cones.

​Brooks has some of the most beautiful and practical designs on the footwear market. Here are online sites you can explore to see with your own eyes what we mean when we say ‘Brooks is Better’ (choose your region/location):

  • ​Online Shoes
  • Amazon
  • Zappos


The engineering behind Brooks shoe designs is truly revolutionary. They rely on screen-print technology that genuinely proves the motto ‘a shoe for every run’. The varied deigns bring color and style to your walking and running regimens; Brooks doesn’t say ‘color your run’ lightly.

​Speaking of, the lightweight design and sheer support magnificence in Brooks shoes leaves little to chance. You can feel the way it holds and spreads the force with each stride, reducing muscle stress while promoting much-needed bounce.

​Brooks is setting standards the world over, and some of the best Brooks running shoes come made to fit, made to inspire, and made to show results in whatever exercise you pursue for the next several months. From fit to function, Brooks is your pair.

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