Top 8 Best Badminton Shoes 2019 Reviews

Best Badminton Shoes
Best Badminton Shoes

I love playing sports, especially those with high competitive factors. Badminton has been my good choice for many years. Unfortunately, I had my arch hurt last year when I tried to run towards the net. It took me months to recover. Until now, I still struggle and manage to come back with badminton. All I care now is how to choose best badminton shoes to avoid injuries.

Therefore, I have asked some professional, and amateur badminton players for advice and I will share what I know here in this review for your information.


The ergo shape offers stability and comfort for forefeet and toes. The flexibility in this forefoot area is very important for you to play badminton effectively and energetically. When you are ready for playing, your toes tend to spring forward. As a result, the ergo shape helps you move easily backward or forwards in the badminton court.

Responsive Cushioning

The cushion plays as a shock absorbency and supports players to make reverse movements quickly without affecting the ankles and heels a lot. For instance, when you stretch forwards to perform an underarm clear, the front leg shall support the whole body. The cushion, then, will absorb your bodyweight’s pressure in the front area.

The cushion also helps your body balance well. Thanks to that, you can move back to the court center.

Moisture control

The shoe inner midsole should be breathable so that your foot feels comfortable, dry and cool during the game. A good pair of shoes offers air exchange mechanism to prevent sweat accumulation inside the shoes. Furthermore, as there is no moisture, you are free from blisters on your toes and heels.

Top 8 Best Badminton Shoes 2019

1. Yonex Power Ladies Badminton Shoes

These badminton shoes are appropriate for ladies. The most impressive feature of Yonex Power Ladies is cushioning. The power cushion is equipped with shock absorbency and reuses this energy for boosting and pushing-offs.

As playing badminton requires quick forward and backward movements, the cushion must be soft and responsive to support feet and ankles to avoid injuries due to sudden changes in lower body gestures. The upper material is made from polyester mesh thereby cleaning dirty spots easily and conveniently.

The ergo shape midsole is facilitated with stability and comfort to deliver a snug fit to your feet while moving. The breathability is also a good point. Don’t worry about your feet sweating a lot which prevents you from running around the court. The shoe construction in midsole makes it perfect for keeping your feet cool and dry all the time.

The rubber outsole is responsible for helping badminton players balance well on grounds. The arch area is soft and high enough to protect your arch from getting blisters and being swollen. Therefore, you can wear them all day without big problems.


- Affordable price

- Good cushioning and responsiveness

- Good breathability

- Firm rubber outer sole


Only one color to choose

2. Yonex SHB-02 LX Male Badminton Shoes

This sporty and energetic pair of shoes is perfectly suitable for those who want to play badminton. A power cushion with three layers to support your foot better when moving quickly from the baseline to the net in the badminton court. This cushion reduces risks of getting hurt and suffering from serious injuries in the foot.

The 3 layer cushion helps decrease the body weight burden on feet.As a result, your foot feels relaxing, and it is easy for you to run forwards and backward on the court. The upper material is made from PU leather or polyester mesh. That is the reason why the shoes are light in weight and convenient for you to clean when your shoes are dirty.

The shoe midsole is facilitated with EVA system for solidity and flexibility. Consequently, it is comfortable to put your feet inside the shoes. The outer sole, on the other hand, is designed with grips to make the shoes more resistant to slip floors and keep you standing firmly to play badminton on different gestures.


- Cushion with 3 layers to boost your feet

- Not too expensive for high-quality shoes

- Solid EVA midsole

- Good breathability


Only one color to choose

3. Yonex SHB-03ZLX Ladies

These Yonex Ladies Shoes is equipped with power cushion to absorb shocks while badminton players are moving on the court and push off impact energy into the next movement smoothly. You feel easy and comfortable to move backward and forwards without worrying about your ankles and arches. A snug fit into the shoes also makes players more confident to run around the court.

The soft inner midsole helps boost your foot from toe to heel, thereby releasing the body weight on foot. You will run as flexibly and comfortably as possible. Furthermore, with EVA technology, the midsole is light and durable to support the responsiveness of the shoes better. If you often have troubles with foot blisters, don’t worry! The shoes offer you perfect wearing.

The upper material is made from P.U leather with a lot of polyester mesh responsible for the much easier stretching out of your foot.

The rubber outer sole accounts for keeping your body well-balanced on the ground. It is firm and flexible to not prevent you from running everywhere on the court.


- EVA Power Cushioning for shock absorbency

- P.U Leather with polyester mesh for lightweight and flexibility

- High-quality rubber outer sole for balancing your body


High price yet worthy of money to use

4. PC AERUS LCW II Male Badminton Shoes

Another good choice for energetic badminton players comes from Yonex – the shoes called PC Aerus LCW II. The overall comments on the shoes are positive. They are extremely comfortable, flexible and light. The lightweight lies in the material. The upper material is covered with P.U Leather with small double mesh for stretching out.

