Top 5 Best Bartending Shoes

best bartending shoes
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High-quality pair of bartending shoes always plays a crucial role for any bartenders. Check our following review on best bartending shoes in 2017.

Working as a server, chef or bartender normally requires a long period of time on the feet, so your feet possibly get pains all the time. Therefore, you necessarily invest in the right footwear which is able to not only deliver enough support to your feet but also ensure comfort at an affordable budget.

Although a high-quality pair of bartending shoes always plays a crucial role for any bartenders, not all of them successfully find a right shoe for their feet. But don’t worry, we are here to solve your pains. Check our following review on best bartending shoes, you will get the way it is supposed to do.

Top 5 Best Bartending Shoes 2018

Here are top 5 Best Bartending Shoes:

1. KEEN Utility Men's PTC Oxford Work Shoe

An extremely comfortable bartending shoe:

The first model we highly appreciate on our list comes from KEEN Utility Men's PTC Oxford. Deserving as one of the best shoes for bartenders, this model is designed to offer optimal comfort for the users throughout a day.

If you have worked on your feet for several hours, you now certainly understand the important role of a super comfortable and cushioning pair of shoes. To gain maximum comfort for their products, the manufacturers apply the mixture of three amazing technologies of KEEN.GRIP, KEEN.CRUSH and KEEN.PROTECT to adjust and offer all required comfort and cushioning for the entire day.

Another selling point is that the outsole of these shoes also meets the non-slip standard which is tested by ASTM. This will enable to protect you from accidentally slipping during the working time. Plus, the leather material is water resistant, too, so, your feet can also be protected totally from water, drink, and other liquid.


• Simple but fashionable design allows you to use for both indoor and outdoor works

• Excellent comfort ensures all day comfort on the feet

• Great grip prevents you from slipping on the wet surface

• Water-resistant leather material

• Rather durable, so it promises to last a long time


• The size may come wrong for some users

• Need time to break in at first

2. Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Pro Grip Work Shoe - Best Bartending Shoes 2017

A great shoe with super amazing grip

The Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Pro Grip is perfect for those who have to work on the wet and slippery surface for several hours or even all day. It has all fantastic features that make an ideal shoe for any bartenders such as excellent traction, waterproofing material, great stitching for better durability and breathability as well.

As it names suggests, this shoe is designed to maximize the grip-ability with the aim to protect the users from slipping totally. For the bartenders who often work on the slippery floors, this is a big plus. Additionally, the air cushion construction not only helps to decrease friction but also reduce unwanted shock and pressure.

Furthermore, the cover is made of mesh lining material which allows to take all the sweat and moisture away and offers you an exceptional ventilation. The Merrel also promises to last a long time, too.


• The price is very suitable for such quality

• The shoes offer an excellent traction, so it helps to protect you from slipping totally

• Mesh lining design improves ventilation and keep your feet stay dry

• Exceptional durability


• The top is a little bit tight for someone who has big toes

• These shoes are not cushioning and comfortable enough to use for a long time

3. New Balance Women's WID626V2 Work Shoe - Best shoes for bartenders 2017

A super comfortable with exceptional traction for bartenders

If you greatly concern about the comfort, you will receive inside your shoes for a long period of time, these shoes are designed for you. We all know that New Balance positions its name as a high-quality and functional brand, and of course, it also comes true with The New Balance 626.

These shoes are specially designed to ensure enough comfort and support for all of the people who have to be on their feet in a long shift all day. The IMEVA midsole contributes to making it more cushioning and comfortable under your vulnerable feet. You have to know that a comfortable shoe will make a considerable difference between a relaxing feel and be injured.

This unit also has a slip-resistant and non-marking outsole together with leather on the upper to make it look more fashionable and style. But more importantly, this awesome feature is capable of preventing you from sliding, thus, keep your comfort and confident all day.


• Offer excellent comfort and convenience to your feet

• Exceptional traction

• Fit well with most of the users’ feet

• Good support


• You have to break in before using

• Although it is comfortable and supportive, some people say that it does not last for a long time

4. Townforst Women’s Slip Resistant Jess Work Shoes

An affordable bartending shoes with exceptional comfort

Working as a server or bartender may leave you a small tip and wave, and you cannot afford in buying expensive shoes for your work. Believe us; the Townforst® is a smart investment.

As mentioned above, with a such very affordable price, you still have a comfortable and supportive model. The Townforst® provides several styles for both women and men, so you can freely choose for your favor. But it comes to be more amazing with Jess, which has enough cushioning and real leather upper and lightweight as well.

