Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Best basketball shoes for wide feet
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Looking for a pleasant and suitable shoe in case you own the wide feet is exactly a problem. How to find the shoes with the best arch assistance to relieve your foot is the question to many basketball players. To choose the best basketball shoes for wide feet, you must have the broad knowledge and the horizon about such sporty shoes. This article will mention the benefits, methods to select the right a pair of shoes and the short list of perfect basketball shoes for the players with big feet.

How to choose the basketball shoes for wide feet


As the material demonstrates the whole quality of the basketball shoes and the sense of comfort and pleases it supplies, therefore, it is absolute to concern about its material. The majority of basketball shoes in current days are manufactured not only from one but also from the diversity of similar material sources.

Regarding selecting the shoe materials, leather or artificial canvas are the most common options. Particularly, among the essential materials nowadays, the mesh can not be dismissed. This supports the fresh and dry sense for your feet, keeping them circulated and ventilated well.


If you have wide feet, it is also important to look for basketball shoes that will be able to provide the excellent support. Having cushioning will be vital for your highest level of comfort. Make sure that the support will also help to keep you stable.

Another factor you need to take into your consideration is the shoe support. If your feet are big, it is particularly necessary to purchase sports shoes with wide outsole supplying the perfect support. Owning cushion will be significant for your nicest performance of contentment.


Right basketball shoes are ones designed with bands or laces which can be altered appropriately. This is critical to make sure the supposed fit for your wide feet. At least, nobody wants their shoes to fall out of the feet during moving or running. Moreover, most of the traditional shoe is quite tight, and thus they can limit your foot space. So this is really essential to ensure that your shoes have a suitable fit. Otherwise, this can result in wounds, aches or unpleasantness.

Best basketball shoes

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When playing basketball, you will do a lot of running on the court, and hence, it is important to have a sole that will be able to offer excellent traction in a wide array of surfaces. See to it as well that the outsole is durable enough to withstand many years of use.

During the basketball practice, you must perform lots of running or other movements. Thus, it is necessary to get the right sole which can provide the best traction on the broad surface. Choose the enduring sole that can resist for the use of a long period of time.

Another tip to select the right basketball shoes is that you can take a look at its outer sole of the shoe. In case, the material and traction pattern sounds wider and stretches to the length than the basketball shoe; it means the shoe length can cover the feet width. This makes the flexibility and alteration for your basketball movements.

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

1. Nike Air Jordan XX9 Basketball Shoes

Do you feel this name familiar with you? Everyone knows that Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players all the time and Nike is one of the most popular sports brands in the world. Therefore, there are tons of factors to choose such shoe brand. The first reason for you to rely on is its high quality. The product becomes popular through many years; you can keep your eyes on our review about this pair of shoes.

Jordan is well-designed with casual fit thanks to tight construction. The product has the opposite sides and the right fit on the broad side. Jordan can ensure the firm performance. The weak points are the small insole inside that can not be adjusted. If you look at its features, you will see the interlaced uppers that lead your feet well ventilated and right for ones with wide feet. Also, it can catch up with every movement you do and free your feet activities.

The final feature you will be attracted is its smooth cushion under the shoe heel. This small accessory will make you reduce the strains of your feet. You can comfortably do jumps or the bounces without affecting your bones operation. The perfect cushion can allow the best capacity of convenience and pleasantness. What are you waiting for? Why don't you rush to the store and pick up one for you?


- Perfect traction

- Broadfeet cushioning

- Keep your feet well ventilated


- The high cost for some customers

2. Jordan CP3 VIII Basketball Shoe

The review of the best basketball shoes will not be thorough and finalized without mentioning of this product. It is Jordan CP3 VIII. You should not mistake this with other former Jordan because this is another different Jordan! The very outstanding feature makes Jordan CP3 able to compete with others competitors on the market is its Zoom Air Cushioning. This function bases on the well-known Lunarlon technology. This cushion not only offers the comfort for your foot, but it also creates the support for your feet movements.

When it comes to discussing the fit system, frankly, this product supplies the perfect breathability for your foot. While you are playing basketball, you can count on the shoes that make your feet dry and fresh always. This is highly important for your feet pleasure. Many players use the sports shoes with the tight soles, which can result in the foot pain and discomfort. Besides, it can make your feet feel hot and not airy. This put the negative impact of your movements particularly and your basketball skills in general.

On one side, the design of one-piece construction is one feature that should be written down. This feature is hardly seen in the product categories. This one piece allows the sufficient space inside and offers the best width for your big feet. Now, you know already one of the best basketball shoes, right?


