Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

    best basketball shoes for ankle support
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    If you are a basketball player, you have at least once time experienced some confusing coming down moments after a layup. With a large volume of movements and jumpings during the sport, selecting a high-quality pair of shoes seems to be essential to prevent you from any feet pains and injuries. Check out the following list of top 5 best basketball shoes for ankle support 2017; then you can make a right decision for your ankles.

    The benefits of the best basketball shoes for ankle support

    Choosing a perfect pair of shoes also means choosing a supportive companion for your feet. Especially when your feet comes with bad ankles or flat feature, it increasingly plays a crucial role. Basketball players significantly depend on the shoes more than any sports in the sports industry.

    Firstly, the basketball shoes offer an ability to provide a perfect protection to your feet, joints, legs or even your back. With a type of sport like basketball related to numerous movements and jumping, everything can go wrong on the court without a right pair of shoes.

    Furthermore, traction is also important, and high-quality shoes will take the role. No matter how experienced you are, a wrong shoe without enough traction certainly pushes down your precision as well as your performance.

    Additionally, the best basketball shoes for ankle support never go wrong with full support and protection for the ankles. For any unexpected situations from jumping to standing on the court, of course, you impossible know what will happen to your feet, your ankles, and your body as well. Especially in the case, the players own bad ankles, picking up a right shoe is always ideal for them.

    While you fully want to find out a perfect support for your ankles, remember not to sacrifice the possibility of getting cushioning. From frequent and regular running and jumping, well-manufactured basketball shoes also offer enough cushioning for comfortable and relaxing steps. Particularly once four feet are flat and vulnerable, this function will support a lot.

    More than a full feet protection, consistent traction, cushioning along with perfect ankles support, a pair of basketball shoes helps to improve the jumping ability for the users. It is undeniable that excellent movements and jumpings make champions and victories. As a result, thanks to this marvelous support, the basketball players will not only enhance their consistent performance during the match but also reach closer to the win.

    These above reasons explain why choosing the best basketball shoes for ankle support is a crucial task for any players. No matter what level are you at this time, a high-top pair of shoes certainly provides marvelous advantages and benefits to the users.

    Here we carry out a list of the best basketball shoes for ankle support you may not know. Keeping reading these amazing suggestions as below.

    Top 5 best basketball shoes for ankle support

    1. Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

    Available on the current market with 19 different colors, you can freely choose your favorite style thanks to this diversity. More than a supportive companion for your entire match, these shoes surprisingly reduce any feet pains through long practices and workouts because of its Adidas power returning boost technology.

    Unlike other models, an attractive feature about this unit is the lacing system- unique and functional. Not only does it offer an attractive look for your style but it also creates a layer of enough protection and support. Besides, these shoes also provide a stable, comfortable and wide platform to begin, which is ideal for any players, whether you are explosive or fast or slow.

    Another selling point of these shoes is its ability to deliver outstanding traction on the court. That the multiple-directional design combines with rubber outsole and texturing veins creates an excellent grip for the users. All you have to do is put them on and freely enjoy your game.

    Lightweight and supportive basketball shoes


    • Available with several kinds of colors

    • Nice design with unique lacing system

    • Outstanding grip and traction

    • Stable and durable

    • Very light and comfortable

    • Good ankle support


    • These shoes runs a little small

    • The price is a little costly

    2. Nike Jordan Men's Jordan Super.Fly 4 Basketball Shoe

    If you are seeking a fashionable and high-quality pair of basketball shoes from a well-known brand all over the world, Nike Jordan Men's Jordan Super.Fly 4 is designed for you. We can say that everything about this model is “wow’’ and excellent, except its price. You know, a top brand always means higher budget you have to pay, but truly, it is worth what you have to pay for.

    The first amazing thing is its excellent grip. Similar to the SF4, but more tight and squeaky, these shoes enable the players to raise their confidence in any movements and jumpings. Designed with a stable synthetic leather, this unit ensures a longer life through competition to competition.

    Furthermore, web- framework construction not only helps to improve its look but also puts more flexibility on it. Additionally, the long neck design becomes ideal for ankle protection and injury prevention.

    A fashionable and high-quality pair of shoes


    • Fashionable design of a well-known brand

    • Excellent grip and traction

    • Extremely comfortable and responsive

    • Flexible with web-framework design

    • Mesh material for further breathability

    • Good support for ankles, legs, or even back


    • Come with high price

    • The tounges and bottom are easy to get stains

    3. Adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe

    Affordable, but high-quality enough for an ankle support, you are never happier with your selection from Adidas Men's Isolation 2. In general, these shoes feel great, look great and offer enough cushioning to the users’ feet.