Slip resistance is considered as a big plus. The outsole can reach the Slip Test by Intertek, so you can keep peace in mind while working on the wet or oily floors. Another thing we love about this model is that they seems to not look like as a work shoe and you can use it after finishing your shift without changing new shoes.


• Come with really affordable price

• You can use for both work and casual activities

• Keep you comfortable

• Great traction without slipping


• They are not supportive enough to stand for a long time

• It may smell awful when your feet get wet and sweat

5. Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe - Best Bartending Shoes 2017

A smooth but solid and stable leather shoe

The last model appears on our list is from Skechers family. The Sure-Track Trickel can make you look more fashionable with the lace-up and modern construction and smooth, but stable leather material. Furthermore, this unit also features panels on the cover, so it helps to improve the breathability and offer more cooling feel to the users.

Another selling point is that these shoes are extremely lightweight. This means you will feel more comfortable and easier while walking or moving. Furthermore, it also ensures cushioning with memory foam insole while the FlexSole shock helps to absorb unnecessary shock and pressure. Plus, this insole is also removable, too.


• Nice and fashionable design

• Breathable and keep your feet cool all day

• These shoes are lightweight so that you will feel more comfortable

• They are also non-skid to make sure that you feel safer


• Thin memory foam insole does not offer enough cushioning for a long walking

• The size comes to wide

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Why should you choose the best bartending shoes for your feet?

Walking or standing for a long time may become a big challenge to bartenders, especially working on the feet in a long shift on the wet and slippery floors definitely make your feet exhausted. Without the right bartending shoes, you cannot finish your shift with ease and comfort.

best shoes for bartenders

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Like other jobs, it is undeniable that working as a bartender also gets some challenge and stress. Luckily, you can certainly ease your pressure and pains just by picking up an exceptional support under your feet. That is why investing in the best bartending shoes plays a crucial task for anyone.

The most noticeable thing you can get benefit from using the well-manufactured shoes is its ability to offer a perfect cushioning and support. Therefore, it helps to protect your feet from any unexpected shocks and pressures. And then you can confidently work for the entire day no matter how hard your work is to sever your clients.

As a result of being comfortable in any steps, you are capable of not only freely moving around but also enjoying your works and finishing your duties. Furthermore, a pair of bartender shoes with exceptional traction will protect you from slipping on such the wet and slippery surface.

How to Choose The Best Bartending Shoes for Your Feet?

As a requirement of a tough duty, the shoes you are wearing must ensure comfortable enough, supportive but at a reasonable budget, and look good, too. There are some factors you should highly pay attention before going to the store and pick up the best bartending shoes for your feet. Check out these factors as below:

top best shoes for bartenders

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What budget do you want to invest in? What shoes are worthy for this budget? Think about these questions before you make a decision.

For any products, the price seems to be a key, and these shoes come to no difference. We know everyone wants to spend the lowest price for their purchasing. However, you have to know that price often goes with quality, and you certainly should not invest a low budget for bad quality.


If you have ever worked for very long hours in a low-quality pair of shoes, you will know why comfort is an essential factor you should concern. A comfortable footwear may make a difference between a perfect feel and discomfort, and this has a considerable impact on your work throughout a day.

Before buying, read comments and recommendations of customers to check out whether they are comfortable and supportive or not. If they are highly appreciated by numerous purchasers, let’s take them.


When coping with working on the slippery surfaces, you cannot be happier with the shoes which offer a great traction. The better traction your footwear provide, the less you will get slipping. As a result, you can stand, go, walk and work fastly and confidently.


Once you work on the feet for several hours on the tough surface, your shoes will be naturally easy to be damaged. Thus, remember to select a high-quality material to make sure that your shoes are durable and stable enough to last a long life.

Even you do not worry about how long can you use these shoes; the great durability will benefit you a lot in saving your money. Truly, a low price also means a shorter lifetime.


When working in a pub, restaurant as well as working as a bartender, spills are ineluctable. Or even you do not drop the drink on your shoes, the others may. The best shoes for bartenders, thus, should be waterproofing to ensure you can freely work on the wet places without any discomfort or inconvenience.


For any servers and bartenders, investing in a high-quality pair of shoes is a must. There are numerous models available on the market for you to choose, but not of all is suitable for your nature and needs. What you should do is to think about your requirements first, have a close look at different models and then weigh their pros and cons to make the right decision.

With the aim to help you overcome all of the difficulties in choosing a perfect companion for your feet, our above review on the best bartending shoes is useful for you. Take it whenever you want and remember to be a smart purchaser.



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