- Modern look

- Manufactured from high- quality materials

- Provided with the advanced technologies.


- Take time to break in

- A bit hard for cleaning and washing

3 - Nike LeBron XII Basketball Shoe - Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 2017

If the shoes of famous brand Nike LeBron are not mentioned on this list, this will be a big mistake as you will feel amazed with these following features. The product has been the good options on the market. It is well- designed with the light mesh cloth. The mesh construction works as the fan that creates the air for your feet, retaining them dry and open all time. This amazing pair of shoes is put faith on by other ballers thanks to its good oxy provision for your feet.

On its appearance look, you will not be disappointed because you will fall in love with its attractive look at first sight. Looking at its outsole, you will be impressed by its stylish and unique design. It is said that you tend to pick up Nike LeBron to enjoy its look before looking at its logo or brand. Furthermore, there are five hexagonal bags. This feature can lead it to supply the creditable tractions.

Regarding color shoes, there is a variety of colors for you to choose. This feature is also a thing that makes sports lovers want to use. Besides taking on the sports costume and other items for playing any sport, any user also wants to get the nice and cool look outside. And with the extinct colors, you can choose any color you like. The combination of sports clothes and fashionable items will promote your satisfaction! Therefore, no matter what your characteristics and personal taste, there must be one you like!


-Perfect support

-Good quality endurance

-Excellent cushioning


-Lacing requires much time

-A bit tough for breaking-in

4 - NIKE HYPERDUNK 2016 FLYKNIT - Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet reviews

Nike Hyperdunk version will be your next right choice due to its amazing performance for each basketball player who has the wide feet. The upper sole is designed to be enough wide and roomy for your big feet. You will feel the right feet from the first use.

About the main functions, the product links to the system of effective lacings with the firm strings, which embraces your feet like properly like a sock. The invisible outsole with the sturdy grip and the enough long cushion allows the absolute protection for your feet. Moreover, it provides the bouncy and the versatile function that allows your smooth attacks and adjusts your moving speed.


- Firm traction

- Right fit

- Effective cushion


- The upper is not durable


The final best basketball shoe in our list is Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit. You will love this product right away because it holds all the best functions. The perfect traction, the ideal cushion compared to others, the high quality, the proper fit and durable support belongs to Adidas.

Besides, the Adidas Crazy is appropriate for every kind of players. You will be surprised because no matter you are overweight or lightweight, you feet fit in these shoes. Adidas Crazy is also the perfect choice as it has the stretching ability materials and the large sole. This is a good new for any players that have wide feet. That is why such shoes are suitable for every player.What are you hesitating for? Be hurry and own Adidas Crazy at once.


- Great fit

- Firm support

- High- quality material


- The not durable upper

Benefit of best basketball shoes for wide feet

If you are professional basketball players, you will need to know the advantage of right shoes for the wide feet. The basketball shoes tend to get a lot of weight and can be detrimental to your ankle. Therefore, a wide basketball shoe can reduce the risk of ankle injuries.

Professional often moves powerfully a lot, instant stopping or aggressive changes of directions, which can cause the incidents from the unserious pain to the worst cases. Athletes may need to undergo the surgeries or long-term recovery. There is a bad situation that the players must be prone to the competition-stopping injury. So opting for the right shoes is significant to the basketball experts.

Besides, taking on the right shoes for the big feet will let the muscular and respiratory organs operate better, which promote the degrees of the physical and aerobic skills. Wearing in the wide feet shoes can make you feel you widen enlarge your feet and complement more inches to the vertical leap.

The large feet shoes can work as the smooth cushion to assist the ankle movement. It can relieve the operational bones in each foot. You know that feet are the organ getting force from hiking, running and especially bounding or jumping. Furthermore, it also holds the overall body weight. Therefore, sheltering your feet is highly significant. Wearing such shoes can reduce the force or the shock and decrease the potential hazards of getting the strains or unexpected injuries.

Also, the basketball shoes for wide feet ensure the durability. Such shoes are produced from the firm material with the large outsole. Your feet can move conveniently during competition. Spending time drilling or practicing with wide feet basketball shoes still ensure the life endurance of material. With the right and best basketball shoes for wide feet, you can enhance your basketball skills and improves your performance.


To choose the best basketball shoes for wide feet, you know already the features and factors to select for your favorite ones, right? We hope with this review of the best shoes on the current market; you can opt for the ideal shoes for you. Stay on our article to get another useful update review on other products.



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