The shoes are wide and quite round in the vamp. The arch, on the other side, is smaller and narrower but don’t worry. You should get used to that quickly. As you play badminton, most of the bodyweight is on the toes. Therefore, a larger vamp can provide a roomy area for your toes to be comfortable.

The midsole is equipped with power cushion acting as shock absorbency and energy pushing off. You shall not feel pains from your toes. Once you take off the shoes, your toes are still ok. No blisters are recorded thanks to the soft and flexible midsole.

The outer sole is made from rubber which is firm and strong enough to play as a supporting part of the whole body, especially your feet.


- P.U Leather upper sole with double mesh to make the shoes light in weight

- Good cushioning

- Firm rubber outer sole


Quite expensive yet worthy of your money to wear

5. Yonex SHB-02 LTD For Male

A very attractive and sporty pair of shoes comes in a purple color for male badminton players. Yonex is famous for its sports shoes with high-quality power cushion. The shoes named SHB-02 LTD are not an exception. The cushion comes in 3 layers responsible for energy pushing off and responding sudden shocks while moving. In my opinion, this is the most important feature that the shoes offer to players.

The upper material is made from P.U leather with double mesh for better stretching out and flexibility. However, when you first get the shoes out of the box, the material can still be stiff. It takes a few weeks to get softer for you to fit right in.

The insole is roomy to provide you with enough space to spare. Yonex SHB-02 has a lot of grips, impressive responsiveness and are very durable. The shoes are also rigid with two separate carbon plates. One at the ball of your foot and the other in the arch part. This is very significant for badminton players because without such plates; you can confront with serious injuries.


- Impressive 3 layer cushioning

- Wide inner sole for much room to spare

- Lightweight

- Affordable price


The shoe is stiff at the beginning and takes time to get softer


These shoes are one of the best sellers made by Yonex. With limited edition and production, the shoes create a hot trend among those who love playing badminton. The upper material is from P.U Leather with small double mesh for foot stretching out and flexibility. The midsole is facilitated with HypermsLite technology to make it soft and comfortable to fit right in the shoes.

The EVA cushion is solid yet responsive enough for you to avoid impacts from sudden shocks. In other words, the power cushion plays as shock absorbency and reuse such energy effects to push off your feet better.

While playing badminton, you have to move quickly, and your body gestures change a lot. Therefore, it is a must that your shoes must be flexible and comfortable to support you in implementing such movements and restricting possible risks of injury. The rubber outer sole is equipped with gum for traction increase. Don’t worry that you might end up falling over the court and your body balance is not maintained.


- Affordable price in spite of limited edition

- Lightweight

- Impressive power cushioning for shock absorbency

- Rubber outer sole for better traction


Might be stiffer at first but softer later on

7. Yonex SHB 47 EX Sports Shoes 2017 New – Male and Female

The shoe is also a good and suitable choice for those who start to play badminton as the price is not too high and the technical features are impressive. In dynamic games where you need to move backward and forwards in every direction, this might be the first shoes you can consider to buy. They are light in weight thanks to authentic leather in the upper.

A solid yet good shock resistant pair of shoes with strong and powerful cushioning for shock absorbency limits risks of injury and serious impacts on your toes. The shoes also offer a comfortable inner sole which is roomy enough for your feet to feel comfortable and relaxing.

If you get blisters frequently due to rubbing every time you have a new pair of shoes, these shoes can deliver a much better experience with almost no pain or hurt. What is more, outer sole is facilitated with firm rubber and grip to help increase the traction, thereby preventing you from being fallen over on the court while suddenly moving quickly.

Please be noted that the shoe is designed for jumping, so it is not a good idea if you use it for walking around in short distance.


- Affordable price for a high-quality shoe

- Good rubber outer sole with grip for better traction

- Lightweight


Might be stiffer at first but get softer later on

8. Yonex SHB 03 EX Shoes – Male and Female

Looking for beautiful, sporty and stylish shoes? Well, here come the shoes for your reference. Yonex SHB 03 EX is a perfect combination of black and white, making it look like a classical pair of shoe. The upper material is from P.U Leather with small mesh for better stretching out and breathability. Even if you tighten the shoelaces hard, you will not feel uncomfortable at all as the inner sole space is roomy.

The rubber outer sole is firm and responsive to boost up your feet while jumping and moving in all directions on the court. A plenty of grid on the sole helps you to balance your body well, thereby avoiding falling over and injuries.

The arch area is high and soft which is appropriate for those with a high arch and often struggling with blisters because of rubbing. Once you put the shoes on, you can enjoy a snug fit. Thanks to a good breathable mechanism, your foot is always cool and dry. So even if your foot is often sweating, the shoes can fix it all.


- Good grip to keep you balanced well on slippery grounds

- High quality cushioning for shock absorbency

- Light upper material for stability and fitting


Quite high price yet worthy of money to wear

To sum up

Are you satisfied with any of the suggested shoes above? Leave your comment here to let us know what your favorite shoes are and don’t forget to share this useful information with your friends. Your right choice is our happiness!



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