    Taking responsibility as a supportive companion for ankles, they offer a good fit and excellent stability to the users. Also, they are nimble and lightweight enough to ensure comfort as well as faster movements and jumpings for you.

    As mentioned above, one of the most amazing things about the unit is its attractive appearance, but more surprisingly comes with a very reasonable price. In fact, the more beautiful you are, the more confident you will be. Of course, you will be comfortable and confident to reach closer to the win

    An ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor basketball players


    • Inexpensive price, so it gives more chance for more people to purchase

    • Nimble and lightweight for faster and more effective jumpings.

    • Nice and fashional look

    • Give enough support for the ankles

    • Stability


    • The insoles are rather thin and not great cushioning

    • Good fit, but runs a little small for some users

    4. Nike Men's Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe

    As a basketball player, he chooses a pair of shoes is not just for performance support only, now he pays more attention to their look. Being aware of this importance, Nike comes up with a new idea of Nike LeBron XIII whose amazing appearance satisfies any favors. Available in a variety of different colors, you can easily choose for your favor and style.

    In addition to an attractive look, these shoes work well for their main function as a supportive companion during basketball competition. Firstly, we want to talk about its material. Made of a one-piece booty and further overlays, this model guarantees for a necessary support and needed flexibility while jumping and running.

    Its cushion is somehow similar to the Lebron 12 version but seems to be much greater. Thanks to it, you can have a chance to enjoy more responsibility and bounce with every movement, which is considered as a shortage of 12 version.

    Extremely sporty and attractive look, here you are with Nike lebron XIII


    • Nice-looking shoes

    • Available with a wide variety of different colors

    • Great feeling and responsiveness

    • Good ankle support

    • Flexible and comfortable


    • Runs a little small

    • Easily to get stains on it

    • High cost

    5. Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive Highlight II 10 TEAM ROYAL

    Can be worn for some basketball tournaments, these amazing shoes bring extremely comfortable feels and fantastic assistance around your ankles and feet. The innovative UA ClutchFit™ technology makes you feel like your feet are wrapped in a lightweight cover for incredible support and surprising feel.

    The good traction, pressure absorption, and quick responsiveness are another plus of this model, which makes them valuable for money. It is undeniable that these features are one of the key characteristics which build value for a basketball shoe. As a result, if you want to seek a supportive cover for your feet, this unit is ideal for you.

    Additionally, with the design of super-high and extended collar, this model offers a fully great ankle support, more importantly, brings peace in mind to the players.

    An excellent pair of shoes with amazing features


    • Comfortable and relaxing

    • Great grip

    • Pressure absorption

    • Quick responsiveness

    • Incredible ankle support


    • Extended collar may cause discomfort to some users

    • Come with the only color

    Factors to consider when buying the basketball shoes for ankle support

    Choosing a pair of basketball shoes for ankle support is similar to choosing your walking shoes. Each pair of shoes will be different from others in the current market on many factors such as brand, size, price and typical function, etc. This is more vital for basketball players once they have to deal with numerous challenging movements during a long-time competition.

    basketball shoes for ankle support

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    When coming to the store and picking up the best basketball shoes for ankle support, you should highly take serious consideration to these following factors:

    • Shoes style

    Basketball shoes are currently available on the market with three main types of style: low-cut style, mid-cut style, and high-cut style. Each type offers different functions and is suitable for different purposes. Nevertheless, let’s choose a high-cut style if you want a more effective ankle support.

    • Ankle support

    There is a universal truth about basketball sport that ankle support is indispensable for any players at any levels. Check out whether your shoes are supportive for your ankles or not before making a right decision.

    • Traction

    Traction is an ability to make you consistently stand on the court, thus, prevents the players from slipping during running and jumping. As a result of the non-slipping function, this traction also helps to minimize any harm’ways to your ankles as well as your feet, legs or even your back.

    • Cushioning

    If you want to seek more comfort and convenience when coming down on the court from a layup, never skip cushioning feature when picking up a perfect pair of shoes for your upcoming professional basketball match.

    • Other essential factors

    It is essential for you to know that there is no single best type of shoes for everyone. Each shoe will fit with the different size of your feet. Therefore, never choose a pair of shoes without a perfect fit for your feet if you want to be comfortable and convenience at each step.

    The additional specs you also pay high attention are smaller characteristics that unnecessarily work for ankle support but contribute sharply to the quality of any shoes. They are budget, breathability, waterproofing.


    The best basketball shoes for ankle support not only offer great protection for ankles, legs, and even back but also improve jumpings and movements ability for any players. As a result, it is essential for you to pick up a right pair for your feet.

    Investing in high-quality shoes can greatly support your performance overall comfort and protection. We hope that this article will be helpful for your choice whenever you want. Are you ready to pick up a perfect unit for your upcoming competition?



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